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Why US immigration documents need to be translated and certified

Why US immigration documents need to be translated and certified
US immigration documents
(Last Updated On: October 18, 2023)

US immigration documents are submitted by foreign individuals who want to immigrate to the United States. Unless they are from an English speaking nation, they will need to translate their documents that are written in a foreign language so that they can be used in the US immigration process.

US immigration documents and translation

As USCIS receives a massive pile of applications from foreign lands every year, they have developed an extensive plan to discuss the way they want the translation to be conducted and presented to their office.

the story

The Story

Universal Translation Services has written far too many posts about the nuances of the translation and the various debates that surround the topic. Today we want to devote a post to a simple discussion; what are the specifications that are required for certified translation. You may ask, is there someone who is disputing the regulations for certified translation? And the answer is yes, there is.

The story is that the US immigration’s office has required certified translations of US immigration documents since the seventies as the translation of the original documents of the applicant was a hugely important part of the evaluation. The knowledge of who translated was tremendously significant to the USCIS. With the passage of time, the translation industry grew in size, and with the advent of the internet, translation became a general trade. If you know a foreign language and English then congratulations, you are eligible to translate from your native language into English.

The Problem

The problem with that argument is that now the ‘homemade translators’ want to come into the territory of professional translation services and want to convince immigration applicants to use them for certified translation.

The way they found most feasible was to debunk the translation industry on the whole as a fraud that takes unreasonable amounts of money from individuals who are getting their US immigration documents translated. While that could be true on some parts, there are still companies that charge less, like we do.

the problem

Their Pitch

What they will tell you is that all you need is a good English speaker of your native language who will do the translation of your documents. Then you will need to write on a paper that he takes responsibility for the contents of the reading. He will sign the text and share his credentials. Now you have a decent certified translation that is not attained after wasting much of your hard-earned money. This way you will get your translation, and no one will have rubbed you out of lots of dollars.

Our Answer

Our answer is simple; check how many of those immigrants having their translations done by their friends got an RFE? We’ll tell you: a bunch. You should look into the requirements of USCIS on their website, and you will see why there are so many people having to deal with delays in their immigration case.

What did they have to do? They had to come up with a translation that is done according to the requirements. Now go ask the 26,000 of our clients from around the world if they had issues with our certified translations, and you’ll see no one did.

This is a verifiable fact that you should check out. By getting your US immigration documents translated with us you won’t have to deal with rejection.

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