What is applied IT translation and what are its benefits for translators

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(Last Updated On: November 9, 2023)

Even to the untrained individual, the importance and benefits of applied IT translation are pretty obvious. To reach an audience that stretches beyond the bounds of regions and countries that speak a developer’s native language, translation and localization services are a must.

What is applied IT translation?

However, few are aware that information technology translation goes further than simply transferring, say, an app from using US English to using French, Spanish, or Japanese. It is also concerned with converting currencies and measures and can even be altered to suit the area’s culture.

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Advantages of applied IT translation for translators

If you are a translator willing to expand your activity to get more translation jobs, you should learn to use technology to your advantage. More and more clients are considering and requiring their translations to be done using computer-assisted translation tools like Trados. They already know about the benefits of using such tools and want to cut costs while maintaining consistency and accuracy, and CAT tools are the perfect way to achieve that. Therefore, you must know the ins and outs of using such tools for mutual benefit.

Despite public opinion, such tools are relatively easy to use, and even if they’re not, we strive to give you as much info as possible about it. Our translator training video page is filled with videos on applying IT translation in your work, and our YouTube channel has even more videos on the subject.

Information technology localization for business

There are more reasons why IT translation and localization are so crucial for businesses. Today, we rely massively upon technology to promote our business advancements and production and our desires, personalities and creativity. Language translation allows us to express that to attentive eyes and ears worldwide without the often laborious and limited practice of becoming fluent in another language.

With IT translation, we can do much more about sharing and exchanging ideas. You can often receive invaluable insight from someone who views your profile, your app, your business or your product, no matter where in the world they are. Without translation, this vital process of human sharing would become tedious and slowed by language barriers.

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Break language barriers with translation

Our desire to not be hindered by language and distance barriers when sharing what is truly important to us is an incredible manifestation of the human drive to connect. To maximize our benefit from the achievements, ideas and discoveries of others, those methods of sharing information globally are vital. As work online grows, speaking to our clients, co-workers and customers in their language is invaluable.

The broad scope of IT translation and localization allows us to reach like-minded or challenging ideas from across the globe is essential, and the speed at which it can work in a world where time is becoming a precious commodity. As well as personal, creative, journalistic and academic translation applications, there are many other possible applications for this, such as global security. And like many industries driven by a specific technology, there is the opportunity for the technology itself to adapt, learn and advance; particular barriers that might be present in straightforward ‘language-to-language dictionary’ translation, such as context and tone, can be remodeled and solved over time as more user information is collected.

Information technology translation and localization is not simply a function or service; it is a vital tool, both creative and driven by dedicated and passionate people. Through their work, we can more readily learn, express, collaborate, develop and progress – not as an isolated entity but as a part of a global network of social learning that continues to expand and thrive.

If you are a business that needs accurate IT translation services or a professional translator looking for more translation jobs, get in touch!

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