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How To Translate A Page On Android?

How To Translate A Page On Android?
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(Last Updated On: July 21, 2020)

People often say that sky is the limit but humanity proved it wrong when it went to the moon. We made it a point to go beyond the limits for many reasons, but above all, it allowed us to prove to ourselves that we can. If we had never tried to challenge our limits, we never would have progressed. We still would have been living in the Stone Age. We would not have tried to learn more than we already knew, neither would we have made any inventions and created machines to help us in our lives. But thankfully, we gave our best to making this earth a better place for all of us. And the results are visible everywhere.

Everything in our lives is better than it used to be and even today, we continue to make improvements in all fields. From farming to transportation and communication to medicine, we changed everything. We made it a lot easier for farmers to plow their fields and harvest their crops. We invented cars and airplanes to shorten great distances. Transportation also improved our mail system. We don’t need messenger horses anymore because we can use faster means of transportation for sending mail. People living thousands of kilometers away can get connected to each other in mere seconds thanks to the modern communication methods. Medicine saw the most beneficial improvements. We came a long way from letting people die from a cold to inventing cures for even the deadliest diseases.

But smartphones have a special place in all the inventions we have made since the beginning of time. Obviously, you can’t say that it is better than the wheel but it certainly is as good as a Ferrari. They were a big upgrade from huge and heavy phones that came with a long antenna and could only be bought by the rich. Competition is the most important aspect of our world. It helps us progress in every field. Each new product that comes out will either already have competition or will have to face its competitors in a few months’ time. Every company thinks that they can do better than their competitor so they don’t let it rest when they see a new product launched by their rival. They try and one up them by making a better product and offering it at a cheaper price to attract people’s attention.

Everyone knows of the rivalry between Android and iPhones. There are thousands of articles on the internet explaining why one is better than the other and then there are thousands of posts on social media from the users of iPhones making fun of android operating system and vice versa. No one can say for a fact that one type of system is better than the other. As has been pointed out by many experts before too, there are positive things about both. It all depends on a person’s preference about the kind of phone they want to use.


Android phones are known for the freedom they offer their users. They allow more customization options than any other type of phones. Those who like to experiment with their devices prefer phones that come with an Android operating system. One huge advantage of these phones is that they come with Google’s default apps and services. A lot of such services aren’t available on other phones or at least don’t offer as many features as they do on Android. This is why people wonder whether Android phones can help with translations too since Google runs one of the most famous translation app and tool.

How to Translate a Page on Android?

You can do a lot of things on the internet but there would be nothing on it if it weren’t for the millions of websites. And it is their number which makes them more important because none of us would have been satisfied with only YouTube and Facebook. Google results would have come up with nothing if there weren’t so many websites with different type of content. However, all those websites operate from different countries and therefore can be in a language you may not understand. But if you really want to know the information displayed on a certain page, you can translate it with the help of a tool.

Google Chrome offers full page translations on all the devices. Whether you are using it on your laptop or smartphone, you will be able to see the translation of a page. But on Androids, you can also get help from Google Translate directly. All you have to do is select the text of a page and choose Translate from the options that pop up. You will get instant translation carried out by Google Translate. There are hundreds of other apps that offer translation of web pages but none of them is as successful as Google Translate. And if you want the most language combinations so you don’t have to download a different app each time you need a translation of a web page, nothing will be more useful than Google’s app.


Next time someone is listing the advantages of having an Android phone, you can also mention Google’s translation feature. It is one of the most useful features for frequent internet users who come across foreign language websites regularly. With the help of this feature, no information will stay out of your reach, and you will be able to read news and articles from different parts of the world.

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