Our language translation process steps – infographic

language translation process steps
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Universal Translation Services receives many queries regarding our process of conducting translations. Our clients have a curiosity as to how the translation is done. This is why we’ve decided to make an infographic for our clients detailing all the language translation process steps, so that they would understand how the translations are done.

Language translation process steps

Below are outlines our language translation process steps, the steps we take with each project, no matter the size of the document. We also created an infographic which you can see below, just click the image to see the full version. If you are interested to know how to order, please see our page on how to order a translation.

Don’t want to read the whole thing right now? Click the image on the right for a larger one, or download our translation steps infographic as a pdf file.


The specifications of a document are outlined in the first step. The subject of the text is decided and the target audience is accordingly zeroed in. Then the terms that are used in the content are shortlisted and the tools that will be used to conduct the translation are counted down. And the purpose, formatting and referencing are all noted down.

Terminology, Research And Reading

A glossary is designed to have all the research and terminology collection for the translation and all the resources provided by the client are quantified. This is mostly designed for translator’s help because this outlines the work of the translator very well for him.


Now the actual translation is conducted where the text is translated into the target language after the basic rules to be followed have been specified. This is of course the most important step and all the next steps are refining the translator’s work. That is why specifications are outlined so that the translator won’t be confused about how to conduct the translation.

process of translation
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The Universal Translation Services proofreading team will look into the grammatical and syntax strength of the text. They will make sure that no spelling or grammatical errors were made and the terms were used in a uniform manner keeping in mind adequate punctuation and font patterns.


Now the format that was outlined in the specifications will be implemented including spacing, margins, numbering and bullets along with emphasis and fonts. This is done because the formatting of many translations is very important to the client.


The proofread document now goes to the editing team who review the translation of the original text and make sure that the translation is accurate, complete, stylistically adequate and readable.


Now final quality assurance of the document will be done by comparing the final translation against the specifications and the original text, making sure that the content is in order. This step is included because the following of the original text is different from following the specifications and we do not want these two requirements to go out of sync, and we conduct a final verification as well.


The final document is delivered to the client in the preordained time and in the format and specifications that they provided for the translation.

translation steps

All the translations are conducted by following the above language translation process steps. We have always found that translation is best done when the details provided by the clients are strictly followed and the translation is reviewed by multiple teams rather than just one translator. Universal Translation Services conducts multiple verifications so that the translation is up to the mark.

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