What to do when you need a USCIS certified translator?

get a USCIS certified translator
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Translating documents required by the USCIS will certainly need certified translation, thus, the need also for a USCIS certified translator. To make things clear, USCIS does not give certifications to translators who translate documents as their job. In fact, there are no certifying agencies or institutions in the US for translators, only for interpreters. Interpreters are not translators.

need of USCIS translation

When is a USCIS certified translator needed?

In cases that a service of a translator is required to do translations for documents requested by the USCIS; then a translator who is capable to get the job done, may be considered logically as a USCIS certified translator. Moreover, a translator may be deemed certified or capable if he/she has already a long translation experience (usually, not less than 5 years).

Experienced translators are mostly serving translations with reputable and trusted translation agencies or companies, like in UTS for example. These translators and translation firms work hand-in-hand to provide their clientele with the expected fast, cost-efficient, and high quality certified translations. Their certified translations have guaranteed 100% acceptance rate by the USCIS.

Where to get certified translation for USCIS?

When you’re in need of any certified translation service, get the job done by a professional translator who can be considered as a USCIS certified translator. His/her work experience and expertise in his/her field of work could be the bases for this. A professional translator can provide USCIS certified translations for any language he/she is an expert with.

Most translation service agencies or companies who have USCIS certified translators, also have the following services and characteristics:

  • 24/7 customer service hotline and/or live chat
  • Excellent project management
  • Recognized members of ATA, ISO, etc.
  • At least 5-10 years in service
  • Hundreds of languages catered for translations
  • Fast turnaround time and affordable rates
  • Uses a certified translation tool for quoting projects
get a certified translator

Getting certified translation for immigration may not be easy due to the multitude of translation agencies. Since users usually search for such a translation agency in Google, they need to first ask each agency if they provide certified translation, then ask for a quote. Doing that with at least a couple agencies, you will be able to compare quotes and go with the one that suits you in terms of price and delivery time. You as a client also have to look around for reviews and see if the clients of a certain company were happy with the services they got, and if they were, you can go with that company. If you need a quote from us, simply use our certified translation tool online and you’ll see we sport the lowest prices on the market while providing translations with guaranteed acceptance at USCIS.

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