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Certified Translation Template

certified translation template

Certified Translation Template

Universal Translation Services is a leading translation company offering professional translation services at affordable rates. Our team of translators is providing accurate translation services of all the unique languages. Along with the translations, we also provide certifications to our customers on request. Certified translations are mostly required by US agencies and as a US translation agency, we are incomplete if we don’t provide this service. So, if you’re looking for certified translation services, you’re just at the right place!

With a long history of serving in the translation field, we have now upgraded our services by providing the certified translation templates on our online shop. There are several templates, each for a different document. This page will provide a complete guide on the certified certificate translation templates. So, let’s begin!

Which templates are provided?

On our online shop, you will find certified templates of different documents. If you’re worried that your country will have a different template of the document, don’t worry. In our shop, we have provided templates that match the document of your country. From birth certificates to marriage certificates, templates of all types of certificates are available. Some people recognize the type of document they need only after seeing it.

For your help, we have provided an image on each offered template so you’ll know which and what type of template it is. Further, templates of documents including an action for divorce, apostille civil status, apostille criminal record, birth certificate, and apostille divorce decree, etc. With each document, a serial number and country name is written that helps our client select the template. You can select any document with its rate and get your work within few hours!

What is the rate of our templates?

Translation rates are the priority of every consumer because everyone demands low prices and high-quality work. Our company offers the most affordable rates when it comes to translation services. We even provide cheap translation services to help people and thank our customers for entrusting us with their work. But if we provide low prices then it doesn’t mean that we’ll compromise on quality. If you want to get certified translation, you can get it from our online shop. To make it easier for you to decide, each template is given along with its translation rate. Almost all templates charge 15 USD per page. The price written below each template is the calculated price for all the pages of the document.

We assure you that you’ll find no other company providing the same services at this reasonable rate. So, choose us before taking any second option!

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How to get your template?

Here is a step-by-step guide for you in getting your certified translation. Follow these steps:

  1. Visit our online certified certificate translation shop.
  2. For choosing the template, select your respective country and the kind of certificate you want. We have listed them in the default settings but you can select other options like sorting them by popularity, average rating, or by price i.e. from low to high. Your choices will arrange the page accordingly.
  3. Below each template, you will find the ‘select option’ along with charges. Choose the select option and another page will open with your selected document maximized.
  4. You will find all the details of the document in the additional information. On the page, you will see the option of selecting a target language. You can choose your target language and select the small Yes box if you want a digital certified copy or notarization. The extra $10 or $20 is written beside each option.
  5. Then, you can upload the file of your original document i.e. birth certificate translation or divorce certificate. Check birth certificate translation template.
  6. And lastly, you will add all the details into your cart and order your certified translation in your selected template. You can pay the charges by your debit or credit card. Your certification will have the signature of our professional translator which will ensure the accuracy of your English translation.

Moreover, after receiving your certification, there is an option to give reviews under each document. You can give your feedback on it. Further, if you have any suggestions, just list them down along with the feedback. We hope to see you soon then!

Frequently Asked Questions

Now, we are going to answer the frequently asked questions by our clients.

What is a certified translation?

A certified translation is a sworn statement affirming the translator’s ability to translate a document from the foreign language document to the English language or into any other target language. You may require a certified translation of your birth certificate or marriage certificate in your immigration application. The certified translation has to satisfy the specification set by the United States Citizenship and Immigration Services which includes a formatted cover sheet with a stamp and signature of the translator or a translation agency. The signature and the seal in the certification ensure that the original document is accurate and authentic.

What is notarization?

During the immigration process, some agencies are extra conscious about the document and they require notarization as an additional service. A notary public is appointed by the government as a public official in non-continuous matters to help deter fraud. The notary public can witness the signing of any important documents and verify the identity of the signers and their awareness of the contents of the document or transaction. With our service, you will have enough on your plate with the immigration process.

Which documents require translation?

Common documents that require an accurate translation include the applicant’s birth certificate, marriage certificate, divorce certificate, police records, bank statements, educational documents, or financial documents. But mainly, the type of document required depends on the purpose of the translation. The translator determines the type of translation.

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Why should you choose us?

You should choose Universal Translation Services for your translation project or certification because we provide high-quality work at affordable rates. Our quality is that we provide 24 hours service. You can contact us or reach us through our office for urgent projects. The specialty of our translation team is that it can provide quality translation with accuracy. You can also provide the format or version in which you need your translation project. Our translators are experts in fulfilling the requirements of clients. Moreover, on our service, there are no extra or hidden charges on revisions and proofreading which provides you a reasonable budget.

When will you need our services?

You will require the legal translations when you have to go through a legal procedure. When going abroad, people often require the services of English language translation by qualified translators. You may also need certification by translators but it depends on your agency. For example, getting certified translations is a necessary step by the USCIS. It is an essential step to determine the statement of the accuracy of the document. Moreover, you may need our services if you want to precede your Green card application. If you’re heading abroad on a scholarship visa, you will need a complete translation of your educational documents including the previous academic record and marks sheet.

We hope that this page is helpful for you. Further, if you need help regarding any kind of translation, contact us without hesitation. It is our topmost priority to solve the queries of our clients. We would like to see you soon!

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