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How to Find A Certified Translation Professional

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There are several ways you can find a certified translation professional to get your personal documents translated. You can find them the old-fashioned way, through the phone book, or you can conduct an online search; there’s also word of mouth and referrals, and there are agencies specializing in certified translation services.

How to find a certified translation professional

the easiest way

The easiest way

If you’re here, then you probably need certified translation. If that is the case, why not ask us for a free quote? We provide quality translations at affordable rates for any document. We have a special offer regarding certified translation: only $20 per page if the document is under 200 words (like your birth or marriage certificate). This is the lowest price you’ll find in the US! We deliver your translation in 24 hours or less, we don’t charge extra for rush jobs, and we guarantee that our translation will be accepted by any USCIS office.

We also work around the clock for your convenience, even during the weekend!

search a freelancer

Search the internet for a freelancer

It is the internet era, the best way to search for a translator specialized in the legal field is through an online search: Just put in certified translation; this is likely to deliver a large number of responses, so you will have to do your due diligence and perhaps check out the ones that come up in your search a bit later, like those that come up first are sometimes the most expensive, so it doesn’t hurt to scroll down a bit and look for the smaller names.

search a translation agency

Search for a translation agency

The best way to go when a certified translation professional is needed is to find a specialized agency. If you are in the US, just about any translation company would be able to provide legal translation as there are no special requirements from the law. The translator should, however, be well versed in the legal field to provide a quality translation. Another thing you might want to do is to google the companies or find out if the company has been reviewed. You can earn a lot from a review sometimes; it can offer information about hidden fees, the quality of the work, how the employees are treated and how they behave, and whether or not they provide quality certified translations.

phone book

Phone Book

This method is really old, but for some people who do not have computers or smartphones (if any), this is the best way to search. Also, some people do not have any computer skills. Your search for a certified translation professional in your phone book, and there should be a list of local translators. This way could cost you more, as you’ll have to go to their office and if it’s far away from you, you may have to pay more.