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Language Services Fun Facts: an infographic

We at Universal Translation Services were curious as to how the language services industry has seen the year of 2017. In our enthusiasm, we looked into the data and made a fun infographic to be shared with our translators and clients alike. Here are some language services fun facts to remember!

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how to learn Korean fast

How to learn Korean fast in a few easy steps

Korea is a trade friendly region with an enormous need for English to Korean translation services. Also, there is a strong need for the best translators who can sort through the varied kinds of contents that come their way in terms of translation. Are you also interested in learning Korean? Here's a useful guide with easy steps on how to learn Korean fast!

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human translation

Human translation versus machine translation tools: Are human translators using them? A translator survey

We’ve decided to create another survey for our translators and asked them if they are using machine translation tools and how human translation is affected by the introduction of such tools. Check our the survey to see what our human translators think about this.

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green card interview process

Tips on How to Quickly Pass the Green Card Interview Process

Before being approved for a green card, most of the applicants must attend the green card interview process. People coming from any other country will normally attend their interview at a U.S. consulate, while those applying in the U.S. will attend their interview at an office of U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS).

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medical translator online

How to Find the Best Medical Translator Online

Medical translation is an expert form of translation. The complexity of medical documents is one of the reasons why you won’t be able to find a medical translator online easily. Finding an excellent translator can be difficult, but it’s effortless if you know where to look. Here are some tips to find the best translator online for your medical project.

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pdf technical translation

Issues that may arise in pdf technical translation

PDF technical translation could be tricky due to format and eventual images already on the document. Imagine if you could send your PDF technical document to be translated in another language to a translation company and take delivery of a fully translated PDF technical document back without finding any variation among the source PDF and the target translated PDF.

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language translation process steps

Our language translation process steps – infographic

Universal Translation Services receives many queries regarding our process of conducting translations. Our clients have a curiosity as to how the translation is done. This is why we've decided to make an infographic for our clients detailing all the language translation process steps, so that they would understand how the translations are done.

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British English vs American English

British English vs American English – the spelling infographic

Have you found the differences between US and UK English annoying? Do you just feel absolutely helpless when someone tells you to learn the spelling differences between the US and UK English? Today on the table stands British English vs American English in terms of spelling. And for this reason, we have made this fun infographic that outlines the difference between UK and US English spellings in a simple and fun manner.

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top spoken languages in the world

Top spoken languages in the world today (infographic)

Universal Translation Services has recently conducted a survey of the world’s languages to come up with some fun facts to share with our readers. The topic of our research is top spoken languages in the world today. There are a total of 6900 languages spoken in the world but every three out of seven people speak one of these languages.

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American translation services

Why American translation services should use European translators

The native translator would know a lot more about the language, about the customs and culture of that country, and it is always a better fit when localization to that language is needed. This is why American translation services should use EU translators.

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