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Are you in need of certified Mayan to English translation? Or maybe you need to get your advertising content translated into Mayan so you can connect with the Maya people? In either case, you are at the right place because we have native experts on our team who can fulfill all of your translation needs.

Certified Mayan to English Translations:

Mayan languages are spoken in multiple countries, including Mexico and Honduras. So, if a person from one of these countries has to immigrate to the US or apply for admission to a foreign university, they will have to get their documents translated first. However, they cannot submit a simple translation of their documents to the authorities. And they cannot turn to their bilingual friend for help with the translation. They will need the help of qualified linguistic professionals for the translations of their documents.

UTS is proud of the fact that we have been helping people cross the linguistic barrier for two decades now. We deliver high-quality certified translations that are always accepted by the authorities. We can translate your documents into the English language and also provide you with the certificate of accuracy so you can submit the translation to the authorities without any hesitation. You can also submit your university admission forms with confidence once you have gotten the translations of your degrees.

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Different varieties of Mayan languages are spoken in different regions, which is why it can be difficult to find a native expert. However, if you let us handle the translations of your documents, we can assure you that they will be a hundred percent accurate. We also have the most affordable rates in the industry, and we will always deliver your translations on time. We can also provide you with an urgent translation if you have a quickly approaching deadline. There will be no additional charges for urgent translation.

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Business Translations:

Customers have always been the most important for businesses, but in today’s world, competition has become tougher. People of today have more options at their disposal. They don’t have to be bound to a certain brand or company. This is why businesses have to come up with new ideas frequently. They have to build web sites to attract their audience and create brand awareness. But they also have to make sure that the sites and advertisements are in the native language of their target audience.

If you want to do business in Honduras or Guatemala, we can provide you with accurate English to Mayan translation so you can connect with the Maya people and turn them into your customers. We have native experts on our team who can help you with classic and modern languages. Even if you need help with a language that is only spoken by a few thousand people, you can turn to us without any hesitation. We will make sure that a native expert handles your documents and deliver a hundred percent accurate translations to you.

Mayan and Latin languages

Mayan and Latin languages used to be very popular in the past. They were the most popular in Mesoamerica and the Iberian Peninsula in the past. But things changed after the Spanish conquest of Central America and other parts of the region. Where Latin died over time because it developed into different languages, the Maya people had to reduce the use of their native tongues because of the Spanish conquest and the colonizers. Know about how hard is it to learn Latin?

But just because a language is not popular does not mean we cannot help you with it. Whether you need the translation of a classic language or a modern one, we will be able to deliver high-quality results to you. We have quick turnaround times and affordable rates, so by ordering a translation from us, you will be making the best decision. You can send the texts or documents you need to get translated to us, and we will take it from there.


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The Mayan Languages:

The Mayan tongues form a family of languages. The Mayan family is one of the best-documented families in not only the Americas but also the world. There are at least six million speakers of these languages that are divided into multiple countries. Mexico recognizes eight languages of the family, whereas Guatemala recognizes twenty-one. The languages are especially important as they form part of the Mesoamerican language area. The Mayan varieties are spoken in Mesoamerica all share various similarities.

Yucatec Maya, or simply Yucatec, is one of the most popular languages of the family. It is the most spoken Mayan variety in Mexico, but it is also spoken in Belize and a few other regions of Mesoamerica and Central America. The majority of native speakers of these languages live in Guatemala, where at least 50% of the population speak a Maya tongue at a time. The Maya people of Honduras and El Salvador also speak different varieties of Mayan fluently.

Many people consider the Chiapas-Guatemalan highlands as the region where the Mayan tongues originated. Some of the scholars have reconstructed the classic version of the tongue. But there is still a lot that modern scholars don’t know about the language family. However, the differences between the varieties are quite fascinating. And their usage is not going to reduce anytime soon, so the world should start giving the Mayan tongues the importance that they deserve.

Although many loanwords have been taken from different languages, basic words for month and disease names in Mayan tongues are still native. The Maya settlements in Guatemala and other countries want to keep their tongues alive. They have complex societies, but they can be won over with the right strategy. Even if the majority of Maya speakers understand a second language, you must try to connect with them in their native tongue. Spanish is very popular in the Americas, but Mexican and Guatemalan Maya people prefer their native tongues over other languages. So, get our translation services if you want to attract Mexican and Guatemalan citizens.

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Legal and Medical Translations:

Our professional translation services are for all industries. Our linguists can also handle your legal documents and help you win cases overseas. You can also get the translations of agreements and contracts while making business deals overseas. This will allow your business partners to learn about the terms of agreements. Translations of agreements will help the signatories feel at peace.

When it comes to medical translations, a hundred percent accuracy becomes the most important factor. A simple error or a mistake in the details of a report can be very dangerous for a patient. We make sure that all of your medical documents are not only translated accurately but are also free of errors. The jobs of healthcare professionals become easier once they have accurate translations on their side.

We can not only handle texts related to the medical and legal feed but also provide you with the translation of an article or blog post. You can get in touch with us for the translation of books and magazines. If you are preparing a recording for different audiences, then you will need to have the transcript translated. We can translate the English version of the recording to any language of your choice.

So, regardless of the type of texts you need help with, get in touch with us today and get high-quality translations of classic and modern languages.

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