What is a Quebecois Translation?

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Quebecois Translation

Whenever something gets stuck in the memory of a community, it is hard to let it go even if it is based on an incorrect thought. That’s how prejudices and stereotypes flourish in societies. People pass on their beliefs to their children who in turn pass them on to their children and the cycle keeps going. There are families that have been at each other’s throats for centuries simply because of a fight their ancestors had. Folklores are no different. Most of them started with a true story but overtime they gathered a lot of incorrect information that they became just a shadow of what they originally were.

The incorrect beliefs, stories, and prejudices that become impossible to give up are not all negative. Some of them are quite harmless. For instance, language mistakes and association of incorrect meanings with certain words. Thanks to social media and the entertainment industry, new words are being added in our vocabulary every day. With such additions, it becomes harder to keep up with the facts and the misconceptions. There are so many misused words and quotes that became quite common and ended up in books and stories. Some people use them ironically while others don’t know the truth behind them. Sometimes it is hard to tell the difference between the two.

Canada is a unique place. All kinds of stories come out of the country and they are often positive. From having plastic money to an endless supply of maple syrup, Canada has it all. And the internet has always been fascinated by this mysterious place where every new thing is crazier than the last one. One confusing word that many Canadians use but hardly any outsider know the true meaning of is Quebecois.

quebecois translation

What Does Quebecois Mean?

When the French people became a huge group in the Canadian province of Quebec, they started calling themselves Quebecois. Although the word is sometimes used to refer to a citizen of Quebec, it means a French speaking person from the province. Sometimes, the term is also used to refer to the French that is spoken in Canada, especially in Quebec. Although it is not a correct use of the word, it is one that has stuck around and become pretty common now.

What is a Quebecois Translation?

The story of the French settlers in Canada is a bit different from other Europeans who went around the world claiming lands. Although France was trying to claim lands in different parts of the world in the 17th Century, its citizens that came to Canada back then only wanted to start a new settlement and improve their future. They didn’t have any evil plans to conquer the land. Probably that’s why they never went back and their kids today make up 22% of the total population of Canada.

The country recognizes both English and French as its official languages. The descendants of the French settlers make up the majority of the French speakers in the country. It is due to them that the language still hasn’t lost its importance in the country even after four centuries. The children of Canada start learning French at an early age so that by the time they enter their teenage, they are already fluent in it. 7.2 million people in the country speak the language of France and as a result, no business can gain their attention without trying to reach out to them in their own tongue.

quebecois translation

Since Quebecois is used in different senses, it is sometimes also used when someone needs French translation. People ask translators and agencies about Quebecois translation. Some of them don’t even know that it means French and need some assurances before they can be satisfied. When a business wants to connect with the people of Quebec, they will need Quebecois translation. It can also be required in plenty of other situations like legal proceedings and official handlings. When someone looks up Quebecois translation online, they will find plenty of options available. But it will be better to stick with native translators.

The Canadian French may not appear different from the French of France too many people but two do have many differences among them. The Canadian version has more English phrases in it and it also sounds older than the version spoken in France. These subtle differences are not easy to pick for someone with no prior experience regarding professional translation & professional translator. This is why a native translator is what you should be aiming for because they will know the language better than anyone else.

What is Quebecois in English?

The confusion surrounding the term has made people wonder if it has a different meaning in English. Although the exact translation is French speaking people of Quebec, there is a version of the word in English too. In English, the natives of the Quebec province are called Quebecer or Quebecker. It is not a translation of Quebecois, rather a version of it in the English language.

When someone is not using the term to refer to the people of Quebec and is using the word translation after it, you can be sure they are referring to French translation. When a company asks you for Quebecois translation, you should get a French translation of the document instead of trying to argue with your language services provider that it is something different from the French language. Quebecois translation will always mean French translation and has become a common incorrect phrase.

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