Definition of a certified translation for US

Definition of a certified translation for US
certified translation for US

Is there any difference between a certified translator and certified translation for US? What each of those mean and what exactly it is required for immigration in the United States? This article should clear it up for you.

What is a certified translation for US?

What is a certified translator? A lot of countries give exams to check the professional translation skills an individual has. These exams differ, depending on the country. You will be required to pass at least one of the exams for you to become a certified translator.

US translation rules

US rules about official translation

A certified translation for US can be defined as a process where a statement that has being signed accompanies a translation. The statement usually contains an attestation that to the best of the ability and knowledge of the translator, the translation is complete and accurate. A translation can be certified by a translation company or a translator. A certified translation can also be provided by a translator that has not been certified.

Some popular misconceptions about certified translation will be cleared so as to reduce the confusion around the subject. A certified translation in the United States comprises a translation company or translator-signed statement following the translation, stating that the text that has been translated is complete and accurate, based on the main document. ‘Certificate of Accuracy’ is also commonly used to refer to the signed statement. The certification is however not an evidence that the main document was accurately translated or that a certified translator carried out the translation. This is considering the fact the United States does not have state or federal translators certificate. Court state and federal certification however exist for interpreters. There are however associations such as the American Translators Association that can certify a translator, even though it is not an official certification.

Are certified translators needed?

Certified translation for US can be provided by translators that are not certified. Even though it is required by morning side that at least one translation company certifies a translator, for the translator to qualify to provide certified translations, it is not generally accepted by translation companies.

When a document from another language is being submitted in a regulatory agency or law court, certified translations are normally requested. Certifications are also requested for college transcripts and birth certificates. If the need for official translation arises, you should confirm the certification kind that is required. A notarized type might be needed along with the attached resume and qualification of the translator.

are certified translators needed

Who requires certified translations?

  • Lawyers: Government agencies and law court.
  • Corporations and Businesses: For business agreements, legal documents, patent filings and financial reports.
  • Academic institutions: Most colleges and universities.
  • Other State and Federal agencies in the United States: State Licensing department and passport authorities.
  • United States immigration: For documents including divorce certificates, marriage licenses and birth certificates.
  • Validity: Translation by a third party gives the assurance that it is not a forged document. This is considering the high rate of fake documents and a high alert for them by the USCIS.
  • Efficiency of Process: Administrative time is reduced when the produced document is in the native language of the reviewer, leading to faster and easier processing.

You should not certify your own documents due to the following reasons

  • Time: You will lose the time, the time you spent to submit as well as the time you waited for feedback, as there is a high probability of the document being rejected.
  • Accuracy: If you are not an expert in both languages, you could carry out some mistranslations that could cost you your citizenship.
  • Validity: A right assurance level that you did not forge the documents is not offered when you submit a document you translated on your own.

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