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At UTS, we excel at Hakha Chin services. We have been delivering excellence in certifications, website translations, notarizations, and everything related to linguistic services. Our enterprise is known for its matchless global service. We believe in building relationships on the basis of trust and mutual understanding. And this is why we take care of your translations with utmost accuracy and perfection. With the world’s best native translators on board, we can cater to all your needs without any delays or possibility of error.

Certified Hakha Chin to English Translation For Immigration

If you think your dreams are larger than life, then why limit yourself to one country or limited possibilities? Ready to go to the US? We are here for all your immigration translation needs. Whether your birth certificate is in your native Myanmar lingo or you have your academic transcripts that need to be translated, our immigration specialist team is ready to undertake all sorts of tasks.

Certified translations are considered mandatory whenever you are traveling to the US. It is even more crucial when it comes to your official and legal documents. It is because of the USCIS, the regulatory authority for citizenship and immigration services. USCIS only accepts certified translation of your official documents required.

A certified translation is a translated document accompanied by a certification of accuracy. The certificate of accuracy contains the name of the translator and contains a statement that says that the translator has done the translation to the best of his knowledge. At the end of the certificate, there is a place for the translator’s signature.

At UTS, we deliver certified translations on our letterhead with signature and company stamp. We take full responsibility for our certification as we have been dealing with certification for USCIS for decades now. We are proud that we have a 100% acceptance rate at the USCIS. In case you are unsure about any requirement, we can help you with that as well. Remember that if you need medical appointments, you might even need a medical report translated for further processes.

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Language solutions often involve the expertise of qualified translators, particularly in contexts where a target language like Chin Hakha or Falam Chin is involved. These professionals play a crucial role in ensuring accurate and effective communication, bridging linguistic gaps. Resources such as the English Dictionary provide valuable support in navigating language nuances and facilitating precise translations, contributing to the accessibility and understanding of the target language.

We understand that quality, accuracy, and quick turnaround are more than essential in such rushed situations. Good for you we have been dealing with these services for a long time and now with our expertise, you have got nothing to worry about. We can translate birth certificates, marriage certificates, divorce certificates, police clearance reports, affidavits, medical record translations, technical translations, and everything in between.

Our qualified interpreters are experts in their fields and they never shy away from undertaking the toughest of tasks. We welcome you to contact us anytime. You can send your special requirements via email, live chat, or even call. Our professional staff will get back to you immediately.

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Hakha Chin Translation for Business

In this globalized world of ours, business is not like it was before. We are seeing a new era of digital advancement blending new possibilities into the e-commerce industry. What we say as translators, is that the lingo barrier shouldn’t be an issue in your brand expansion. And this is why we are here. So, when you are in need of Hakha Chin translation services for business, we are always ready to start your project.

We are happy to inform you that whether you need document translation, website translation, localization, live interpretation, or any other business-related need, we are just a click away. Our translation service is known for innovation and reliability in business translations. If you are expanding your business into Myanmar, you have to be very cautious about your translations, one error and it can be interpreted differently.

Your intention to project your product into a new world doesn’t entirely depend upon your good ideas. You need the best interpreters, native experts, and experienced translators on board. That’s the only way to reach the natives.

So, all set to launch your social media ad campaign in Myanmar? let our linguists take that to the next level. Of course, English takes the trophy in international communication but communicating with a remote audience could be tricky. With the slightest of error, you can expect a lot in terms of interpretation. If the customers fail to understand your product completely, your campaign can’t go as successfully as you’ve planned.

Planning a website with online job offers for interpreters, students, human resources, or telephone operators, you have to work your way through the right kind of words. Our localization services are exemplary and we have helped hundreds of our customers in website and app localization. We can even translate job descriptions for a better local understanding.


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Hakha Chin Language

Words have the power to educate, to heal but most importantly, they have the power to connect. They connect you to your people.  This Kuki Chin language, also known as Lai, is spoken mostly in Myanmar, some places in Burma and India. There are more than four hundred thousand speakers in Chin state in Burma and in Mizoram in India. There is also a small number of speakers in Southeastern Bangladesh. Fun fact, around 50 thousand chin speakers are living in western countries such as the United States, Canada, Denmark, Norway, Germany, New Zealand, and Australia.

The Chin people use Latin or Burmese script for writing purposes. The setting for this language is Subject-Object-Verb or SOV. Most of the natives are from the Lai tribe. Among them, there are different variants of dialects depending on the villages. In India, the Haka language is known as Lai Pawi and Lai Hawlh. It is also taught in some primary schools in some states of Mizoram.

It is a celebrated and spoken heritage for many and the number is increasing. In the past two decades, it has elevated from one hundred thousand to more than four hundred thousand. The literacy rate in the older generation is lower as compared to the young generation. However, most of the younger Chin people are students. For the lingua franca of Chin people, we are here to provide you with all kind of linguistic services

Why Use Our Services?

Saying that we have had monumental success in the translation industry is definitely not an exaggeration. But we would like to say that our objective is to add as many linguistic services to our list as we can.

We want you to know that all your international translation requirements will be met here. You can trust our quality, trust our process, and discuss your project in detail anytime. We have been continually trying to add more and more value to the services we provide. And if you have any request regarding anything, feel free to post them and we’ll see what we can do about it. This will help us improve our work process, enhance our service quality, and meet your expectations.

What’s even better? You can get a quote anytime via our live chat. We have a word count rate calculator for you as well. From there, you can get the rates and compare online prices. With our professional interpreters, we can even arrange help for your meetings, your live sessions, and of course with your customer service forms. All you have to do is just get in touch with us.

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Hakha Chin translation involves converting content from one language to Hakha Chin, a language spoken by the Chin people in Myanmar and parts of India.

Hakha Chin translation is crucial for effective communication in regions where Hakha Chin is spoken, facilitating understanding and accessibility of information.

Qualified translators with expertise in Hakha Chin language and culture perform Hakha Chin translations to ensure accuracy and cultural sensitivity.

Resources like bilingual dictionaries and language tools, along with the collaboration of native speakers, contribute to accurate Hakha Chin translations.

Hakha Chin translation enhances language accessibility by making information available in a language spoken by the community, fostering better understanding and inclusivity.