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Whether you need certified Burmese to English translation for immigration or English to Burmese translation for business, you don’t have to turn anywhere else. We have highly qualified and experienced linguistic experts on our team who can handle all kinds of Burmese documents and deliver the best quality translations to you.

Certified Burmese to English Translations

Every person has the right to escape an oppressive environment and live their life peacefully. Many countries in the world are suffering today because of wars, civil unrest, and state-sponsored terrorism. But not everyone can escape the poor living conditions. Even if you apply for immigration, there are a lot of requirements to fulfill. The US is the country many people want to immigrate to, but the USCIS has a strict policy regarding immigration. Becoming an immigrant in the United States is not easy. The requirements of USCIS are plenty, and fulfilling them is not simple.

There is one requirement we can help you with, and that is the certified translation of your personal documents. If the birth certificate of an applicant is not in English, then it must be translated before it can be submitted to USCIS. However, if you don’t submit an accurate translation of your birth certificate, it will not be accepted by USCIS. Our qualified linguistic experts provide accurate certificate translations. We offer a guarantee that the translations provided by us will be accepted by USCIS.

Certified translations are not only needed for immigration. They can help you get into the university of your choice. You can send your academic transcripts to us, and we will provide you with accurate certified solutions. Whether you need help with immigration documents or the translation of your academic reports, our professional translators will make sure that you get the most accurate linguistic solutions.

Our certified translations are:

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Always Delivered On Time

So, you won’t miss any deadlines if you hand over translation projects to us. You can also request an urgent translation, and it will be delivered to you without any additional charges.

Available at Affordable Rates

You can get the best quality Burmese translation services at cheap rates.


You can submit the translations to authorities without worrying about approval. Language services provided by us are reliable and will be accepted by the authorities.


We have a quality control process in place that helps us ensure the high-quality of all of our translations.

English to Burmese Business Translations

Achieving success in a foreign market has become a lot easier for businesses these days. They can use social media to connect with their target audience. They can post their ads on YouTube to increase their brand awareness. But until they get the help of linguists, they won’t be able to create advertising content in the language of their target audience. Only by respecting the culture and language of your audience can you connect with them and turn them into your loyal customers.

Our native Burmese translators can handle business documents of all kinds. They can translate not only your advertising content but also financial documents and annual reports. With our accurate Burmese translation, you can not only win over your target audience but also impress potential investors. Our experts are familiar with the language that is used in the corporate world. They are qualified enough to handle all kinds of business documents.

Success in the corporate world depends on many factors. You have to stay one step ahead of your competitors at every step. You also have to continuously improve the quality of your products and services. But maintaining a close relationship with your target audience is just as important. When it comes to foreign audiences, only linguists can help businesses connect with them. We provide high-quality Burmese translation services so your company can establish a connection with its Burmese audience.

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Localization Services

Localization is just as important for business as translation. We handle website translations and localizations. We also provide Burmese software localization services, so you don’t have to turn anywhere else to get assistance. Our localization experts understand the value of culture. They can provide you with solutions that will speak to the cultural values of your audience.

Everything from your pamphlets and brochures to your website and advertisements will be in accordance with the cultural value of your target audience. Our Burmese website localization services will help your business in attracting the target audience. Our cost-effective services will take your business to the height of success without putting a burden on your pocket.

The Burmese Language

Burmese is a Sino-Tibetan language that is natively spoken by 33 million people. It is the official language of Myanmar, where almost everyone speaks the language. Although the official name of the language is the Myanmar language, it is commonly known as Burmese, after Burma, the previous name of the country. It is the first language of the Bamar people as well as various other ethnic groups of Myanmar. The rest of the ethnic minorities in the country speak Burmese as their second language.

Like other members of the Sino-Tibetan family, Burmese is a tonal and analytic language. The Burmese alphabet descended from a Brahmic script. There are multiple Burmese dialects with vocabulary differences. But despite the differences, they are all mutually intelligible. The Burmese language is spoken by minorities in the neighboring countries of Myanmar.

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The language is the common factor for the otherwise divided Burmese population. It is the thread that binds the people together. This is why the language can be a way for outsiders to connect with the natives. Whether you want to establish your business in Burma or you are bringing over a humanitarian mission, you can’t get far if you don’t give Burmese the value it deserves.

You can communicate with the natives with the help of Burmese interpreters. By getting Burmese document translation, you can get a visa for the country. But all of this will only be possible if you hire the right agency.

We have qualified professionals on our team who give their 100% to each project. Our project managers assign each project to the relevant expert so that the best results can be delivered to the client. With the right linguistic solutions, there isn’t much that you cannot achieve.

Medical and Legal Translation of Burmese

Our language services are not limited to certified and business translations. We can help you with all kinds of medical and legal documents too. You can turn to us with patent applications, evidence reports, acquisition agreements, etc., and we will provide you with accurate translations every time. We have specialists from every field on our team who can handle all kinds of translation projects. Our expert legal translators understand the complex legal terminology and can deliver accurate results.

We understand the importance of medical translation, which is why we never compromise on its quality. A single error in medical translation can put the life of a patient in danger. Once a translation is complete, it is proofread by a professional to make sure there aren’t any errors in it. We also translate instruction manuals of medical devices. This allows healthcare professionals in different countries to learn how to use a device regardless of where it is originally made.

So, if you have medical, legal, or official documents that have to be translated, get in touch with us today, and we will deliver quality translations to you within twenty-four hours.

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