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The Mayan Language Family:

Mayan languages make up one of the world’s primary language families. They are primarily spoken in Mexico, Guatemala, Honduras, and Belize. Immigrant communities in the United States and Canada also speak different Mayan languages. Guatemala recognized 21 Mayan languages in the year 1996. The languages of the family descended from Proto-Mayan, which was diversified into six different branches.

In the past, the Maya script was used to write various Mayan languages. It was a famous writing system during the classical period of the Maya civilization. Other languages of the family are written in the Latin alphabet. 5,000 inscriptions of Mayan languages on buildings, pottery, and Maya codices have made it easier for linguists to study these tongues.

The Maya Civilization:

The civilization of the Maya people was known for its advanced writing system, art, architecture, and astronomical system. The Maya calendar was another unique feature of this civilization. The Mayan people practiced human sacrifice as a part of their religion. The Maya people of today are the descendants of those who lived during the great period of civilization. Today, six million people of this ethnolinguistic group are living in southern Mexico, Guatemala, Belize, El Salvador, and Honduras.

Facts About Mayan Translations:

There are many Maya people living in countries of Central America that speak one of the Mayan languages as their native tongue. Yucatec, K’iche’, and Q’eqchi’ are some of the most popular members of this language family. Since the Maya people live in multilingual societies, they need translations frequently. A business that wishes to connect with the people of this ethnolinguistic group would also need Mayan translation services. But since there are multiple members of this family and they are all mutually unintelligible, it can be difficult to get accurate translations.

Facts About Mayan Translations

Here are some facts about Mayan translations that can help you in finding the right experts:

    1. Don’t Get Machine Translation:
      Currently, Google Translate does not support any Mayan language. But even if it did, you won’t be able to get accurate Mayan to English translations from it. Every language is influenced by culture. It cannot be understood without the cultural aspects. If you get machine translation, it will not be a hundred percent accurate because it will lack the cultural aspects.
    2. Native Experts:
      Multiple writing systems are used to write Mayan tongues. All these vernaculars are not mutually intelligible, which is why the speaker of one cannot read or understand the other. So, not only is it important to hire native experts for translation but also to make sure that they are familiar with the writing system that you need your document to be in. The linguistic expert should be a member of the Maya ethnic group and speak one of the Maya tongues as their native language. Only then they will be able to deliver quality content.
    3. Different Varieties:
      People often forget that there are multiple indigenous languages spoken by the Mayans. In Guatemala alone, 11 different types of Mayan languages are recognized by the state. You will have to know the exact variety that you need your documents to be in, you can’t just ask a linguistic expert for English to Mayan translations. If you really want to get over the language barrier then it is important to get your content translated into the spoken language of your target audience.
    4. Certified Translations:
      If you are applying for immigration to the United States from Guatemala, you will need to get your documents translated into English. English is the official language of the US, which is why it is the only tongue accepted by American authorities. Whenever you have to share official documents like a death or birth certificate with foreign authorities, you will have to get their certified translations. A birth certificate is also the document that you will have to share with immigration authorities. But without certified translation, none of your official documents will be accepted by the authorities. It is important to remember that only highly qualified professionals provide the translations of birth certificates and other official documents.
    5. Writing Skills:
      Translation is creative writing with one extra step, but people forget about this fact when they are in need of linguistic services. They need to hire professionals who are experienced in creative writing and can create content on any topic. Although documents like birth certificates don’t leave much room for creative writing, there are plenty of topics that linguistic experts have to translate that require them to show their writing skills. Topics like civil rights, political systems, human rights, Guatemalan civil war, Maya religion, and American history. require a certain level of language skills. So, keep this in mind when hiring a professional.
    6. Cultural Aspects:
      It is important for a linguistic expert to know the culture of the people they are writing for. Whether they are in Guatemala or the United States, culture remains very important for the Mayan indigenous people. An important part of their culture is to value nature. Indigenous people have been actively working to educate the masses about climate change. A large number of indigenous people living in different parts of the United States are fighting for the safety of the environment. The struggle stories of the immigrants and their children are also an important part of the culture.
When to use Mayan Translation Services

When to use Mayan Translation Services?

Although Guatemala recognizes 11 Mayan vernaculars, none of them are used by the state as an official language. However, there are still many reasons for people to require Mayan translation services. Language translation can solve a lot of problems for us. You just have to find a target and source language expert.

There are a lot of historical inscriptions that are written in the Maya script. History enthusiasts would love to read the Maya script themselves. But if they can’t, they can always turn to professional service providers. If people become able to read ancient literature of the Mayan people, they will be able to learn a lot of interesting content. Their understanding of the Mayan religion will change. They will get to learn about the Maya rulers and will be able to understand the lives of the people of that time. There is a lot that the world still doesn’t understand about the Maya civilization, but with translation that can change.

Interpretation can also be useful in connecting the Maya people who live in Guatemala and in different regions of the United States including Arizona, San Francisco, Texas, Chicago, Florida, California, etc. Since Spanish language is spoken in almost all the countries of Latin America, there is no language barrier between people. But the situation is not the same when it comes to the speakers of various Mayan languages. Asylum seekers also need interpretation and translation services so they can get through the official process of becoming US citizens easily. Many asylum seekers in San Diego, Los Angeles, and Lake Worth have had to face problems because they couldn’t get interpretation services.

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