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Are you searching for a holistic translation service for your Malay texts and documents? Here’s the good news, our top-of-the-line Certified Malay To English translations and English to Malay translations are available for you. The native linguists are always ready to deliver quality, precision, and variety in terms of multidimensional language service. Our expertise in the industry has remained matchless. We take pride in our efficient and cost-effective ways to always deliver the best results.

Certified Malay to English Translation For USCIS

The moment you make up your mind to travel to the US, you already start feeling those good vibes. The idea that you’ll be able to view the iconic streets of NY with your own eyes is surely exciting. You’ll get to visit the statue of liberty, explore the depths of the Grand Canyon, take pictures in the Yosemite National Park, and do all the stuff you ever planned on doing in the states. But you can’t hop too far on your imaginary horse unless you pass through the gates of the immigration.

The first and foremost challenge that comes with immigration is taking care of the documentation required. USCIS or the United States Citizenship & Immigration Services is the government agency for setting up rules and regulations for immigrants entering the country. It is mandatory for the immigrants to submit the certified English translation of their official documents. These documents include birth certificates, academic transcripts, etc.

A certified translation is a translated document along with a certificate of accuracy signed or stamped by the translator or the translation company. The certificate states that the translation was done by the translator. And he has done justice to the translation in the light of his knowledge. We can translate all kinds of documents including:

  • Birth Certificates
  • Marriage Certificates
  • Academic Transcripts
  • Divorce Certificates
  • Police Reports
  • Medical Records
  • Affidavits

Our translators are immigration experts and can provide you with a certified translation anytime you need it. We have a 100% acceptance rate at the USCIS. Our service record is impeccable. We have helped our customers with certified translations numerous times. If you are looking for a USCIS compliant translation agency, we are the people for you. We believe in strict confidentiality and we abide by the professional Non-disclosure agreement.

All Kinds of Documents

We can provide industry-specific translations for all kinds of legal, official, business, medical, and technical documents. We bring quality, trust, and time-efficient solutions to our clients on a global scale. Our project managers will help you get your official documents translated as fast as within 24 hours. We don’t have limited services. Whether you have technical documents, legal translations, financial reports, forms or annual reports, we can translate them all.

Certified Translations

We provide these translations with the assurance that all your information will remain safe with us. We also suggest keeping official translations of your important document handy as this will save you from getting into rushed situations. Our rates are affordable, our delivery time is quick and our payment methods are secure and convenient. Just get in touch with us and we’ll get started right away. We don’t have limited services.

malay translations
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Live Interpretation

If your business requires one on one communication or meetings are held often in your office, then we can provide you with our live interpreting service as well. Now you don’t have to worry about translating or interpreting during a meeting. Our seasoned interpreters understand your requirements. They will help you establish a smooth connection with your clients without any disturbance.

English to Malay Translation Services for Businesses

When you think about expanding your brand into a certain region, what comes to your mind? A perfect marketing strategy? A social media campaign? Well, let us tell you that these things won’t be able to give results unless you remove the language barrier.

The local speakers will need to understand your brand, product, and service without getting lost in the words that they don’t understand. Our Malay translators are native speakers and they have a deep understanding of the local terminologies, dialects, usages, and meanings.

If your next business venture is upcoming and the destination is Indonesia, or Brunei, then you definitely need our help. We are not just great at legal translations, we excel at localization services, website translation, and app localization as well. It is essential to understand that these type of translations are not just word to word interpretations.

A lot more goes into localizing the content. Addressing the local audience has to be in their own lingo otherwise they won’t feel connected to it. Thus, they won’t be inclined to use a service either.

We can provide business translations for a wide range of industries. We can translate product descriptions, business documents, user manuals, operation manuals, step by step user guides, voice-overs, emails, product catalogs, business agreements and everything in between.

We have also established perfect linguistic services for social media, targeting local audience and promos. Our idea is to provide you all the linguistic help you need in your Malay translation services.

Malay; The Language of The Asia Pacific Region:

Spoken by 290 million people, Malay language is the lingua franca of people living in Brunei, Malaysia, Singapore and Thailand. Malay or Bahasa Maleyu is an Austronesian language. It is an old language influenced by Sanskrit, scriptures of Hinduism and Buddhism. It is now written using the Latin script.

It is an official language of Indonesia, Malaysia, Singapore and Brunei. People who are able to converse in Malay can easily communicate with the entire strip. Considered the language of monks, it has a certain beauty to itself. Our translators thoroughly enjoy working on projects that contain this rich language.

There is a huge number of Malay speakers living across the Asia pacific region and the world of course. For such a widely spoken language, the market is also expanding. Businesses are now more interested in setting up in Malaysia and Indonesia. The tourist industry is highly benefitting from it. The tropical region is great. The weather is pleasant and people always enjoy their vacations at such places.

malay english translations

If you are considering taking your next trip to one of the places mentioned above, you’ll definitely be hearing a lot of Malay language there. However, if you intend to understand what they are saying, we’d say writing a few greetings down and getting their meanings from us will help you a lot. For instance, you say hello as hello in Malay but goodbye is selamat tinggal. Go check out some nice greeting words on Google while we take care of your projects with our professional translation services.

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Want to know how to get a quote instantly? well, it’s simple. Pick one of the four ways listed below.

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Our affordable service is meant to deliver your message aptly to your target audience. We have a great turnaround time for all sorts of translations. Unlike most agencies, our translation projects are handled with individual care. Our online reputation for serving international clients makes us the best choice.

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