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10 Big Problems with Document Format Conversions

10 Big Problems with Document Format Conversions
document format
(Last Updated On: October 2, 2021)

People often prefer a system where they get the most work done by making the least bit of effort. But the world doesn’t work that way. Even if you have employees or other companies to handle something for you, until you help and guide them in the right direction, nothing will get done the way you want it to. Sometimes you just have to spend five minutes on a task in order to guide an employee about how to do it and they will be able to finish it perfectly. But if you don’t do that, they will look elsewhere for guidance and might end up messing everything.

When you put laundry in the washing machine, you separate different color and type clothes from each other and then let the machine handle the rest. The washing machine will be doing the most work by cleaning your clothes but if you didn’t separate them in the beginning, the colors of all clothing items will get ruined. The machine did nothing wrong because it was only supposed to wash the clothes but by not making that tiny bit of effort, you let it ruin the quality and color of your dresses. Although clothes are very important, the stakes are even higher when you are dealing with sensitive information and business documents.

document format
document format

Sometimes a report cannot be created if you don’t guide your employee about which parameters to use. It is all about making the right start, without it, you can’t reach a useful end. But with it, the task will be completed effectively. When you are in need of a translation but don’t have the documents in the right format, the first step will always be the conversion. Some companies offer to convert the files for their clients before the translation. While others prefer it if their clients do it themselves. Some businesses also like to convert their documents themselves so they can eliminate any sensitive information from the files before handing them over to a translation agency. But document format conversions are not easy and are a lot of problems need to be tackled in order to convert a file properly.

  • How do you prepare for translation?

    In order to prepare for a translation, you must go through it to develop a complete understanding of the context. Sometimes, the format of the document also has to be changed first so it can be edited easily. It is also helpful to ask clients for additional documents in case you need more information about the text you will be translating.

  • What information do you need for a translation?

    Sometimes, a translator only needs basic information from the client, like the name of the target language and the intended audience of the translation. But other times, more details are required. In those situations, translators might ask clients to provide them with additional documents so they can understand the context of the text.

  • How do you translate a document professionally?

    In order to translate a document professionally, you must make sure that you understand its context first. It is also important to change the format of the document so it can be edited easily. Paying attention to the culture and beliefs of the target audience is also very important. If you focus on all of these points, you will be able to translate a document professionally.

  • Why translation is needed?

    The world is home to more than seven billion people who speak over 7000 languages. Translation is needed so people can connect with each other despite their linguistic differences. Without it, the people of the world will not be able to co-exist peacefully. It also allows businesses to sell their products all over the world.

10 Big Problems with Document Format Conversions:

Here are the biggest problems one might encounter when converting a document from one format into another:

  1. Formatting Issues:

Each file format from Word to PDF have different formats. But when you try to convert one into another, the biggest problem that arises is that of formatting. Issues with formats can destroy the look of a whole document and that’s why they are something that no one wants to happen to their files.

  1. Font Changes:

Not all fonts are available at all platforms and that’s why when you convert a document, it may lose its original font type and get changed into something not suitable for you. The problem is not with the font change but the ones that are selected without your approval.

  1. Missing Characters:

Some characters are available in Word but not in Excel and vice versa. This can also create problem during the conversion of a document. This is the problem that fill your document with empty blocks and make it look horrible.

  1. Color Changes:

Another problem people face when converting Word to PDF is the color change of text. Bold letters get turned black when you are writing in Word. But sometimes after conversion, the black will turn blue and make your document look weird.

  1. Change in Image Size:

When a document contains images with texts, they can’t be lost during conversion. But another problem with conversion is when the size of images changes. This can make it quite difficult to read the texts on the images.

  1. Headings Style:

After converting a file into another format, the heading style can also change. Although it may not sound like a big problem but the style of the heading is necessary to signify the importance of the topic. And the change in style can be an issue.

  1. Blank Pages:

After conversion, the images sometimes end up on the next pages even when there is space for them on the previous pages. This ends up causing the appearance of a lot of blank pages. The document will take up more space that way.

  1. Different Margins:

When translating documents, the margins help understand sentence break. But conversion can change the margins and make things difficult for the translator.

  1. Metadata:

It is important for businesses to retain metadata of a file. But when they lose it after conversion, it can be a big problem.

  1. Cutting Footer:

Page numbers are often in the footer but converting a file to PDF cuts the footer and the numbers disappear. This can be a big problem for a translator because they wouldn’t know which page comes after which one.

Prepare Documents to be Ready for Translation:

Many businesses require translation regularly but that also means converting documents into a different format. They will face a lot of problems during the process of conversion. Focusing on the main problems can help them overcome those issues and carry on with conversions without the fear of ruining the format or color of the font. Because when translation is necessary, converting the documents become necessary too and it can only be handled by taking care of all the problems that come with it.

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