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How to get affordable legal translation online when you need it

How to get affordable legal translation online when you need it
legal translation online
(Last Updated On: October 3, 2020)

While online services may be cheaper than going to the office near you, legal translation online can also be expensive. There are ways however to get accurate translations at low rates, and this article will give you a few hints on how to get just that.


Legal translation online can be expensive

Not only are the documents long, they are very complicated and couched in very difficult terminology. It’s no wonder that translators price a premium when it comes to legal documents. But there are ways to at least save you from additional unnecessary expense.

Although it is generally not recommended to get the lowest bid among translators, at least look for one who has had experience in the type of document you need translated. Glance at their resume to look for any legal background. One who has had a few law units in college will beat a translator with long years experience but without any legal translation background any day.

How to get affordable legal translation online

Another thing to ask, is your document a common one? If it is just an ordinary form, you may already find a translated version somewhere on the internet or at your counsel’s firm’s database. If that is so, you may have no need for a translator at all for this case.

Your case may not be an isolated one. Look for cases that are similar to yours that may already have existing translations. You may find that when compared to yours only a few extra lines or words would actually need legal translation online. If it is a contract, you may only have to change the names and dates.

is certified translation needed

What if certified translation is needed?

If you need your document certified, your best choice is working with a translation agency which provides that on request. Even if your document is a large one you’ll still get a fair price for having it translated by an agency, and having it certified if necessary.

Usually you don’t need your translation notarized, but if you do, an agency can have it translated, certified, notarized and sent to you really fast. If it’s your birth or marriage certificate which needs to be translated, it will be sent to you the next day.

The translation of your legal documents does not have to add to your already existing worries. Certified translation services for USA do not need to be as expensive as you think they would be, so go ahead and ask for a quote.

Where to get your translation for cheap?

Legal translation online is a type of document translation that further enunciates the legality of a document and binds the person to not only the legal document but also to the state of the individual and the laws followed in the said state. These kinds of documents carry particular importance because of their nature and urgency in various immigration processes, and Universal Translation Services recognizes the importance of these legal documents.

It is of vital significance for a legal document to be as accurately translated as possible because of the importance that the document carries with it. The consequences of mistranslated documents could be severe because the law is the law no matter the language it is presented in. Such documents need to be translated into the language desired with 100% precision and accuracy so that it is understood in any part of the world.

Understanding this complex nature of the document, UTS provides not only offers actual certified translation of legal documents but also guidelines that can be followed by the respective client in order to determine the proper process of translation.

cheap legal translation

Common types of legal translations

Universal Translation Services offer a platform for many legal documents to be translated into the language that you requested for. In this case, there are various practice areas that the company finds homage in and has the experience and the certification to provide the guaranteed quality work that the client has requested for.

There are certain areas of expertise that the company deals with when it comes to legal translation online:

translation of personal documents

Translation of personal documents

When it comes to immigration to the US and your documents are not in English, you will have to provide certified translation for each personal document. While you can get such translations by visiting our office, you can also get legal translation online for the same purpose.

Birth certificates

Birth certificates are significant documents not only in the determination of an individual’s identity but also relating the person to a certain immigration process. The requirements of a birth certificate translation at the time of immigration process is just as important as getting the actual document in the first place.

Marriage certificates

A document which legally binds two people officially in a marriage is a vital document for a family to establish and settle in any particular state. For any critical life event that is to take place in the family will require the use of the marriage certificate. That is the reason why an accurate marriage certificate translation is necessary.

Other personal documents

Any document proving your identity is needed if you immigrate to the US, and that includes divorce certificates, medical and police records, diplomas and degrees, etc.

  • How much does it cost to translate 1000 words?

    The cost will depend on a couple of factors. If you need a certified translation, you will be charged more. But if you hire a reliable agency, you will be able to get the certified translation of 1000 words at $0.12 per word. You will also be able to get an urgent translation, if needed, at no additional costs.

  • What is the best free online translator?

    There are a lot of online translators these days. Out of all of them, Google Translate is the more accurate. It offers tons of services and also has an app that you can use when you are traveling. You can also access the app without the internet. Above all, the app and services offered by Google Translate are all completely free.

  • How much does translation cost?

    The cost of translation depends on various factors like word count and the type of linguistic assistance you need. If you do your research and compare prices before hiring an agency, you will be able to find the right service provider. The right agency will deliver quality solutions at only $0.10 per word.

  • How much do online translators make?

    The average annual salary of an online translator in the US is $78,600. But the salary of an online translator depends on various factors. The agency they decide to work for matters. Their qualification and experience level also affect their salary. A certified translator gets paid more than a non-certified translator.

  • What is the best free online translator?

    Although not all of the online translators are reliable, a few are helpful in a number of situations. Google Translate and Bing’s Translator are the best free online translators available to internet users these days. Both these services offer multiple features and have their own apps. They are also completely free, which is why they are loved by people all over the world.

  • Where can you translate documents?

    If you need the translation of a document for personal reasons, then you can get it on Google Translate. But keep in mind that the document translations offered by Google Translate are not always a hundred percent accurate. If you need accurate translations of your documents, then you should get in touch with a linguistic expert.

  • How much does it cost to translate 1000 words?

    A good translation company will not charge you more than $0.10 per word for the translation of 1000 words. If you need a certified translation, then the cost will be $0.12 per word. But if you hire a freelance translator, they might charge you per hour or per page. It is best to compare all of your choices before you decide on one.

  • Can I translate my own documents?

    If you are a qualified and trained translator, you can translate your own documents. But if you are applying for US immigration and you need the translation of your birth certificate, you should get in touch with a qualified translator. USCIS has a rule against people translating their own immigration documents, which is why you should turn to someone else for help.

Translation for business

Businesses working with foreign partners also need legal translation online for some of their documents, including:

Business contracts

The business translation of contracts need to be as accurate as possible because impaired translations could result in an adverse outcome for the respective company or the organization handling the business.

Financial documents

Financial documents are of extreme importance for businesses working at a global level, where each of their subsidiaries in all countries need to submit financial documents. If such reports are done in the local language, legal translation online can be used to translate them into any language.

Commercial and corporate litigation

Any document submitted in a US court of law needs to be translated into English so litigation documents will have to be translated if they are in any other language.

The translations that are carried out for legal documents require a particular certificate of accuracy which states that the translation carried out is of guaranteed precision, and the document is translated within the laws binding an individual to the respective state.

translation for business documents
accurate legal translation benefits

The importance of accurate legal translation

A translation company that deals with legal translation services needs to be surrounded with special care because of the fragility these documents possess. The mere error that could potentially come up in the translation can lead to many problems for the client and the company both dealing in the translation.

Legal translations are dealt by native translators who are not just experienced with their skills; able to translate the document effectively but also experienced in their background; able to advise the clients with the requirements of the institution and eventually devising a plan that would aid these clients through the whole translation process.

Professional translators proofread the documents twice which are then edited by native translators. The certification often becomes necessary when dealing with the legal department. These are the basic protocols followed in any translation agency which is further accredited with relevant agencies to produce precise results for the customers.

Universal Translation Services, apart from providing quality legal translation online also offers it at an affordable price. The companies charging higher prices often boast about the quality being better with them, which is entirely untrue. We are using professional legal translators which are aware of the importance of these documents, and we also provide certification and notarization of the translations so that the quality and accuracy of the documents can be met and the legality of the document is not compromised.

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