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What Language Is Karen

What Language Is Karen
How to Understand a Lesser-Known Language

Do you ever see a building in your city or locate a back alley for the first time and wonder how you had never seen it before? It happens to all of us because, as Helen Keller said, ‘the seeing see little.’ We often don’t pay much attention and therefore miss out on a lot of details. It is not impossible to get information in today’s world. Everything is available on the internet for people to access whenever they want. However, it is also true that news from first world countries gains more attention on social media than anything else. This is why you won’t hear about lesser-known cultures and languages on TV.

The Karen Languages:

If the word Karen reminds you of an internet meme, then you are not the only one. However, it also refers to a group of languages. They are also referred to as Karenic. They belong to the Sino-Tibetan languages, but the affiliation between the two is not clear. Linguists don’t know much about Karen languages, but hopefully, that will change in the future. The vernaculars were given the name because they are spoken by the ethnic group of the Karen people. Approximately seven million of them speak the tongues.

All the vernaculars in the group are tonal in nature. The Burmese script was adopted to write these tongues. There are three main branches of the group, and they are called: Sgaw, Pwo, and Pa’o. There are few members of the Sgaw branch that have a unique word order that makes them different from other Sino-Tibetan languages. The influence of other vernaculars has also made the Karen tongues unique. The speakers of the vernacular can be found in Western Thailand and South-eastern Myanmar. Since the vernaculars are spoken by different ethnic groups, they must be studied by language experts to better understand them.

Why Are They Important

Why Are They Important?

Ethnic minorities are marginalized groups everywhere. They have to face all kinds of discrimination. Sometimes, it is the majority group that engages in harmful actions against them. While other times, it is the state that does not care about minorities and deprive them of their rights. In such a situation, it is important that the culture and languages of such groups are protected at the national and international levels. For every community, it is their culture that defines them. If their culture is taken away from them, it affects their identity. And since a vernacular is the most important part of a culture, it must also be protected, so the identity of the ethnic group does not get affected.

The Karen Languages

How to Understand a Lesser-Known Language?

For those that wish to communicate with Karen people, the linguistic difference can be a huge barrier. Most people rely on apps like Google Translate when they are traveling to communicate with foreigners. The apps make it easier for people to navigate their way in a foreign land. They can order food easily with the help of translation apps. Reading signboards also becomes easier with the apps. However, when it comes to vernaculars like the ones spoken by the Karen people, it is difficult to find linguistic assistance through an app. For travelers, it is impossible to get the linguistic assistance they require through their phones.

The best way people can survive in regions like that is through the help of an interpreter. But even then, they must find an interpreter who understands the differences between various dialects. If the interpreter is not a native speaker, they will not be able to provide you with accurate assistance.

Getting Translation Services:

If you wish to expand your business to the region of the Karen people, you will need linguistic assistance to communicate with them. When it comes to business translations, you can’t rely on the online tool. You will need to find experts for the task. However, you won’t be able to get much help from freelancers. You should look up agencies and compare their ratings to figure out which one will be the right match for you. The one with the best reviews will provide you accurate translations. Don’t forget to ask them whether or not they have native experts. Only hire them if they do.

Once you have found a reliable agency, you can send in your documents to them and ask them to provide you with accurate translations before the deadline. You can explain all of your requirements to the agency before an expert begins working on your documents. You can also sign a contract with the agency to make sure your sensitive information stays safe with them. Agencies know which experts to hire to provide their clients with accurate linguistic assistance. They will not disappoint you if you require the translation of one of the Karen languages. With their assistance, you can communicate with your target audience and begin to promote your brand.

The people of our world are complex and fascinating, but we rarely get the time to understand each other. However, we can try to get to know some of the beautiful culture and the people who follow them. By understanding the lifestyle of different people, we can develop a connection with them. It is also a way for us to make our world a more peaceful place. The only we can bring the world together and still stay diverse is by getting to understand and appreciate our differences.

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