With our referral translation program, you can earn a consistent side income without doing any effort. All you have to do is register yourself with the agency, refer us to your clients which need translation services, and as soon as we receive our payment from the client, so will you receive your commission!

How does it work?

Our affiliate program is easy to understand and promote, it is an easy way to reward our most loyal customers. No one recommends a service they’re not completely satisfied with. And that means we get access to new customers with total confidence in the quality of our translations while thanking you for your recommendation.

All you have to do is simply sign up to our referral translation program and earn a commission every time a customer you recommend purchases translation services from us. There’s no limit to the number of clients you can recommend, and the more they purchase, the more you earn!

You will earn 17% of what the client referred by you spends with us. Even better, the client you referred to us is yours forever. If one of your clients decides to purchase more translations a year later, you’ll still get your 17% cut.

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Start earning in 4 easy steps

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There are a number of ways you could use our referral translation program

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Add your affiliate link to your website

One way is by adding your affiliate link to your website and sharing it through different social media platforms. There is another possible way to go about the affiliate program which is our specialized affiliation program. This, as the name suggests, addresses to specialized people, like professionals who may need something translated for their clients. Normally you would add a banner or a link to your website for the people to see and click on it. If you are a professional who needs translation services for your clients, what you can do is that you can hand over flyers or brochures which have the contact details of our translation agency along with your affiliate code. Then those people can contact us through the details mentioned on those brochures and tell us the affiliate code.

make more money as an immigration lawyer

If you are an immigration lawyer

An immigration lawyer has to deal with immigration papers, which obviously the clients would need to have translated before they can proceed further with their immigration process. Now the lawyer can refer their clients to us by giving them our flyers and brochures and when his client uses our professional services and mentions the affiliate code, the lawyer earns the commission. When a professional becomes a part of our affiliate program, he has the options to choose how he/she wants to promote us. If they own a website and can offer online services, then the first way is more suitable for them, while if they are a professional with clients who might need translation services then the second method is more suitable for them, which deals with handing the flyers to the clients of our translation agency so that they can contact us and get their documents translated.

grow your business

If you are a businessman

There is yet another way to work with us as an affiliate, which is that the professional gets the papers to be translated from his clients and asks us to quote them. The professional will contact us directly and get the work translated for his clients from our agency on his name.  This way, the clients get their papers translated without getting in touch with us and the businessman does the entire job for them. The client pays the businessman, and this payment also includes his cut. The client then gets their work done and the businessman earns his commission.

If you are a professional, maybe someone from the academics or a lawyer or maybe someone working in the business community who needs to encourage foreign clients to invest in your business, all you need to do is contact our translation agency and bring up their documents that need to be translated into your language. We make sure that all your translation related requirements are met at the highest standards so that any text in a foreign language may never be a hurdle in the way of your development.  This way our referral translation program helps you reach out to new horizons and expand your abilities in no matter what field you are in. If you or anybody you know needs any translation services, all you need to do is contact us and we promise you that your work will be dealt with in the best way possible, and you also get a part of your investment back as a commission.

referral translation program

Not sure what your benefits are?

translation affiliate program

You get paid 17% of what the client referred by you spends with us, for the life of that client! If your client is not decided yet, no worries, if they buy our services 30 days later, you still get a commission. After that first buy, even 3 years later, if your client gets back to us with more work, you’ll still get your commission!

get paid 17%

We provide you with everything you need in order to effectively promote our referral translation program. That includes banners, flyers, brochures, pens, all sent to you for free! All you need to do is hand them over to your clients, and we’ll do the rest! Need custom content? We can do that for you!

open 24/7

Still not sure this is a good choice for you? Get in touch with us by using the following form and request a call back, or a conversation via Skype, or an online meeting with our affiliate manager or even our owner if needed and we will answer all your questions and give you some ideas on how to promote our affiliate program. We’ll get back to you shortly by email to set up the meeting.

    Quick and effective way to make extra money

    effective referral programAre you interested in becoming a part of our referral translation program and would like to know the steps you need to take in order to make money by referring clients needing translation to us a little more clearly?

    You have a good understanding of the need to use only one translation agency for all of your clients and you want to make sure that you are using a reliable one. You have shortlisted UTS for all of your client translations and now want to understand the steps to becoming an affiliate in greater detail. Here are the steps you need to take.

    Affiliate Account

    The first step is, of course, making the affiliate account in your own name. This is a really simple process, where you fill out a form, make an Affiliate ID and confirm your contact details. Congratulations, you are signed up!

    Review the promotional material

    We have added a great collection of banners for both general translation and certified translation. We can also help you with flyers and pens, for free. Any text you may need, we can write it for you.

    Service promotion

    You can be an established business who is looking for a trustworthy translation agency to come in affiliation with, and we would be honored to help your clients get good and trustworthy translations for their content.

    You can also be a young and enthused entrepreneur who is looking for some extra cash. In that case, we would love to get you our profit sharing if you promote our referral translation program well and bring us good business!

    Enjoy the profit

    If you have referred people or businesses to us through the referral program, then you get a seventeen percent (17%) share from whatever we make from the client. Some clients may only need a certified translation for a birth certificate, while others may have large documents to translate. No matter what they need done, it will add up, and you’ll soon start to see commissions coming in. Enjoy!

    Come join Universal Translation Services’ referral translation program and reap great benefits.

    Do you know what the one thing that’s never enough is?

    Of course, it’s money. In our world, where prices go up in a matter of minutes, we all need a backup plan, meaning an extra side earning that we can rely on. Our referral translation program is one such plan. You may not become a millionaire overnight by becoming our affiliate but you’ll surely have a saving account for all your unexpected expenses or maybe for your end of season shopping.

    Just imagine how helpful we could be in making you comfortable in your future, giving you the control of making extra money by referring us to those who are in need of translation services. The best part about our program is that we provide you complete guidance. It is only wise of you to choose our affiliate program, support your own brand or service at one hand, get your clients or users in touch with us and get that extra income that you really wanted. It’s a win-win for all!

    If you have any queries related to our referral translation program, you can contact us and get the answers from our correspondents right away. You can also email us if you want written instructions on how to join.

    referral translation program
    referral translation

    Referral Translation

    When it comes to expenses, the ride is pretty spontaneous, you don’t know which fall and curve is coming up, and on top of that, you are never ready for them. If you are lucky and smart enough to have a steady income, you may think you are covered but then comes something out of the blue and you find yourself in need of extra money. And we guess that such situations are likely to come up more in the future, and you better stay prepared.

    Our referral translation program can help you in a way that’s more convenient than most programs. We provide you marketing material, you don’t have to put any effort on your part, we are there if you need any help during the process.

    The best part about our program is that you can help out a friend or relative with that also. If you feel they’re going through a tough time or looking for an extra source of income, you can ask them to choose our referral translation program. They don’t need to have their own website for that purpose, a blog, a social media page or even an Instagram account will also suffice. So make lives easier, whether yours or others.

    Check out what some of our affiliates have to say about our referral translation program:

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