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How long does it take to become a US citizen?

How long does it take to become a US citizen?
how much time does it take to become a US citizen
(Last Updated On: August 15, 2019)

Have you been considering getting your US citizenship done? Have you been thinking that you have been eligible for naturalization for a long time now and you think that it’s time that you got this over with? Then you were probably asking yourself how much time does it take to become a US citizen, and here are some of the answers you were searching for.

To be a US citizen or not to be a US citizen?!

That’s the question, right?! How about we give you a simple answer;

You don’t want to leave ever, then become a US citizen!

Too simple for you? We get it! Here is a longer version.

Citizenship for United States is a ‘to each his own’ matter. You will either want to become a US citizen or not, depending on your own circumstances. There are a few factors that conventionally decide the need and for US citizenship;

Eligibility: If you are eligible, you will be tempted to take up the citizenship mainly because you can apply for a dual citizenship. This means that you can keep the citizenship of your own country and also become a US citizen.

Timeline: It takes six months to process US citizenship application. You will not be allowed to travel anywhere if you are an applicant. So, you need to make sure that you do not have any immediate travel plans before you apply.

Finance: The fees per person for US citizenship is around fifteen hundred dollars give or take. You will need to make sure you have the money beforehand.

US citizen

How much time does it take to become a US citizen?

The duration that it takes to become a US citizen is a worry for many, mainly because while your documents are being processed, you are not allowed to travel out of the country. Universal Translation Services have been witnessing this phenomenon for decades. Citizenship in the US is a tough beat. Many apply every year and very few are cleared. Yet, you have to put yourself out there if you are going to get anywhere in life. You have been living in the United States for a long time and you think you should definitely become a citizen.

why would you become a citizen

Why would you want to become a US citizen?

So, the big question then becomes, what do you get if you become a US citizen? Well, first of all, there really are many who actually love the United States. They actually believe that it is a great nation that one will be honored to be a part of. But if you are looking for real-life benefits, we got you covered.

When you’ve been granted a U.S. green card, you have two options: you can renew it regularly or you apply to become a citizen. Although you are not required to become a citizen when you get your green card, there are many advantages in becoming one.

It is however up to you to decide if you find the benefits appealing, or you’d rather pass on the opportunity. We advise that if you are eligible, you should go for it.

The benefits of becoming a US citizen

  • It will give you the right to vote in all of the US elections.
  • You can also run for public offices in the United States.
  • You become qualified for federal benefits and federal employment.
  • You can leave the US for longer than six months. If you are not a US citizen, you cannot leave the US for longer than six months even if you have a Green Card.
  • You will not be deported because you will no longer be in the Immigration system.
  • If you have a relative who is eligible to come to the US and get Green Card then you will be able to ring them to the land of the Free.
  • You will enjoy the tax laws for US citizens.
  • You can receive government grants, scholarship, and other financial gains.
  • You will carry a US passport.
benefits of becoming a US citizen

In the end, it’s to each its own, will you find some of these favors tempting or boring? The catch is of course, that millions apply for citizenship every year and not all are cleared to become US citizens. If you are so lucky that your process exactly takes six months or you think you are perfectly eligible and that they will definitely grant you citizenship in six months go for it. But if you think it may take about a year or two, maybe it’s time to clear your calendar of all travel plans before applying.

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