What Are the 10 Unique Languages in the World?

10 Unique Languages in the World
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If you think that the age of information has already exposed you to everything you could ever learn in your lifetime, then you would be wrong. There is so much in our world that can be surprising to us still. We may get to know everything about the political situation thanks to social media, but there are various aspects of cultures and languages that we are still not familiar with. If we begin to study these things, we will realize how much the world still has to offer to us. It will also help us form better connections with each other.

What Are the 10 Unique Languages in the World?

Various things make up a society, but the most important one has to be culture. It not only affects the everyday lives of people but also dictates their decision-making process in difficult situations. The expression of culture occurs through language. There are more than seven thousand discovered languages in the world. Each one of them has their own unique writing system. In order to better understand the world, we have to study the various vernaculars that its population speaks. Each tongue has a few defining factors, but some of them are pretty simple. However, there are also a few that are quite unique or bizarre.

Here are the top ten unique languages in the world:

best Unique Languages
Unique Languages
  1. Chinese:

Although Chinese refers to multiple languages, they are all equally unique. Mandarin is the most popular variety of Chinese, with nearly a billion speakers. The uniqueness of the Chinese vernaculars comes from their writing system. There is no alphabet to write the language but characters, which is why it can be difficult for non-natives to learn it. Multiple characters are pronounced the same way but have different meanings, which is another reason why the language is so difficult to learn.

  1. Arabic:

There are various ways in which this tongue is unique. The biggest difference from Latin-based unique languages is that it is written from right to left. However, Arabic is a very powerful vernacular. Being the liturgical language of Muslims has also increased its value. It has influenced various tongues throughout history.

  1. Korean:

One of the best writing systems in the world is of the Korean language. It is called Hangul and has 24 letters in total. There is no definite proof about the relatives of Korean. Only its family is known. A few linguists suggest that its relatives have become extinct, but that does not solve anything about the identity of Korean.

  1. Archi:

Archi is another vernacular spoken in various parts of Russia that the world should be aware of. It does not have a lot of speakers today. It is also quite difficult to learn because there are 1,502,839 possible forms that can be derived from a single verb. A writing system based on the Cyrillic script was developed in 2006.

  1. Basque:

If anyone wishes to know what kind of languages existed before the Indo-European family took over the world, they should study Basque. It is a unique vernacular that does not share any similarities with the tongues that are spoken in Europe nowadays.

  1. Hungarian:

If you think English grammar is difficult, wait till you study Hungarian. There are up to 238 forms of nouns in Hungarian, which is not something a student can learn easily. However, many still study this vernacular, so they can settle down in Hungary and communicate with its population easily.

  1. Irish:

A lot of people are not aware of the fact that Ireland has its own language. It is true that the majority speak English as their first language in the country. But the Irish language still has a lot of native speakers. The vernacular has a lyrical quality and does not have words for yes and no.

  1. Swahili:

If you wish that there was a phonetic pronunciation of each and every syllable, then you should consider learning Swahili. It is not only a unique vernacular but also a strategically important one due to its popularity in Africa. Many people are turning to it so they can better understand the people of the continent.

  1. Waorani:

By pronouncing a vowel slightly differently, you will get a new meaning. It is completely different from other vernaculars of the region. Spoken in Peru and Ecuador, this tongue is quickly heading towards extinction due to the popularity of other languages.

  1. Esperanto:

This is a structured vernacular that was created in an attempt to bring humans together. Although it wasn’t adopted by the whole world, it is still a popular vernacular. Interestingly, Esperanto has its own flag. It does not have any irregular verb. But since it took many elements of the Latin-based languages, it is not considered an international tongue by the experts. Being Latin-based does not make it easy to learn for those who speak Asian languages.

The world will keep expanding with knowledge, but we should be ready to keep up with it. The more we begin to learn about the lives of others, the better our interactions will be. It is the only way to make world peace a reality. But along with that, it is also the best way to broaden our perspective. It helps us accept the differences we have with different cultures. By studying the differences, we also become more accepting of people. It is up to us to study the world and begin to see the unique and bizarre things so we can co-exist without judging each other.

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