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Humans have been around for 200,000 years, but the recorded history is not that old. We have no idea how life used to be in the old days. And it is only understandable since the earliest humans did not even have tools to help them in their daily lives. Languages were created after a long time. And then, people had to wait for the invention of paper before they could start writing down data and pass it on to future generations. However, there are a few methods through which we have been able to learn more about our ancestors and the lives they lived. We have discovered signs of civilized life that existed in 3500 BC. These ancient civilizations lived in different parts of the world and have left behind enough information about their lifestyle. The data related to these civilizations has helped us understand our ancestors and their lifestyle in a better way than we could have imagined.


One of the oldest civilizations of the world originated in Peru. The country is known for its historical significance. At different time periods, various civilizations lived and thrived in this country. In modern times, it was a famous colony of the Spanish Empire. They ruled over the majority of South America with their capital in Lima, Peru. The country declared its freedom in 1821 and enjoyed economic growth and political stability after completing its independence in 1824. But in the 20th century, things took a bad turn for Peru. From political unrest to coups and internal conflicts to territorial disputes, things got pretty bad for the state.

Despite the political unrest, things have gotten a little better for Peru in this century. The economic state of the country is getting better day by day. Citizens are getting to enjoy their freedoms. The industrial growth of Peru is one of the fastest in the world. Its economy relies on mining, agriculture, fishing, and manufacturing. Other quickly growing fields in Peru are biotechnology and telecommunications.


The Culture and Languages of Peru:

Although the ancient civilizations and their ruins are a fascinating attraction, the current culture of Peru is pretty interesting too. In every form of art, hints of Peru’s diverse culture can be seen easily. The land itself is megadiverse, which is also something that shows up in art. The cuisine of the country is also full of variety. You can find plenty of dishes with widely different tastes.

The languages of the land are also diverse. But the one that is known as the Peruvian language is only in the country because of colonization, and it is Spanish. The Spaniards ruled the country for more than two centuries, so it is only understandable that the people of Peru ended up adopting their language. However, the diverse population of this country has given its own touch to the vernacular of Spain. Today, the Peruvian Spanish is considered a variety of the language spoken in Spain, and the two have quite a lot of differences between them.

What Language Do They Speak in Peru?

There are many official languages in Peru. Spanish, Quechua, and Aymara are the most famous ones. All the other indigenous languages spoken in the country enjoy official status. Aymara is hardly spoken by two percent of the population, but the people of this state value their indigenous values and customs highly. The majority of the population of Peru can only speak one language, and that is Spanish. But the population that lives in native areas of indigenous people is mostly bilingual and speak one other language than Spanish.


The vernacular used by the government and mainstream media is Spanish. It is also used as a medium of conversation in schools and other educational institutes. It is also used in commerce. The language spoken by the majority changes from region to region. There are a few communities that have merged their local tongues with Spanish or adopted the latter completely. In such cases, they create a new dialect or variety of Spanish, which ends up becoming completely different from the language it originated from.

Facts About Peruvian Language:

Here are a few interesting facts about Peru language:

  • Peruvian Spanish has been around since 1532. It is a dialect of the language of the Spaniards. Although 80% population of Peru speaks this tongue, it is divided into four different varieties. These varieties are spoken in different parts of the country.
  • The differences that existed between the varieties have been discarded slowly, and the versions spoken by the modern citizens of the country have a lot of similarities in pronunciation.
  • The most common dialect is the one spoken in Andean. Due to foreign influence, the Peruvian Spanish of this region has been influenced by the standard dialect of Ecuador and Bolivia.
  • The Peruvian coast dialect is considered the purest variety of a language in the coastal area of Latin America. It is considered the standard Peruvian Speech.

Visiting Peru for its museums is a great idea, and so is doing that for ancient civilizations and the things they left behind. But if you can’t visit the country right now, you can study its fascinating culture and learn a lot about the life of its citizens. Once you have understood everything about Peru, then plan your trip to it so you can get to experience its beauty properly. You won’t feel bored while talking about the culture and art that this country has produced over the years.

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