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chile chipotle

Learn more about this delicious ingredient and these surprising facts in this article on some Chile Chipotle Facts That Will Surprise and Delight You.

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American woman

There are more women in America today than at any point in history. For the first time, there are more females than males enrolled in college - 51% of undergraduate students are women.

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is american a language

Learning an American Native language can be difficult if you don’t have any Native friends to help you along the way. Well, the good news is that it isn’t impossible! Here are some easy ways to learn, even if you don’t have anyone to help guide you through the process.

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how to get price for interpreter

The art of translation lies in the translator's ability to match their skill level and industry experience with your linguistic needs. A quote is used by translators to give you an estimate for how much it will cost for them to translate text, word-for-word, from one language into another.

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certified translation services

You might be surprised by the number of people who translate and interpret that aren’t actually licensed or certified to do so—but these individuals should not be confused with those who have passed an exam, earned certain credentials, and obtained licensure to practice their trade.

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imperfect uses

To answer this question, you need to first look at your goals as a learner. If you’re aiming to sound like a native speaker, imperfect tenses will help you achieve that goal—even if you don’t know when to use them correctly.

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naati certification

They’re responsible for making sure you get the right translator or interpreter when you need them, so knowing what NAATI certification means can be important.

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nilo saharan

The Sahara Desert spans thousands of miles across Africa and the Middle East, with various regional groups and tribes native to the area using different languages and dialects in their day-to-day lives.

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tonal language

One of the most obvious characteristics of many languages is their tone—the way in which a speaker rises and falls in pitch over the course of an utterance to provide additional meaning or convey certain emotions. This is very peculiar to English speakers.

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vulcan star trek language

South Africa, Kenya, and Nigeria are the only African countries most people can name. Most others require a map to locate their general location if you can even find them on the globe at all.

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