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How to choose the best immigration lawyer in Miami Florida

How to choose the best immigration lawyer in Miami Florida
immigration lawyer in Miami Florida
(Last Updated On: August 15, 2019)

Finding the best immigration lawyer in Miami Florida for your immigration case is one of your most important decisions. You need to make sure you start your application being advised by the right lawyer. How can you ensure that the one you choose will work to meet your goals?

Need an immigration lawyer in Miami Florida?

Follow these 9 tips for choosing the best immigration lawyer in Miami Florida!

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Is the lawyer recognized by others in the profession?

Their peers recognize the best immigration lawyers as the most educated, licensed, and with a reputation for their trade. Those asking help with immigration matters should avoid lawyers with little or no positive status and limited experience. Note that so-called “notaries” are not certified to practice immigration law in the United States.

Are they located nearby?

The location of your immigration lawyer in Miami Floridais vital. Living near is especially necessary if you or your family is concerned in a dispute that requires immediate protection from an immigration lawyer.

Do they speak your language?

Legal advice can be confusing and must be fully understood. Firms that provide multilingual assistance ensure that their customers understand the strategies, risks, costs, and processes involved. This doesn’t mean they need to provide USCIS certified translation, they only need to be able to properly communicate with you as a client.

Does the lawyer offer a free consultation?

Compassionate and devoted law firms offer free initial consultations. These meetings are critical for you to meet the lawyer. Similarly, the lawyer must understand your situation carefully to decide if he or she can help in a meaningful way.

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Is their website professional and informative?

Check out their website in detail. The site should replicate the lawyer’s scope of service, professionalism, focus, awards and certifications, staffing, and comments about the lawyer and services. The site of a genuine immigration lawyer in Miami Florida should give informative news including the latest developments in immigration.

Does the lawyer specialize in immigration law?

From the initial phone contact, interview, or website visit, check to ensure the lawyer specializes in immigration law. Many lawyers are generalists and not capable of staying current with quickly increasing immigration concerns.

Years of experience?

The expression “experience is the best teacher” is as accurate in immigration cases as it is in life. Lawyers that have been working for years, practicing in immigration affairs, know the best tactics, stay popular, and have positive relations with legal and government people.

Does the Firm Work as a Team?

Coordination assures that someone will always be present to represent your case. The front-line lawyer will be supported by a team that works completely to provide and perform every legal aspect of your case.

What has been their success rate in similar cases?

During the initial interview, ask about previous cases that were related to your situation. Find out how influential they have been in similar circumstances. Seek references and reviews, if available.

Is the lawyer a certified member of the American Bar Association and does the law firm has an attorney certified by the Florida Board of Legal Specialization in Immigration and Nationality Law?


Immigration is probably one of the riskiest steps to take in life. What if you are making the wrong decision and you end up regretting it for the rest of your life? Or what if something goes wrong and all your efforts go down the drain? It also has a lot of steps and a single small mistake can turn out to be the one to get your application rejected. Although people do get in on the second try too a second try means losing a lot of time and money. In order to make sure nothing bad happens to you during the process of moving from one country to another for good, planning and preparing is everything.

Once you know the requirements, you must follow them all. To be on the safe sight, you must start preparing months before the deadline to make sure you have everything ready by then. A person who can help you during this process is a specialist lawyer.

Find out if the proper certifications are in place. If not, you should start searching somewhere else to find the best immigration lawyer in Miami Florida. Visit Universal Translation Services to get a free translation quote now!

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  1. I think that you give great advice to make sure to find an immigration lawyer that can speak a language that you are fluent in. There is so much jargon that lawyer use that confuses native speakers that a person can easily be misled if they don’t understand the lawyer. Someone I know is trying to immigrate right now and only speaks broken English, I’ll be sure to recommend that they find an immigration law attorney that speaks their language


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