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Definition and Examples of American English

American English
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Everything in the world is connected, which is why humans end up affecting each other. All of our cultures are not in their pure forms anymore as they have been influenced by different customs and traditions. The same is true for languages that have been around for centuries. The more popular something becomes, the greater the chances are that it will get divided into various versions. It happened with Latin, which was divided into two main versions Classical and Vulgar. After that, Spanish spread around the world and ended up getting divided in dozens of different versions. Today, it is the same case with English, which is spoken all over the world.

English in America:

English was introduced in America the same way it was brought to the rest of the world, through the British colonization. The first settlers arrived in the country in 17th century and thus began the journey of English in America. The version of today includes plenty of different varieties that are spoken in different regions of the US. Some of them have developed new features that make them different from the main variety. Although it is the British that spread English all over the world, it was due to its importance in America that it has survived after all this time.

The economic power of the US is the reason the whole world looks up to it. It is one of the reasons why everyone in the world wants to learn to speak English. Even today, anyone who wishes to become a US resident has to become fluent in the vernacular first. They must also get certified translations of their documents in English if they wish their immigration request to be accepted by the US authorities.

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Is There a Standard American English? What is Its Definition?

A different version of English is spoken in every country. In the US, it is known as the Standard American English or the General American English. It can be defined as the American version of the language. The term includes all the accents spoken in the US and Canada. Although the accents may have different pronunciations, vocabulary, and even grammar, they are grouped together for being distinct from other varieties of English. The varieties under this name have no noticeable cultural and ethical markers. It is used by mass media and is considered highly educated speech.

Is Standard American English a Dialect?

There are different categories in the language world. Some types of spoken word cannot be considered a separate language. Some come into being by the mixture of two separate tongues. Vernaculars are put into specific categories by experts after doing proper research.

The American English of today has many regional dialects, but the question is, is it a separate language or a dialect? The answer to this question will be different depending on which linguist you ask. Some people consider it a separate language, but others think that it is a dialect. People who favor the latter idea consider both American and British varieties to be the dialects of English.

  • Which English is used in USA?

    American English, also known as United States English, is the set of varieties of English that is used in the USA. The varieties spoken in different parts of the US have been influenced by the local culture. Some of them are very different from the standard variety that is used by the news channels and the film industry.

  • How can I improve my English in USA?

    You can improve your English in the USA by watching news channels regularly. Since the language used on news channels is mostly formal, you will be able to learn a better version of the vernacular. It will also give you the confidence to use English in your everyday conversations. The more you speak in English with the natives, the better your pronunciation will get.

  • Is it a law to speak English in America?

    There is no law in America that requires people to speak English. In fact, the country does not have an official language because of its multilinguistic population. Some offices might have English-only workplace policy but even that is a topic of much debate. Everyone is free to speak whichever language they want in America.

  • What is the difference between English US and UK?

    A few commonly known differences between the US and UK’s English varieties are in spellings and vocabularies of the two. However, there are also some grammatical differences that most people don’t notice. For instance, in the US English, collective nouns are considered singular, while the opposite is true for the UK English.

  • What does standard American English come from?

    English arrived in the United States because of British colonization. So, the Standard American English came from the English that was spoken by the colonizers. However, plenty of differences have developed between the two throughout the years. Spelling differences are commonly known around the world. But they continue to be mutually intelligible.

  • Why is standard American English Important?

    Standard American English is important because it is the only way people can get a job in the US. Those who wish to study in the US will have to learn Standard American English. This variety of English is also used all over the world, which is what makes it more important than the other varieties of the vernacular.

  • What does it mean by Standard English?

    Standard English is the most widely accepted variety of the vernacular. It is the version that does not have dialectical variations. It is the variety that can be understood by the greatest number of people. Currently, the American variety which is spoken by state officials is considered the Standard English.

  • What is mainstream American English?

    Mainstream American English is the one that is spoken in the Congress and also by the President. It is used by the majority and does not have any dialectical tones. Various varieties of English are spoken in the US but it is the mainstream version which is given preference over the others in schools and workplaces.

Why Is Standard American English Important?

Why couldn’t the Americans keep the same version as was spoken by the colonizers? The answer to that is pretty simple. Every region has its own cultures and values. Whether it is a different language or culture, they will end up getting affected by the native customs and values. When the British colonized America, they brought over their language with them. But they could not have kept it safe from changes. Over time, the language underwent many changes. It broke free of its British identity and became what the Americans could call their own.

Since it is the most widely used variety of English, it is quite important in business dealings. It is also most popular variety of the vernacular on social media. To the people of the US, it is a part of their identity that makes them different from other speakers of the tongue. It is also related to their culture and has unique words that cannot be found in anywhere else in the world.

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Examples of American English:

If you are an American and having a conversation with someone British, you will notice many different words and pronunciations in their speech. They may notice the same about your speech. These differences are not always clear. Here are a few examples that prove the uniqueness of this variety of English:

In the US, metal and medal are pronounced the same way and this is called T- and D-flapping.

  • Unlike other varieties, all /r/ sounds are pronounced fully in the US.
  • Another noticeable characteristic is various vowel mergers before /r/. An example of it can be seen in words Mary, marry, and merry that are all pronounced in the same way.
  • Absence of the letter ‘u’ in words like color, favorite, and behavior.
  • Using ‘z’ instead of ‘s’ in words like realize, fantasize, and humanize.
  • Dropping the ‘ue’ after words like dialog, analog, and monolog.
  • Replacing ‘ae’ with ‘e’ in encyclopedia, medieval, and anemia.

Cultural impact is a powerful thing but we don’t realize its true importance most of the time. However, if we observe the ways in which cultures have affected and changed things, we will realize how important they are. Everything in the world has undergone change of some sort and it will continue to happen as long as humans are around to exert their influence.

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