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4 benefits of using translation memories

4 benefits of using translation memories
translation memories

Our grammar teachers may have taught us to think outside the box but in reality most writing is made up of clichés and set phrases. In fact writing that doesn’t use words we are used to may sound off or unprofessionally done. That is the basis of translation memories.

What are the benefits of translation memories?

It remembers the phrases and sentences that we are used to reading and hearing and their translation. Then, when a translator uses the memory technology, that system will provide the translator with the past translation already made in the past for a certain phrase.

quicker translation

Quicker translation

With just a touch of a button or the click of the mouse most standard phrases can be converted to the target language equivalent at once. No need to type it up.


Now and again there are phrases or even whole sentences which can be translated in different ways. Or a project would be divided among translators who have different word and syntax preferences. Even though these ways are all correct, the client casts a doubt on them and will call you out on a possible error because you used different combination of words in the target language for the same sentences in the source language. The memory ensure that you and others will use the same formula for the same places all of the time.

Shared knowledge

As much as other people can benefit from the input you have contributed to the memory, so will you benefit from other people’s input. And they don’t even have to work on the same project or for the same agency or client as you do. They can even be at the opposite side of the globe. This is especially useful for terms that are newly coined or only a native would know.

Permanent memory storage

Let’s face it. Even a professional translator with long years experience can’t remember everything, especially on topics they rarely come across. And when they come across the word again they might already have forgotten it. Translation memories can help in storing any new information and will always be there so you wouldn’t have to go through researching if you ever need it again.

shared knowledge

Not the same as machine translation

This particular service is not the same as machine translation. Machine translation is a kind of a tool that may provide you with fast results but is variant of the accuracy it offers to the clients. On the other hand, translation memory provides a precise translation from its effectively increasing and reliable database storage.

Human translator

The actual translation is carried out by a professional translator, unlike those online translation tools which can only provide accuracy up to a certain extent. Furthermore, these native translators are experienced in their background to deliver the best of their skills.


This particular tool offers the company with credible trust. The clients can easily rely on the services provided by the company because of the deliverance of accurate translations. The translation acquired is edited, proof-checked with past resources to gather as much precision as possible.


Through this method of translation, clients can relish in a cost-effective, less time-consuming translation experience which will be of considerable aid to the client from every sector.


The memory technology may not be perfect but there’s no denying to its usefulness.

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