Proofreading Certified Translations at 15 USD Per Page

There are endless benefits of using a professional translation website. Just like us, we have been providing exemplary translation services for almost two decades now. Universal translation services are one of the best language service providers. It is among well-reputed companies across the translation industry. We deliver high-quality certified translations at affordable prices. Hence, it is the company to go with if you need certified translations for USCIS, the United States citizenship and immigration services, or any other institution in the U.S. We keep an eye on every detail and update our services according to the needs and demands of the changing world.

Proofreading services For Certified Translations:

And here’s another good news for you. We are introducing our new service of proofreading at very reasonable prices. If you are already having your documents translated and need to have them certified, we can check them and provide the certification. Google translate for your certified translations, we can proofread them.

We can proofread documents for any translation, from business documents to personal documents, medical reports, and immigration documents. However, the cost for proofreading/checking is just $15 per page.

At universal translation services, we provide certified translation for documents like:

  • Birth certificates
  • Marriage certificates
  • Death certificates
  • Divorce certificates
  • Medical records
  • Diplomas
  • Report cards/academic records
  • Driving licenses
  • Police reports
  • Passports
  • Marketing materials
  • Any official documents and legal documents

If your documents are not in English and you are in the United States, you have to get them translated and certified according to the regulations and laws of USCIS. Universal translation services can do it all for you at a price that you can easily afford at any time.

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Proud Members of the ATA

ATA stands for American Translator’s Association, and it is the certifying institution for translators. A translator certified by ATA is entrusted to provide high-quality translations. To get ATA certification, the translator has to pass various exams in the language pair or language combinations. However, he has to go through a long range of processes. He will be become certified by ATA after clearing the exams. Universal translation services is also a certified and proud member of the ATA.

Our translations are accepted officially. Hence, it is not obligatory to be a member of ATA, but being a member of ATA gives more credibility and weight to the translations.

You can entrust us with your certified translation project from school transcripts to immigration purposes. However, we do not comprise the strict rules and regulations imposed by USCIS. We guarantee 100% acceptable translations by any of the U.S institutions. Hence, our membership with ATA helps high-quality conscious clients identify us as professional service providers.

BBB Accredited Company:

We have a dedicated team of translators, proofreaders, and editors specializing in several languages. We are providing the best kind of linguistic solutions to our clients. You can always count on us for linguistic needs. Universal translation services are working with many individuals and businesses at fair prices. You can check our accreditation with BBB here Better Business Bureau Accreditation.

Why choose Universal Translation services?

We provide you with a signed and stamped certificate of accuracy accompanied by the final documents. We don’t just try to provide an accurate translation at universal translation services, but we aim to work in the target language. For instance, we try to keep the original document’s meaning intact. Therefore, a certificate of accuracy declares translation to be complete and precise in light of the knowledge of the professional translator.

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Accurate Translation Services

Universal translation services cover all the major types of translation and provide highly accurate services from and into 120 languages. However, we can do 500 language combinations.

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Affordable Certified Translations

Our services are affordable and accepted by the USCIC. Universal translation services can deliver within 24 hours on urgent needs at affordable prices for translation.

Benefits of working with us

Qualified translators

We have over 3,000 translators, and we rigorously select each of our translators. Our goal is to provide quality work. However, our professional and dedicated translation team can handle your requirements with no difficulty. These professionals of universal translation services are expert native speakers of their languages. Hence, they work on a full-time basis. You can leave it to universal translation services and look no further for translation, proofreading, editing, and localization needs. Be it a large task or small; our team understands the different concerns of the clients. Our clients are our main priority, and we would be happily involved in performing their tasks.

Quality assurance

Being a reputed and official translation service, we assure both our quality and check. We never compromise on the level of work we provide. Our experts analyze our work process on regular basis. Hence, there is no room left for mistakes. There is always a second translator who reviews the work of the first translator. Hence, he makes sure that there is no mistake left by comparing the source language with the target language. So, you don’t have to worry about the translation quality while working with universal translation services.

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Calculate now your certified translation cost!

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Fast Delivery

Universal translation services know the significance and urgency of the procedures associated with immigration purposes and educational requirements. Hence, we deliver the certified translation within the given time. We try to keep our clients safe from going to different places for acquiring different services. However, we provide all the services in one place within the shortest time and as quickly as possible. Sometimes it also depends on the complexity and number of documents.

Available 24/7

Project managers of universal translation services work tirelessly to help our clients with anything they need to get translated. However, our online support is always available to help resolve your issues. You can get in touch with us through our live chat support. You no longer have to wait until you find a suitable translator because universal translation services always have your back.

Best Prices

Translation rates are the thing that most clients are worried about. But when you are working with universal translation services, you have come to the right place. Instead, we provide 24-hour service, but we do not charge extra charges. However, there are no extra add ons and rush job rates. We offer the best and most affordable prices for all types of translations. 

Certified Translation Cost

We are providing the lowest and competitive price for this quality of work than many other translation agencies. For certified translations, $20 is the average price per page for 200 words. 

Proofreading Cost

You can get your certified translations to proofread with universal translation services, only for $15 per page.

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Online Translation Services

If our offices are not located anywhere near you, then you can easily get to us by using our online translation services within the comfort of your home. No matter where in the world you may be, you can quickly get in touch with our project manager through emails, phone, or live chat. Hence, we assign the translator and proofreader as soon as we receive

Thousands of customers trust universal translation services for the translation of documents. They believe in our professional translation services that we are providing for a long period of time. However, they trust us with their projects and a large part of them are old clients. They always come back to us for document translation services. Not even a single one of them has negative comments regarding our document translation services. They are always happy and leave behind positive feedback. So, without wasting any further, let our official translation services take charge of any type of document you need to get proofread or translated or even both.

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