How to get free translation services online

How to get free translation services online
free translation services online

The translation industry is booming these days with lots of companies and individuals looking to get foreign language translation, but free translation services online are also highly searched. While there are free tools out-there, we have created our own in order to help people who need to get the rough meaning of a document without paying a dime.

why free translation

The need for free translation services online

Recently, the benefits of translation are becoming more obvious. The world is a global village and it is possible to get data and information from different sources. It is possible to see content on a web page that you are interested in, such as a new album review, but since you don’t understand the other language, you will need a translator.

It is also possible that you just got a new gadget, but the instruction manual is in a language you can’t understand. Fortunately, there are some great yet free translation services online you can use. Four of the best available tools are discussed below.

Our free translation tool online

Another great tool that you can use for free translation is our free translation tool online. It provides good quality and it supports as many languages as Google Translate.

Universal Translation Services, being a leading company in the industry, offers its own free translation tool just for the simplicity of your work. We think that in order to gain a better perspective on the project; the work that you request for translation, it is vital that the client comes with full knowledge of the whole document so that it can be better understood and is dealt with accordingly. The translation tool of the company is incredibly handy providing, if not the most precise, but an accurate translation of the phrases that you enter in the said tool. Moreover, it also aids in helping you detect the language of the phrase or document that you referred in the tool as input.

As always, since this is machine translation, you can’t expect it to be perfect, but better than other translation tools. You will however get an acceptable output if all you want is to get the rough meaning of a document in another language.

You can use our free tool directly on our page above, and you also have the option to add it to your Chrome browser so you can always use it with a click of a button, completely free.

free translation

How does it look like?

free translation tool
Dutch to English translation
English to Chinese free translation
free translation tool

Why did we develop a free translation tool?

Are you wondering why a translation agency will provide prospective customers with a way to get free translation services online out of their website? Couldn’t it just be that we are that nice? Well, here are a couple of more reasons for your curious mind about our launch of a free translation tool.

It’s Handy: Many individuals find the use of Google Translate disappointing. We do not claim to have a better online free translation tool then Google the giant but we do believe that those who are looking for a better way of free translation tool should check us out.

Our Language Detector Feature:  You can put in any phrase that you find around the system and we will give you the translation and also tell you the language phrase belongs in. This is useful because many times the submitter doesn’t know the language.

Basic Gist: Let’s suppose you are coming to submit us a translation project and you want to know the content that you are getting translated before you submit to us. You can put the content through our device, get the basic idea and discuss the project better with our team.

There are many reasons Universal Translation Services has this tool, but the most important one is that whenever you need to have something translated quickly just to understand the basics, whether a document or a website, you can use our tool on our website, or as an extension for Chrome and Firefox.

Some other tools you could use

Some other tools can be used besides our free translation tool, which are described below.  There are a few ways that can be approached to get your hands on some tools that can translate the text that you require to be translated for free. These methods are available on the net for anyone to use and have access to, providing the best source for translations.

Google translate

Google Translate

Google translate is the most used, renowned and reputed as the best free translation tool providing its near to accurate services for a decade now. Irrespective of the size of the document, Google Translate has the reputation of being the best available tool. Several languages are supported as well as constant work is being done to improve on the quality of translation of the tool. You can even have a complete web page translated, without having to change tabs.

SDL free translation

SDL Free Translation

SDL offers both professional translation as well as a free tool for translating. You will however have to pay for the professional translation as it will be accurate and carried out by humans. With just a click, you can find out how much your translation will cost.

The free service is also great, although it has its limitations which are commonly encountered in translations by machines, but it will be sufficient if you just require a quick translation.

Microsoft Word translate

Microsoft Word Translate

It is possible to also translate a complete document from Microsoft Office Word, which can also be used for rapid translation for free. Their tool is as accurate as a machine can get and they are well-known for their quality software, however, the translator included was intended to be used for single words rather than phrases.

Open your document, locate the language group from the review tab and select translate. Your text will be translated immediately.

Free translation online

Who doesn’t love Amazon? As soon as you order something, the wait for your package begins. Most people today have stopped getting out of their house for shopping. They just go to work, come home, order everything online, and chill in bed. This is the ideal way to live for many people. And there is no reason why this shouldn’t be the case with translation too. But the online tools offered by most services are confusing at times. Even if all you need is to get the basic idea of a text, you end up frustrated with how unhelpful some online translation tools are.

We at Universal Translation Services realized the need for an online tool that can translate documents and texts with a high level of accuracy. We wanted to offer free translation online for those who need just the basic understanding of a text and could do without spending a few bucks on it. We have created our online translation tool for the sole purpose of helping people translate texts from their home without having to worry about the charges and the quality of the translation.

free translation online
Free Translation Tool

How Accurate Is A Free Translation Tool?

With an outrageous abundance of software and tools, we sometimes doubt their processes and the authenticity of how well they work. And that doubt escalates when the thing we are considering is free of cost.

Just like our translation tool. Many of you might have a question in your mind about how accurate that is. Developed and engineered by our software experts, this thing does the job in the most precise way. Targeted to help people get instant results, this convenient help is available with perfection to the maximum extent. There is absolutely no chance of error with this assistance and you can use it without any hesitation.

And of course, if you still don’t believe us, you can enter a random number of words, check out the results and double-check them with your own calculations. This is the best way to stay sure about what we claim.

Why professional translation is not free?

Professional translation, in contrast to free translation services online like SDL free translator, may feel redundant but the machine translations can only be as accurate as they are efficient with human communication. Professional translation services require access to different kinds of tools and additional services, and professional native translators are working on the document for guaranteed accuracy promised by the company. It is known that a professional translator can translate 2,500 words in 8 hours, which may be not as rapid as the free tools but is as precise and commuted through as a translation can get. The entire process results in charges for the translation and this is the reason why professional translations are not free.

It is however worthy of note that free tools can never give you perfect translation in terms of sentence structure and grammar. If you only want to get the rough meaning of a phrase you can use free translation services online, but if you are a business or an individual looking for certified translation such tools will not be appropriate.

If we can help you with any questions, please feel free to contact us
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