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(Last Updated On: October 19, 2023)

If there is one thing we trust completely on the internet, it is search engines. We know that even if we don’t write the correct spellings of a word, the search engine would fix it and display the results we were looking for on our screens. Google is the search engine everyone loves. It also decides the fate of websites by deciding where to put them on results pages. Everyone’s search history tells a different story. Whether you need to know the meaning of a word or the name of Namibia’s capital, Google can help you find the answers. Although there are a lot of problems that require the attention of experts, some of them can be easily solved with Google’s search results.


If you don’t know the difference between Chinese, Cantonese, and Mandarin, there is no need to feel embarrassed. A lot of people don’t know much about the languages that are spoken in China. They use the word Chinese to refer to the language of the people of the country, without realizing that there is more than one vernacular in China. And Chinese refers to hundreds of local tongues that do not share too many similarities with each other. Interestingly, Chinese varieties are not mutually intelligible with each other. This is why the popular vernaculars, Mandarin, and Cantonese are the lingua franca of different regions.

Along with the province of Guangdong, Cantonese is also the most popular language in Hong Kong. The most successful region in Asia is Hong Kong, which currently occupies the third spot on the Global Financial Centres Index. The success of the region has brought attention to Cantonese, too, but it is still not widely known in the world. A lot of people are unaware of the fact that a vernacular other than Mandarin is popular in China.

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Most Used Translation Sentences English to Cantonese:

Unfortunately, people can’t rely on Google’s Translation app if they want to figure out how to say a sentence in Cantonese. But they also can’t go to linguistic experts to get the answer to questions like how to say thank you in Cantonese. This can be quite a dilemma for people. When they are traveling, they wouldn’t need the assistance of a linguistic expert. But they will need help when shopping in Hong Kong or ordering food in a restaurant in Guangdong. Since they can’t get this help from Google Translate, they will have to turn elsewhere. Google may not be able to help with English to Cantonese translations itself, but it can lead people to websites that can.

Here are the most used translation sentences from English to Cantonese:

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  • How to say good morning in Cantonese?

When you meet people first thing in the morning, you wouldn’t want to be rude and not offer any type of greetings. The best option in this situation is a good morning. But how do you say that when you are in Hong Kong? Well, if you wish to read it in simple English words, then it is ‘jou san.’ You can pronounce it as it is as a form of greeting when meeting people in the morning.

  • How do you say hello in Cantonese?

Another type of greeting is hello. Although it is a universal word, every vernacular has created its own version of hello. Some even have a completely different word that is used for greeting people. ‘nay hoh’ is the way you say hello to the people of Hong Kong.

  • How to say thank you in Cantonese?

Manners matter regardless of where you are in the world. Whether you have just been served your meal or a friend did something nice for you, saying thank you becomes necessary. If you wish to thank someone for a gift, you can do so by saying ‘doh je,’ but if you want to express your gratitude to the server which has just refilled your glass of water, you can do that with ‘m goi.’

  • How to say how are you in Cantonese?’

When a simple hello or good morning isn’t enough, you can say ‘nei hou maa’ to ask them how they are. This can be included in the casual conversation you have with someone on the street or with your server at the restaurant.

  • How do you say goodbye in Cantonese?

Bidding people farewell when you are leaving is just as important as greeting them when you meet them. But like hellos, every language has its own terms for goodbyes. Some of the terms used for saying goodbye revolves around religion. Even without religion, most of the terms used for bidding people farewell involves a prayer of some type. In Cantonese, you can bid farewell to people by saying ‘bai bai.’ It was adopted from the English farewell’ bye-bye.’ But it is worth mentioning that bai bai is only suitable for informal settings. In formal settings, ‘zoi gin’ can be used, which means ‘see you again.’

Languages are complicated, but they are also beautiful. They may stand between two people who wish to communicate, but they can also help us understand each other. As long as you have the right experts on your side to help you with linguistic problems, you will be able to come out of them successfully. You may not be able to learn the whole language in a day, but you can pick up useful words and phrases. You can also watch YouTube videos to improve your pronunciation of different Cantonese words.

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