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How to Find A Certified Translation Professional

How to Find A Certified Translation Professional
Certified Translations - certified translation professional

There are a number of ways you can find a certified translation professional in order to get your personal documents translated. You can find them the old fashioned way, through the phone book, or you can conduct an online search, there’s also word of mouth, referrals, and there are agencies that specialize in certified translation services.

How to find a certified translation professional

the easiest way

The easiest way

If you’re here then you probably need certified translation. If that is the case, why not ask us for a free quote? We provide quality translations at affordable rates for any document. We have a special offer in regards to certified translation: only $20 per page if the document is under 200 words (like your birth or marriage certificate). This is the lowest price you’ll find in the US! We deliver your translation in 24 hours or less, we don’t change extra for rush jobs, and we guarantee that our translation will be accepted by any USCIS office.

We also work around the clock for your convenience, even during the weekend!

search a freelancer

Search the internet for a freelancer

It is the internet era, the best way to search for a translator specialized in the legal field is through online search: Just put in certified translation; this is likely to deliver a large number of responses so you will have to do your due diligence and perhaps check out the ones that come up in your search a bit later, as those that come up first are sometimes the most expensive, so it doesn’t hurt to scroll down a bit and look for the smaller names.

search a translation agency

Search for a translation agency

The best way to go when a certified translation professional is needed is to find a specialized agency. If you are in the US, just about any translation company would be able to provide legal translation as there are no special requirements from the law. The translator should however be well versed in the legal field in order to provide a quality translation. Another thing you might want to do is to google the companies or find out if the company has been reviewed. You can earn a lot from a review sometimes, it can offer information about hidden fees, the quality of the work, to how the employees are treated and how they behave, and whether or not they provide quality certified translations.

phone book

Phone Book

This method is really old, but for some people who do not have computers or smart phones (if any) this is the best way for them to search. Also, there are some people that simply do not have any computer skills. You simply search for a certified translation professional in your phone book and there should be a list of local translators. This way could cost you more, as you’ll have to go to their office and if it’s far away from you, you may have to pay more.

word of mouth

Word of mouth

Word of mouth is sometimes the best way to find a legal translator because you can trust the person who recommended that translator to you. They are happy enough with the work that they encourage you to use the same place.



Another way to find a legal translator is a simple referral, sometimes attorney’s offices or doctor’s offices that will know of an agency or individual which is a certified translation professional. After all, medical offices and law offices are often engaged in litigious types of paperwork so they are pretty much guaranteed to have a legal translator on file, or at least the means and the information to help you find one.

Easy ways to find a certified translation professional

Certified translations are a further authentication to a translated document offering the satisfaction and the insurance that the translation carried out has been done with precision. It is often needed in the legal areas of many states of the world. You can seek certified translations through a number of ancient and modern ways such as through the old-fashioned phone book, relying on someone’s recommendation of an experienced certification translator, finding a translation agency or going the modern way and searching the internet to find a certified translation professional.

While it may be easy to find a translator with experience in doing translation for immigration which would provide exactly what you need, you need to research a bit on the person you find otherwise you may end up with a translation that may not be accepted by USCIS due to various reasons. Always ask about previous experience in providing such work, and make sure the translation is done according to USCIS requirements.

certified translation professional

Qualifications a certified translation professional should have

translator qualifications

The need for certified translation comes with the search for a good translator who is experienced in providing this type of work and has full-command of the language he is translating the document to. It is necessary for the client to find a good translator for such documents because of the accuracy needed to be met in the translation otherwise it can create potential problems in the future.

The translator should have a number of qualities up his sleeve in order to be considered an excellent certified translation professional. He should be responsible in his work so that he can meet the deadline required by the customer and completes the document with guaranteed precision.

The qualifications

Leaving aside the qualifications needed in order to be a translator, a certified translation professional should have a few more qualifications that sets him apart:

  • He should have previous experience in translating legal documents, so he would know the ins and outs of certifying a translation, according to USCIS requirements, so that the translation will be accepted by the immigration office;
  • He should be a member of the ATA, thus proving his language and translation skills;
  • In case of a company, they should be members of the ATA as well.

All in all, the qualities of a certified translator should be considered when selecting them to translate a document. If you hand the document to the first translator you find, you may get into trouble later as if the translation wasn’t done according to requirements, it will be rejected by the immigration office.

translation requirements

Universal Translation Services – your certified translation professional

why count on us

Why count on us?

At Universal Translation Services, our aim is to provide error-free translation services all across the globe. In fact, the beginning of our journey was based on this very purpose. We are glad that we became a renowned name in the translation industry. And it is all because we put our customers first.

We provide quality translation services from and into any language at the lowest rates for both companies and individuals. If you’re looking for a certified translation professional, your search ends here. Get in touch by e-mail, give us a call or even faster, use the live-chat features on the site to get in touch, our project managers are always online to answer your questions or to give you a free quote.

The best language service provider

We don’t just provide any kind of translation service rather we provide certified translations with a high level of accuracy. As our translators carefully checked in their abilities and knowledge apart from the precision that they have over their language, that is why you will always get accurate translations. Our customers are our first priority that is the reason we work diligently to cater their needs. We also sport the lowest rates in the industry without compromising on quality.

You can always visit our offices in Miami and Aventura, but you can also order online in which case we can send you the translation by e-mail or by regular mail, whatever you choose. All our translations are guaranteed to be accepted by USCIS or any official body in the US.

a trustworthy certified translation professional

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The significance of getting a certified translation professional

introduction to certified translation

Introduction to certified translation

The certified translation is an integral process for translation in legal circles of the United States. As United States immigration offices and many other institutions receive various complex legal cases that are rather hard to deal with on their own; the departments do not like the idea of having one more problem to deal with, i.e. the faulty translation. They are in need of authentic and worthy translations of the work that is being presented to that can only be achieved by ensuring that the translation that is being submitted to them is certified.

This may look like a hassle but it can be done easily by ensuring that you hire the right kind of translators, the translators who are recognized by the standard body of translators in the United States of America. You also need to be careful that your translation is notarized if required by the institution you are dealing with.

Why should you get certified translations for personal documents?

But to get your translation certified is really a good thing for the client as well as it ensures that that it is accepted anywhere. With an unverified translation, no one knows how many times the translation will be rejected upon review. The translation needs to have a certain quality and certain panache that only comes with certified translators.

No governmental agency will ever go near a translation that is not well- crafted and that is not done to the rules of the immigration department. Even in cases that do not include the immigration department, it is just wise to use certified translations.

why certification is needed

If you are looking for cheap USCIS translation services which are guaranteed to be accepted, get in touch. Our translation professionals are specifically trained in such translations and we guarantee that the translation you receive from us will be accepted at USCIS!

  • How do I find a translator?

    If you need a language expert, you can visit a freelancing platform like Upwork to find one. But if you want to get high-quality translations, it is best to find a reliable agency that has multiple experts on their team. This way, you will be able to get quality solutions at an affordable rate.

  • How do you certify a translation document?

    A translation can be certified by a linguistic expert if they are certain of its accuracy. A linguistic expert drafts a statement to attest the quality of the translation and add their signature on it. This statement, which is also known as the certificate of accuracy, is what completes the process of certifying a translation document.

  • Where can I get certified as an interpreter?

    Although the ATA offers certification exams for translators only, there are other institutes that certify interpreters. The Certification Commission for Healthcare Interpreters offers a certification program for medical interpreters in various language combinations. There are also interpretation schools that offer certification programs in the US.

  • Who can certify translation in UK?

    In the UK, a translator who is a member of either the Institute of Translation & Interpreting (ITI) or the Chartered Institute of Linguists (CIoL) can certify translation. Those who work for an agency which is a member of the Association of Translation Companies can also certify translations. Other than that, no one can certify translations in the UK.

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  1. I hadn’t really thought about it before, but it does make sense that a referral would be a good way to find a translation company. After all, if someone else has had need of a translation service before then they likely did a lot of research to find them. At the very least, you know that the translation service they suggest will have been researched at least a little bit.

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