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Our world is quite unpredictable. It has gone through many changes since the beginning of time. It kept on going forward even before humans came to live on it, and that means we have to take care of each other if we wish to survive. The world will be whatever we make of it, and we can’t turn it into a beautiful place if we don’t love each other. Hating people is not easy, but we do it anyway. We spend a lot of our energies on figuring out different ways to hurt each other. Wars are the biggest proof of that. However, we have been on earth for a long time, and we need to start changing now.

Respecting People’s Identities:

We can make or break someone’s day by a simple act. But if we wish to get respected by others and enjoy all of our rights, we must also be willing to extend the same courtesy to others. The world would be a far better place if all of us respected the beliefs and identities of people. It is completely okay to disagree about politics, but when it comes to things like the identities of people, you should be willing to accept them as it is.

One thing we need to understand to make our lives easier is that even if we haven’t experienced something ourselves, it doesn’t mean it isn’t real. People’s experiences and struggles matter to them. And if we haven’t been through the same things, we should still be able to respect their struggles. A lot of people are slowly becoming comfortable with themselves to tell the world about their identities. But when they are not received positively, it sets a bad example for our future generations. However, it is okay if you are ignorant. You can start your learning process today.

Transgender language

How Do You Translate Transgender in 20 Languages?

If you communicate with people from all over the world and wish to be as respectful to them as possible, you should learn some common words in their languages. One important word to learn is transgender. Knowing how to say it in different languages can help you in different situations. Here is how you can say it in twenty different tongues:

  1. Spanish:

In one of the world’s most famous vernaculars, the translation of transgender is Transgénero.

  1. Danish:

In the language of the Danes, transseksuelle is the word you need to learn to be able to more respectful to the people.

  1. French:

Another European language that has its own word for trans people is French. The word you need to learn is transgenres.

  1. Hungarian:

Plan on being more accepting of your Hungarian friends? Ask them their pronouns if they are transznemű.

  1. Irish:

The Irish folks have the word Transcaucasia as a translation of transgender.

  1. Bulgarian:

Wish to increase your Bulgarian vocabulary? Learn transseksualni today.

  1. Chinese:

In the Simplified Chinese, the word you are looking for is Biànxìng rén. You can ask your Chinese friend to teach you its pronunciation.

  1. Croatian:

Improve your Croatian vocabulary by learning the word for transgender: transrodna.

  1. Finnish:

Finland is a beautiful place, and so are its people who are so accepting of each other. The Finnish word you need to add in your vocabulary today is transsukupuolinen.

  1. Haitian Creole:

The world’s most famous creole today is the one spoken in Haiti. Its term for transgenders is transganr.

Transgender language translation
  1. Japanese:

The Japanese term for transgenders is Toransujendā.

  1. Korean:

Everyone is becoming more interested in Korean due to the success of both countries’ cinema and pop industries. So, if you wish to learn more Korean terms, start with teulaenseu jendeo.

  1. Latvian:

The Latvian word for transgender is pretty interesting. It is transpersonas and can make people feel at ease when it is used to describe them.

  1. Norwegian:

Some of the most accepting nations in the world can be found in Europe, and Norway is one of them. It has the word transseksuell for trans people, along with all the rights and freedoms.

  1. Polish:

Polish people have struggled a lot, and they deserve to have it easy now. The least you can do is be more accepting of their identities, and learning how to say transpłciowych is one way of doing that.

  1. Portuguese:

Although the Portuguese language failed to become as famous as Spanish, it still has a few million speakers. The Portuguese term you should learn is transgêneros.

  1. Romanian:

A relatively easy to learn term is the one used in Romania. It is transsexuali, and you won’t have much trouble pronouncing it.

  1. Russian:

Everyone knows that the Russian language is quite complex. But if you really wish to learn it, you can get over the complexity of its alphabet. In simple wording, the Russian word for transgenders is transseksualov.

  1. Swedish:

The easiest to learn out of all the words would be the one that is spoken in Sweden. The Swedes only use the term trans to refer to transgender people.

  1. Welsh:

If you wish to learn a Welsh word, make it trawsryweddol.

Plenty of languages have adopted the English word to refer to transgenders. But if you have to learn a few extra terms to make others feel respected, there is no harm in that. In fact, you will be learning something new and begin to appreciate different cultures a bit more. Start learning new terms today so you can make your friends feel at ease whenever they decide to talk to you about their identity.

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