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quebecois translation

Whenever something gets stuck in the memory of a community, it is hard to let it go even if it is based on an incorrect thought. That’s how prejudices and stereotypes flourish in societies. People pass on their beliefs to their children who in turn pass them on to their children and the cycle keeps going. There are families that have been at each other’s throats for centuries simply because of a fight their ancestors had. Folklores are no different.

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english to french translator

Everyone has a path in this life that they follow. In the same way, they have a purpose too. More often than not, people don’t even realize what it is but they fulfill it anyway. They spend their whole lives without ever realizing how they changed the world just a little bit. Although every small action we take changes the world in a way but the way we live our whole lives have a greater effect on things. Like people, things and places also have purposes.

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vietnamese to english

There was a time when people went around the world to explore different areas. We discovered a lot of things because we set out to learn more about our world. If our ancestors hadn’t gone out to find out new species of plants and animals, we would have taken a long time to progress. With the help of plants and animals, we were able to make new medicines and discover new methods of transportation.

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bisaya to tagalog

All our cultures seem completely different from each other on the surface but when you keep reducing the area in consideration, you will start noticing similarities. Sometimes, cultures divided by thousands of kilometers also have similar features. Whenever two or more humans interact, they influence each other without even realizing it.

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translation mistakes

It is a general rule of the world that new things replace the old things every few decades or sometimes after a century. We keep progressing and reaching for better things. But if we don’t update everything else with each new invention, we will not be able to keep up with the changing trends. Some people fear change and think that if all the old things got replaced by new things, there will be nothing good left in life.

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difficulties in translation

All of us are too quick to become fans of good things. Shiny, sparkly stuff attracts our attention immediately and we never stop to think that something bad could come out of it too. Countless examples have proven that a good thing is only beneficial when used modestly and not excessively. Every time we tried too much of a good thing, we ended up with a disaster at our hands. There are countless inventions that were invented to help humanity move forward.

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indian languages

The world is pretty much run by the rich and powerful countries. The rest of the states are there for providing background material like stuff for entertainment industries and something to talk about when someone wants to appear politically aware. But in truth, the core of the world’s values and a big part of the workforce of powerful states is made by the people of the countries that do not get enough credit on the international front.

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certificate template

There are more than seven billion people on this earth and one hundred and ninety-five countries where those people live but we rarely think of the people of the third world countries. We watch movies and documentaries about them but as soon as we are finished watching, we move on with our lives never giving a second thought to those people’s sufferings.

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uscis forms

A considerable number of Spanish-speaking migrants, refugees, and asylum-seekers apply for residence in the United States annually. Despite that almost half of the American population speaks Spanish, the U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS) do not offer paperwork in Spanish. Applicants need to hire private individuals and firms to help them with their translations. The USCIS provides a list of certified translators that could help Spanish speaking individuals with their paper works.

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marry foreigner

Love sees no boundary. It goes beyond religion, conquering age, race, distance, and belief. It is a language that can be expressed not just in words but also in sweet gestures, a universal language that everyone can understand. Everyone is free to choose whoever they want to marry. We are free to marry a foreign national or a non-citizen partner as a US citizen or permanent resident. However, we need to follow our immigration laws to request the love of our life to live in the US permanently.

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