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Applying to College As a Foreign Student, What is Important

Applying to College As a Foreign Student, What is Important
applying to college foreign student
(Last Updated On: August 31, 2020)

Sleepover at a friend’s house can be super fun, but it is also awkward at times because you are not in your own home. For everybody in the world, the comfort zone is only their own home. The moment they step out, they are going to have to make some effort to adjust. The reason awkwardness in sleepovers is short-lived is people knowing that they will be going back to their home very soon. But when they have to live in a new environment for months or years, that’s when it becomes harder to adjust to the changes.

Applying to College as a Foreign Student:

Everyone has to face difficulties in life. But they become bearable when encountered in pursuit of a goal. People know that they cannot achieve anything without putting in some effort, which is why they face difficulties bravely on their path to success. Studying in a foreign country is the dream of many students. Although there are popular universities in many countries, everyone has a different institute that they dream of studying at. Not everyone ends up following this dream. There are financial limitations for some, while others might have different reasons. But those that follow their dream and apply for admission in a foreign university know very well that the process isn’t simple or easy.

There are many problems that people have to face during the process. They have to fulfill so many forms and make sure they have done everything according to the requirements of the institute. It can be especially difficult to get through the process easily when there is no guidance available. If you don’t know anyone who has applied to a college in another country in the past, you won’t be able to get useful tips.

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  • Is it harder to get into college as an international student?

    Getting into college anywhere is not easy, but it becomes more difficult to get an admission if you are an international student. Not only do you have to fulfill the admission criteria, but you must also compete with the native students to secure a seat in the academic institute of your choice. You will also have to get your degrees evaluated before you can apply for admission.

  • How can international students apply for college in USA?

    1. Be confident of your goals
    2. Research about the different schools that are offering the program you want to enroll in
    3. Pick the schools you want to apply to
    4. Register for the admission process
    5. Take the admission tests
    6. Apply to all the schools you have picked
  • What are the requirements to study in USA?

    • Proof of completion of secondary school education
    • Certified translation of your secondary school diploma
    • Certification of English language proficiency (submitting the score of your TOEFL will suffice)
    • Evidence of financial support to prove that you can pay for college
    • SAT scores (the exact score requirement will be different for every American school)
  • How do international students get into Harvard?

    International students get into Harvard by:

    1. Writing and submitting the perfect essay
    2. Submitting proof that they have 7+ CGPA out of 10 in their school grades
    3. Attaching a letter of recommendation to their application
    4. Showing proof that they participated in extracurricular activities
    5. Scoring minimum 1500+ in SATs

What is Important?

There are a lot of ways in which people can make this process easier for them. When everyone can have access to simpler solutions, there is no reason why they shouldn’t take advantage of that. The internet can always be helpful in difficult situations. Here are the important solutions that can help you when you are applying to college as a foreign student:

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  • Reddit:

If you are an internet user, then you must hear the name of Reddit on a daily basis. The subreddits on the website cover all kinds of topics. Anyone can turn to the people of Reddit with a genuine problem and get the help they require. If you are wondering how Reddit can be of assistance to you, then you should visit the subreddit r/ApplyingtoCollege. You can connect with other foreign students through the subreddit who are also applying to colleges in different parts of the world. You can find plenty of useful tips in the subreddit about the application process. You might even find people who are applying to the same college as you. Who knows, maybe they will become your best friends in the future.

  • Websites of Colleges:

It is true that most academic institutes do not put a lot of effort into creating good websites. Only the basic information is usually listed on the websites, and that isn’t helpful for applicants. But you can still find requirements for each degree on these sites. You will also be able to see the deadline on a college’s website. If you need their phone number or email address, you can also locate that on the website’s contact us page. But the best part about visiting the website of a college is that you learn about courses in detail. You can find out the topics that will be taught in a course. You can also make last-minute changes to your application based on that information.

  • Translation:

Preparing documents is a huge part of the application process. You can’t get your application accepted if you don’t submit proof of your identity and your previous academic records. However, since you will be applying to a foreign college, you can’t submit your academic records as it is. They will have to be translated by a qualified expert first. They must also be accompanied by a signed statement of the translator. The statement will prove that the translation is accurate and contains all the information that is listed on the original.

Along with your academic records, you will also need the translation of your birth certificate. It can be difficult to get your head around the translation process. But if you find a reliable agency, they can handle your linguistic problems for you. Agencies also have specialists on their team, so your records will be handled by an academic translator. This way, you can get an accurate translation and increase your chances of getting accepted into college. Once you have gotten all of your documents translated, you can attach them with your application before sending it to the college.

Once you have completed the application process, only then you should worry about the social aspect of living in a new society. The connections you build through Reddit will also help you with the adjustment process. And once you get accepted into college, you will end up spending more time with your books than people anyway. Take your time to build connections and listen to people’s advice. The process of application and the adjustment in a new society will become easier if you follow the advice of the kind strangers who post regularly in r/ApplyingtoCollege.

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