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Afghanistan Language

There are different types of privileges in the world and the ones enjoying them rarely realize how lucky they are. Living in a society where you can be your true self and not worry for your life every time you step out of your house is one of the privileges that people never think about much. Peace is a blessing but also a privilege that first world countries enjoy but the underdeveloped countries rarely get to live in.

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arabic to english

The world passed through different ages to reach the current point in history. Everyone and everything have to go through an evolutionary period and none of the steps are any less important simply because they are in the past now. The world’s first computer was heavy and slow. It also didn’t do much.

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dialects spoken in india

Every class has the students who everyone thinks will get the first position. However, more often than not, the one quiet student who rarely speaks up in class but do their work regularly end up getting the first position and surprising everyone. One can say that no one saw them coming but in truth, their achievements were there right from the start.

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languages of China

You may not hear about the underdeveloped countries often but the developed states are always in the news for one thing or another. A lot can be said about the importance given to the news from the US and China. Sometimes, a small incident is reported at the front only because it happened in one of the countries that hold great power in the world.

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english in denmark

Identity is a very important thing for people. Being able to live the way we are is true freedom. But unfortunately, not all of us can enjoy this freedom. Many of us have to mold ourselves according to different cultures to fit in because despite the importance of personal freedom, there is no greater need than being accepted.

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legal brief translation

Each member of a family has a trait or habit they share with the rest of the household. Maybe it is drinking a glass of water at four in the evening or scratching their head whenever they are nervous. It is the thing that the family laughs about sometimes but none of them can give it up. It is either a part of their genetic makeup or it becomes a habit that is impossible to break off.

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cantonese translations

From medical science to business management, there is nothing in the world today that hasn’t benefitted from technological advancements. Can you even imagine companies managing to advertise their services and products without the help of the internet? You may think that online ads don’t help much with sales but they are the best way to reach out to the people who spend most of their time on the internet.

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same day translation

If you want to learn how to deal with companies and service providers, you must keep one thing in mind: they do not have your needs at the top of their priority list. Most of them only work for themselves and as long as they can make profit, they will do anything to trick clients. They are the ones who send you flashy ads and make big claims and then offer disappointing services.

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study abroad

Since the beginning of time, if there is one thing humans wanted the most after food and shelter, it was knowledge. There are various examples of people travelling for thousands of miles just to get education. Famous professors had students from all over the world and considering the fact that traveling wasn’t easy in the old times, it is a proof of humanity’s love for a good education.

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Often times we forget that life isn’t the same for everyone around the globe. Despite seeing the news regularly, none of us can imagine the horrors of life some people have to face every day. It is true that every country has problems and people are suffering in every part of the world. But there is a huge difference between first world problems and third world problems.

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