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What is the difference between immigrate and emigrate?

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What makes a word?

Just putting letters in order to make up a spelling? Or arranging alphabets in a way that they come up with a meaning? What are the words exactly?
Surprisingly, we have no answer. As a layman, we certainly don’t have, although we use words all the time. In conversations, writing, reading and even chatting. But we don’t know the inception of words. It’s pretty ironic that we use words in the exact same sequence as they are meant to be and we never make a mistake until we have two words that are very similar.

There are thousands of pair of words in the English language that are similar yet very different. For instance, accept and except are spoken the same way but one means to take or receive while the other means to exclude. The English language is filled with such words often confusing people in the most awkward situations. If these words are used in daily conversations, one must be fluent in their meanings but if such words are of official or legal importance, the need to be aware of their meanings drastically increases. Such two words are Immigrate and Emigrate.


The Real Ancestor

To understand the origin of the two words, the confusion between both and their interchangeable usage, we have to go a little back in time. In the ancient world, when people used to live according to their needs, places or regions weren’t as important to them. They would migrate and settle down into another region where they would think that conditions were suitable.

The term Migrate means to leave one country and settle into another. This umbrella term has been in usage for ages, and it is also used for birds and animals who leave one place and go to another for a temporary time. This migratory phase could be a result of weather conditions, scarcity of food and the danger of a predator.

Both immigrate and emigrate have emerged from Migrate. The basic idea behind the term is moving from one place to another.


The word immigrate implies entering a new country or region for a permanent time. It means settling into a foreign country leaving the homeland behind. The term can be used only for humans.

The real difference between Migrate and immigrate is that immigration is the process where one leaves a country and enters into a new country or region. Migration is not exclusive to new countries or region. If a person moves to a place where he has been quite a few times and again moving there for a temporary phase, this is called migration. Immigration is the process of an official entry to a new politically distinguished land with new governments and new laws.


Emigrate means to leave a country for good and getting settled into a new one. Both immigrate and emigrate implies to humans alone. Similar to Immigrate, emigrate is also used when the move is permanent. Another important and clear difference between immigrate and emigrate is that people go to other countries whereas people emigrate from their native country.

The process of immigration and emigration have been in practice for quite a long time now. Immigrants apply for jobs and study visas in the hope for a better life and emigrants leave their country wishing the same. Countries with unfavorable conditions of living always have the highest number of emigrants. As explained above that the nature of both these processes has a long term and permanent goal in the background. Thus, these are meticulous processes that involve several legal implications, documentation, and submissions.

need certified translation with immigration

Need For Certified Translations

Leaving a country and entering another for good requires a lot. The country where immigrants are planning a new life needs assurance of their identity, authenticity and a good character. Furthermore, they also want to be sure that the immigrant doesn’t have a medical condition as well. These and many other things require written proofs also known as documents or official documents to be more precise.

Since most people moving to the US belong to countries where English is not a native language, they are asked to submit the certified translations of these documents. Whether someone chooses to immigrate, they’ll need a translation service where they can get certified translations. They could need a translation of birth certificates, driving license, Marriage certificate, School leaving certificate, police clearance, medical records and all of these must be certified before submission to the immigration.

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