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Languages of america

Languages of America- Some Fun Facts!

Languages of America, if you are interested in the differents languages have a look in our infographic. The main languages spoken in America are more diversified than it may look like at first glance. The English only law is effective in only 3 states with 23 states conducting their governmental affairs in languages other than English if need be.

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multilingual website seo

Some multilingual website seo factors to consider when translating your website

The best-certified translation services in London are here! with Multilingual website seo. Are we the only providers of high-quality translations that will be of great help to the client? No, but we are easily one of the top three. There are very few other translation agencies that have the kind of economical prices, quick delivery and commitment to quality that you see at Universal Translation Services.

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Translation for proofreading

What do you do if you get a very bad translation for proofreading

Sometimes the translation for proofreading produced by other translators while considering a number of different facts. These include the following:

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translate content to Spanish fast

Why translate content to Spanish? Have a look at our infographic!

 Translate content to Spanish can be a very smart strategy especially if you're running an online business. Why get your content localized in Spanish? Because you are selling on the West Coast? The reasons go much deeper than that.

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proofreading services for documents fast

Best proofreading services for documents: deliver better work!

Proofreading services for documents  can really save you from many unwanted headaches.  When you have to work with large chunks of text in a specific timeframe, it's very well possible to have misspell some words or for some phrases to Missing words are more likely common on flippantly proofread papers. That is why, sometimes a proofreading service for documents can be a real life savior.

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best language to learn for business fast

What is the best language to learn for business?

Best language to learn for business? That is a good question that requires a good answer. Language can be significantly useful for your business. Knowing the best languages to learn for business can benefit you to understand the market and the requirements of the locals better.

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indian language facts interesting

A closer look at India’s language: a fun infographic to review!

Indian language facts are a very sought after term, especially by language enthusiasts. India is considered the cradle of human civilization. Myth suggests that mankind may have been born in India. It’s the home of some of the greatest myths and the birthplace of Buddhist beliefs.

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translation affiliate commissions fast

Who can earn translation affiliate commissions?

Translation affiliate commissions could be a very smart way to earn some extra money. With proper guidance you could earn much more than you think! Among the marvelous wonders of e-commerce, the affiliate programs shine bright like a star. They have enabled a lot of people to earn a decent side earning.

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new immigration laws US

New immigration laws you should be aware of

New immigration laws are continuously highlighted in the news in the light of the orders of the U.S. President, affecting the green card residents and other immigrants. Although the new laws are getting tougher, authorities note that there is an increase in U.S. citizenship applications. Many holders of green cards are content that they can live and work in the United States legally.

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translation technology better

Is translation technology making human translators useless?

Translation technology could replace human translators? That is one of the most asked questions in this industry. We are living on a planet where travel is so great and social networking bridges the gaps between international fellowships; language restrictions are all the more infuriating.

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