Tips for Learning English for the Speakers of Haitian Creole

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There is nothing wrong with learning something simply because you want to. But all the big decisions in life must be taken after doing proper research. If something doesn’t help you succeed in the world, then you don’t have to waste any time on it. There are a lot of decisions that can be helpful for people in their professional life. One such thing is learning a new language. The world is a competitive place where moving forward is not easy. But learning new skills can help you immensely. If you can only speak your native tongue, you will have limited access to opportunities. But if you learn a new language, plenty of new doors will open for you.

Haitian Creole:

There are different types of languages in the world. Some of them were born after two vernaculars came into contact with each other. Creoles come into being when a European language come into contact with any native tongue in the Americas. There are a few creoles in the world, but none of them is as popular as Haitian Creole. It was created during the French colonization of Haiti. The African slaves picked up the vernacular of the occupiers and mixed it with their native tongues.

For a long time, the tongue was not accepted by the Haitian government as it was a stark reminder of the past. However, today it is the only vernacular of the majority of the country’s population. Some people in the country speak French, but they are considered elite. Haitian Creole has almost 12 million speakers today. It has been influenced by other tongues like Spanish, Portuguese, and English. Spanish and Portuguese are the most popular languages in the Americas, which is why they ended up influencing Haiti’s official language. English, on the other hand, is popular all over the world and influences languages through the media.

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Can Haitian Creole Speakers Easily Learn English?

Due to the many features of English that Haitian Creole has adopted over the years, plenty of similarities have developed between the two languages. This is why it is not that difficult for the speakers of one to learn the other. The financial situation of Haiti has not been good in decades. In order to succeed in the world, its citizens must adapt to modern trends. One way to do that is by learning English, the lingua franca of the world.

Tips for Learning English:

If you are a speaker of Haitian Creole and wish to learn English, here are some tips for you:

  1. Watch Movies with Subtitles:

If you don’t add an element of fun to the learning process, you will require a long time to finish it. One fun way of learning English is watching movies and TV shows with subtitles. This is going to improve your ability to read the language. It will also improve your vocabulary and introduce to the slangs of different countries depending on the type of movies you watch. When you try to learn English by watching movies, the stories will help you immensely.

  1. Read Newspapers:

Another way to improve your vocabulary and command on the language is by reading newspapers. Journalists cannot write articles and editorials if they are not good at the language, which is why some of the best pieces of writing can be found in a newspaper. You can keep a dictionary with you and look up new words while reading a newspaper. You can also learn to speak the vernacular by reading newspapers aloud. Whenever you have a problem pronouncing a word, you can look it up online and learn the right way to say it.

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  1. Talk to Natives:

You cannot become fluent in a language until you start communicating with people in it. You can easily find language buddies on the internet, people who want to learn your native tongue. If they speak the vernacular you want to learn, then both of you can help each other out. Even if you make mistakes while speaking the tongue, you will get better at it if you don’t give up. A few words of English origin must already be a part of your everyday vocabulary. That will work out in your favor when you are trying to learn to speak English.

  1. Be Consistent:

Like any other subject, you cannot become an expert in a language overnight. The key to learning English is to be consistent. You cannot study one day a week and expect to make any progress. This is a constant process that you cannot finish until you are fluent in the tongue. Even after that, you must keep on speaking it regularly, so you don’t lose it. Many people forget how to write their native tongue when they don’t use it in writings for years. This is why consistency is very important, regardless of what you are learning.

Whether you want to start your business or join the corporate world as an employee, English can be very useful for you. It will make you a global citizen and help you in your communications with other people. It also adds to the confidence of people because it is spoken in every part of the world. Once you become fluent in it, you will become a part of 20% of the earth’s population that speaks English. Regardless of where you are from, fluency in English is a great thing to have on your resume.

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