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Official Spanish Language Translation, what to watch for

Official Spanish Language Translation, what to watch for
(Last Updated On: May 14, 2022)

Official Spanish Language Translation, what to watch for

Translation from English to Spanish is needed in many documents, from legal to documents for immigration. A reliable language converter is required to ensure that our papers are correctly transformed. Many applications on the internet serve the purpose, but some of it is questionable. We need to check the reliability of their services first before deciding to spend your money.

We can always hire the services of freelance Spanish translators or spend our cash to established names in the business. We can also use apps to transform our text to Spanish or vice versa. This blog will discuss the different translators that might help you with your documents. The following websites are certified translators that will do the job.

Trusted Translations

Trusted Translations, Inc. is an internationally recognized multilingual language converter and interpretation services. The hired more than 10,000 expert linguists, and not less than 5,000 satisfied clients trust it. The experts of the firm are hired by Fortune 500 companies, top government agencies, and non-profit organizations. The company can transform over 200 languages. The firm is committed to providing the highest quality language transformation at the most competitive price that we can find in the industry.

The company is experienced in transforming other languages to Spanish and vice versa. The firm consults more than 500,000 Spanish localization experts, scholars, and interpreter on its online content and research. It is the leading Spanish language translation authority in the language translation business.


The company is experienced in providing language interpretation and it offers its expertise in many areas including advertising, aerospace, automotive, business, chemical, contracts, defense, e-learning, education, energy, entertainment, financial, globalization, government, immigration, legal/litigation, localization, manufacturing, marketing, media, medical, patents, religion, retail, software, technical, telecommunications, user manuals, websites and many more.

Straker Translations

The firm offers certified and accurate online conversion solutions to many languages around the globe, providing expert services since 1999. The company currently owns a technology platform that allows its certified interpreters to deliver faster and accurate language transformations to clients. The company offers its services to Spanish language translation clients with its production center in Barcelona, Spain. The firm also owns a center in Aukland, New Zealand and sales offices in not less than nine nations around the globe. Straker Translations offers 24/7 services to its clients from many places in the world.
The company offers desktop publishing, multimedia conversion, website conversion, designing services, and software localization. It can assist interpretation for more than 80 languages with its more than 5000+ professional interpreters.

One Planet

This fast-growing translation firm is stationed in the United States. The firm offers excellent foreign language conversion and localization services with its strong-squad of high volume translators. The firm serves many organizations worldwide with its software and hardware platforms. One Planet provides SEO support that maximizes the client’s search engine visibility, unlike traditional language change companies. The company is experienced in transforming complex technical, legal, medical, and scientific documents. The firm offered its services to various clients from venture-funded startups to Fortune 500 enterprises that sell their products internationally.

One planet can help in your conversion, interpretation, software localization, and website localization jobs with its more than 3300 translators, editors, and interpreters.

Mars Translation

The company started its operation in 2012, allowing businesses to work with conversion professionals anywhere in the world. It is one of the top choices in the language conversion industry for being the one-stop globalization solution provider at competitive prices. The company employed a team of certified, skilled conversion experts committed to performing quality services.

The company offers document conversion, e-commerce conversion, website translation, video conversion, e-learning conversion, and DTP & file translation with its more than 5000 certified translators.

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Babylon Professional Translation

It is one of the most trusted conversion firms in the industry with its multilingual converters. The firm serves as a global network of professional and experienced interpreters. Clients need to submit their request online, and Babylon will find the skilled Spanish converter to perform the job. The firm asks the interpreter to make the necessary corrections if the client is unsatisfied with the results.


The firm is established in 2001 and stationed in Israel. The firm is an award-winning translation service provider that offers full strategy-to-deployment interpretation solutions to clients. The business has lots of experience and expertise in helping businesses around the world prepare their products and services for their global audience. The business has a high percentage of repeat clients because of its “customer-first” approach and dedication to accurate services. Skype, Honeywell, AT&T, Groupon, AVG, and several others are among the biggest clients of the firm. The firm can transform 62 languages, including Spanish. It serves language change for the software, medical device manufacturing, website development, hardware firms, financial institutions, gaming industry.

Dynamic Language

The firm is among the oldest document transformation companies in the world. The company started as a small language conversion form headquartered in Seattle. It is now one of the biggest professional language firms in America. The firm is known for its impressive reputation in delivering exceptional quality services to clients. The company owns an online customer portal that enables them to keep track of their conversion jobs. The company provides conversion, localization, interpretation, simultaneous interpreting, transcription, deaf/limited vision services, transcreation, cultural consulting, eLearning, graphic design, voice-over/narration, and machine learning. It can transform up to 150 languages, serving the aerospace, education, government, healthcare, legal services, life sciences, manufacturing, marketing, retail services, and technology.

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