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Certified Translation Marathi To English

Certified Translation Marathi To English
marathi to english translation
(Last Updated On: November 13, 2023)

A country cannot be associated with a single culture, especially if it is as big as India. Although everyone believes Indian culture to be vibrant and colorful, people don’t pay much attention to the different ethnicities in the country. A population of 1.3 billion is divided into 28 states and eight union territories. People of different ethnic and religious backgrounds live in India. But you can observe the culture and linguistic overlap between some states. Some provinces have the same majority tongue. The country itself recognizes multiple languages officially to protect and promote their usage. However, English is used during the parliamentary proceedings. It is also used as the medium of communication by the administrations of the center and states.

The Marathi Language:

One of the most spoken tongues in India is Marathi. In Maharashtra, it is the only vocabulary recognized by the constitution. It also enjoys official status in Goa along with Konkani. Some of the best-preserved literature in the world is in Marathi. Due to its literature dating back to 600 AD, it is considered one of the oldest living Indian languages. It has more than eighty million speakers, which makes it a very important vernacular in today’s world.

The alphabet of the tongue has 52 letters, of which 16 are vowels. The vowels and consonants are divided into different groups. The two scripts used to write Marathi are Devanagari and Modi. The tongue has two popular dialects: Standard Marathi, used by the majority and the state government, and the Varhadi dialect. Since both Hindi and Marathi are written in the Devanagari script, their written forms have a lot of similarities. A native speaker of Hindi will be able to understand Marathi with a little effort. Due to the popularity of the Devanagari script, the usage of the Modi script is declining. Governments and media are trying to bring back the latter.

Marathi To English


India’s second most populous state is the most significant contributor to the country’s economy. One important factor that attracts foreign investors is the industrialization in Maharashtra. This is why it has the largest economy in all the provinces of India. Not only is it a culturally and historically rich place, but also highly suitable for big and small businesses. There are multiple UNESCO World Heritage Sites in this province. The medieval sites have been one of the biggest attractions for tourists in Maharashtra.

The culture of Maharashtra is known for its delicious cuisine, engaging literature, entertaining movies, and performing arts. Various sports are played in the state, some of which are indigenous.

  • Where is the Marathi language spoken?

    The Marathi language is spoken in India. It is the official language in Maharashtra and the co-official language in Goa. It is one of the scheduled languages of India. It has more than 80 million speakers. After Hindi and Bengali, it is the most spoken language in India. Marathi literature has been around since 600 AD.

  • How old Marathi language is?

    Stone inscriptions of Maharashtra, the language that Marathi descended from, date back to the 3rd century BCE. Some linguists who have studied Marathi and its history claim it has been around for at least 2300 years. They think that Marathi existed at the same time as Sanskrit. One thing is certain: the language has existed for quite some time.

  • What is the difference between Marathi and Hindi?

    Hindi and Marathi are written in the Devanagari script, meaning they look similar. However, the pronunciation of the letters is different in both languages. The grammar of both Hindi and Marathi is also different. The way the verbs take form is another thing that separates the two languages.

  • Is Marathi difficult to learn?

    According to the Foreign Service Institute, languages with significant linguistic and cultural differences from English are difficult to learn. Marathi is one such language that won’t be easy for English speakers. However, if someone is ready to give it ten hours every day, they will be able to learn it in one and a half months.

Certified Translation Marathi To English:

Maharashtra is home to numerous IT companies. However, no progress will be of much value if it is not shared with the world. Companies working in the region must occasionally get Marathi to English translations to connect their native workers with the outside world. The translation also helps them in sharing their success story with foreign investors. It is the best way to show the potential of this state to the outside world.


A significant number of IT experts, web developers, and entrepreneurs live in the state of Maharashtra. There are a lot of opportunities for them in their province. But they might also have to travel to represent their country at international conferences. Some experts also have to immigrate to a foreign country when their company gives them a promotion. However, preparing for such a move is not easy. Leaving your homeland and settling in a new country means going through a complex process. But if you don’t take on the opportunity, you will ruin your chances of success.

In today’s world, finding good jobs and being able to move to a developed country is not something that everyone can do. People have to try hard to achieve their goals. So, when you are presented with an opportunity, you shouldn’t give up because it involves many complications. You can’t achieve anything without making some effort. When you are applying for immigration, you will have to get all your documents in order. When you apply to a country where the official language is English, you must get your birth certificate translated.

Since a birth certificate is an official document, you can only submit its certified translation. That is the only type of translation that embassies and immigration offices accept. However, the birth certificate translation from Marathi to English can only be carried out by an expert who is a native speaker of the former tongue. Non-native speakers don’t know a language well enough to work as its translators. And if you don’t know where to find a native translator, there is no need to panic. All you have to do is research on the internet and find a good agency that offers Marathi to English translations. If they have native speakers on their team, you can trust them to provide quality services.

To get the certificate translation in India, make sure the expert you hire knows about the dialects spoken in Maharashtra and will be able to translate your document correctly. The right agency will be able to offer you a translation that will get accepted by immigration offices. Depending on your requirements, they will know what kind of certification you need with the linguistic service and will assist you accordingly.

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