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Niger-Congo Languages

If there is one thing that should be constant in life is our learning process. There is so much to learn about our world and never enough time. But if we focus on a new topic every other day and read up on it, we can get to know the world and the people who live in it a little better. Getting to know the people of the planet and their lifestyle helps us get close to them.

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If there is one thing we don’t love at all, it is not knowing something. Scientists have spent years trying to find out the origins of human life on earth, but even after all this time, they don’t have any concrete data. They cannot say with absolute certainty how the earliest humans lived, what they ate, and how much sleep they needed each night.

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Oldest African Language

There is nothing more interesting than the origin stories. If you met someone this year and become friends with them, you would only know them a bit. But if you had known them since they were a child, you also know what brought them to the place they are at today. Understanding people’s motives, behaviors, and actions become a lot easier when we know their past. This is why we study history of humans, to understand ourselves in a better way.

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austronesian language

The world may be in a state of chaos for the most part, there is an order to things. A day always ends after twenty-four hours and the sun always sets in the evening. However, among all the chaos, we find it difficult to believe that there could be an order to everything. We see it around us every day but we also see the destruction and the disasters.

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Germanic language

A world full of over seven billion people can get confusing at times. There are so many things around us and with capitalism, the number of products being produced every year is only expected to rise. With so many things to purchase and use, if we had not come with a system to name things, we would never have found what we needed.

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Congo Language

Can you imagine the chaos we would be facing if the world wasn’t divided into perfectly balanced categories? If you entered a grocery store and there were no separate aisles for different household items, you would not be able to find a single thing. When people enter their rooms and they know exactly where something is, it helps them find that item much more easily.

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The world would have been very confusing if the means of communication were different everywhere. If a portion of the earth’s population didn’t know what language was and used signs to communicate, it would have been difficult for outsiders to talk to them. Although different languages are spoken in different parts of the world, we have still come up with ways to understand each other.

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South Sudan

Keeping a diverse group of people together is not easy. Unless they have to stay together because of shared interests, there aren’t many chances of people sticking together. There are stories of societies that were only together because it was feasible.

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English To French translator

It is remarkable to see how many facilities we have today. The things we can accomplish just by the click of a few buttons is something unparalleled. A century ago, no one could have imagined that food can be delivered at their doorstep if they order from a website. In fact, no one would know what a website is a century ago.

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Shona Language

It is sad how little we know about a lot of tribes and communities of the world. Some might say that they don’t have the time to learn everything about the world and its people and they would be right because no one can do that in one lifetime. But that doesn’t mean we shouldn’t try at all. We can get to know the people of the world a little better.

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