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Transcripts of Trials Certified Translation

Transcripts of Trials Certified Translation
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(Last Updated On: July 22, 2020)

People who study and practice law are a sort of warriors. They fight injustice, not with swords, but with words. They use logic to defeat the forces of evil and make the world a tiny bit better. A lot of people turn to this profession, not because it is respectable or interesting, but so they can defeat injustice in a legal way. However, there are many who don’t believe in the power of law. They argue that the courts are corrupted and they never side with the oppressed. No one can disagree with that point of view. In various countries, courts are corrupted and they only side with the powerful. But that doesn’t mean that the rule of law should not be given importance. When executed in the right way, laws can really keep a society running in the right direction.

Almost everyone in the world is interested in court proceedings. But when people think of the way things happen in the courts, they imagine scenes from legal TV shows or movies. Witty remarks from the judge, verbal boxing between the lawyers of both sides, the dramatic pause before the jury announces the verdict, these are the things that happen frequently in TV shows. But if the way things actually go down in courts was shown on TV shows, no one would watch them. Sure, there are fair share of interesting trials in every country but their number are too low for them to be considered a routine thing.

But even the truth can’t take away from the charm of the legal world. There are websites that publish the full trial details of famous cases so people can read them and get their fill of court drama. But in truth, someone who has not studied law cannot understand the transcripts. It isn’t even because of the legal jargon, although that is one of the reasons. But the tremendous details mentioned in the records are so boring to someone who is used to watching court cases on TV that they cannot get through one page without getting sleepy.

transcripts of trials


The transcript of a trial is a written record of the court proceedings. The things that end up in the record are the decisions made by the judge and all the arguments made by the litigators during the case. Once the proceedings are recorded, they are stored away. Some of them are made available for the public while others can be released to people after paying a fee. Some of the transcripts are only available to a small group of people.

In the US, the transcript fee is a huge amount and people can be often found complaining about it. The fee is charged per page and it is quite high. People have to go to the court clerk’s office to get the pages they need from a case. Nowadays digital records of the proceedings are also becoming common and might replace the written records in the future.

Transcripts of Trials Certified Translation:

Court cases are complicated. No one wants to end up in a court, even if they are the plaintiff. But when people do end up in a court, things get pretty confusing. And if they don’t have any guidance about the things they have to deal with, they can end up in trouble. Thankfully, lawyers exist an they are always ready to help people. Sometimes even when you are done with a case, you can’t get away from it. You have to keep proof of the decision and sometimes even present the transcripts to government offices.

transcripts of trials

Sometimes while applying for a job or for immigration, applicants must present their criminal or court records to prove that they won’t turn out to be a threat to the company or country. It is the duty of companies to make sure they are not hiring someone who can hurt their employees in the future. The same can be said for countries. The laws of immigration only gotten stricter recently due to the war on terror and states take extra measures to ensure the safety of their citizens. By making sure that the person they are granting the right to live within their borders is not a criminal, they keep their citizens and state safe.

Although getting criminal records is complicated too, there is nothing as frustrating as gathering your court records. Especially if you have to get trial transcripts. Not only are they very expensive to get but the procedure is also confusing for someone who hasn’t gone through it before. This is something even your lawyers can’t help you with. However, you can go to the court clerk’s office to get all the information about the issue. Once you get your transcripts, the next step will be getting their certified translation if they are in a foreign language.

If you have to present the transcript to a company in the US or the American immigration office, but the trial happened in a non-English speaking country, you will have to get certified translation of your transcripts that are carried out by a qualified translator. The certified translation makes the documents accurate. Every time you are dealing with a government office, you will need certified translations. Because they are very accurate and preferred by government bodies. You can get in touch with a reliable translation agency and they will be able to provide you certified translation of your trial’s transcript.

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