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The world is vast and beautiful. But sometimes, the vastness also means that we don’t know the people of our planet very well. No one expects us to know all seven billion humans but we don’t know anything about a few countries and its people. We are always so busy learning about the developed states and studying famous cultures that we sometimes forget that there are 195 countries in the world. Each of the country out of 195 has its own unique culture and history. Some are suffering from so many problems that you can’t count them on the fingers of your hands. But that doesn’t make them any less worthy of our attention.

There are states that get overshadowed by their more successful neighbors. There are also those that are hidden along with other lesser known states in plain sight but we are always too focused on what’s happening in the US and the UK to focus anywhere else. Even the people living in developing countries prefer to learn about first world states instead of learning about their neighbors. A lot of conflicts in the world would be solved if people sat down and tried to get to know each other. But the human race is too stubborn for that and all its claim to live in a global village turn out to be incorrect when many people fail to answer a single question about countries like Macedonia and Tonga.

The World Wars affected more countries than we will ever be willing to admit. There is nothing wrong with being on the side of the Allies and still accepting that the war wasn’t good for either side. The countries that weren’t even involved in any of the action had to pay the price of a war they never wanted to enter their lands. Many states ended up being ruled by one of the countries who took part in the war. They were the bounty of a war that made no sense to them. They had no choice but to suffer. If things got bad for a country in World War I, they only got worse after World War II. A lot of states managed to get independence from their rulers in the second half of the previous century. But they have still not gotten over what the wars did to them.

North Macedonia is one of those countries which went from being ruled by one country to another during the World Wars. It has been trying to get on its feet since getting independence. The economy of the country is not in a great shape but it is on its way to greatness. The country is also known for the personal freedoms it is offering its citizens. According to experts, the economy of North Macedonia is expected to get a lot better in the future and with the way the government is working to improve things, that doesn’t sound like a fake claim.

macedonian words

The Macedonian Language:

macedonian words

Albanian and Macedonian are the two official languages of North Macedonia. It is also recognized as a minority language in a few European countries like Serbia and Albania. It has around 2.5 million native speakers, most of which live in North Macedonia. It is written in Cyrillic system which is a bit difficult for English speakers to pick up. The name of the language, just like the country, has been a subject of controversy for quite some time. If you ask any Bulgarian about Macedonian, they will tell you that the latter is not a language, but a Bulgarian dialect.

Typical Macedonian Words:

No one is smart enough to learn a language overnight. But even if you have a week before your trip to North Macedonia, you can’t master the whole language. What you can do, however, is to learn typical Macedonian words and phrases so you can let the locals know that you respect their language. This will also allow you to ask for help from locals whenever you are stuck in some place. Here are a few typical Macedonian Words that can make your trip to North Macedonia fun:

  • Zdravo:

Let’s begin with something basic and simple. Say zdravo to greet people in Macedonian as it translates to hello. You don’t have to worry about the pronunciation as long as you try.

  • Blagodaram:

Being polite will always be better than everything else, which is why you should remember how to say Thank You in Macedonian.

  • Zboruvas Angliski?

Learn it as soon as you can because while you can’t learn their language so quickly, the citizens of North Macedonia might know English and this is the question you will have to ask them to know.

  • Toalet:

Ask for bathroom instead of waiting for someone else to point it out to you.

  • Voda:

Stay hydrated even when you are traveling. Ask Macedonians for water by saying Voda and drink it up.

  • Se izgubiv:

Whether you are having an existential crisis or forgot the way to your hotel, saying ‘I am lost’ in Macedonian can definitely help.

  • Izvini:

Thank you is not the only way to be polite, saying ‘sorry’ when you are wrong is also something you should make a habit of saying. And now, you can even say it in Macedonian and make sure you don’t disrespect anyone during your trip.

Going to North Macedonia with a few Macedonian words in your head will help you make a good impression on the natives and make your stay there a lot more fun.

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