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Benefits of professional marketing translation when doing business abroad

Benefits of professional marketing translation when doing business abroad
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(Last Updated On: August 14, 2019)

When you do business overseas it probably makes more sense to you to hire a local marketing team than to have professional marketing translation done, because after all, a local marketing team would know how to approach the market you’re trying to break into.

Professional marketing translation

There are however advantages to have marketing documents translated instead and here are some reasons why would anyone want to translate marketing materials rather than having a team of marketers recreate those materials.

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Hiring translators is cheaper than hiring a marketing team

You can even get freelance translators instead of going to a translation agency. Agencies have fixed rates whereas you can get the lowest bid from freelancers.

The essence of your brand will be preserved

The local marketing team may have ideas of their own that might be far from the original concept of your product. At least with marketing materials, the translator will take care that the original idea is preserved even if it is translated to a different language.

Marketing translations will be faster than pitching ideas

Proposing, evaluating, rejecting and proposing again takes time, time that could be better spent in already launching your product in the foreign market and reaping profits. Translators won’t have to come up with new ideas or new material.

Translators are sensitive about the local culture too

Just like a marketing team, marketing translators will know how to make your product palatable to the local market. So in fact you are getting a marketing team for a lesser price when you hire translators.

Translators are used to your language

If you work with a marketing team, you or they may have to hire their own translators or interpreters. Using marketing document translation services, there’s no such need. You can express your thoughts and wishes directly to them.

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Translators are everywhere

Marketing translation is known as a translation of marketing content and marketing material. Professional marketing translation and conversion is a difficult task, yet often undervalued field. While it includes translating text from one language to another language, it also includes writing interesting and compelling content that influences the local audience. Unlike medical, general or technical translation, marketing translators need to be good writers first and foremost. Professional marketing translation can also involve trans-creation, where a translator and writer work unitedly to create compelling content.

Most translated marketing material is inferior because it lumped in with more simple copy and prepared in bulk. This is a little like taking your top line promotional stuff or advertisement and publishing and printing them on your black and white printer or photocopier and sending that to your client. Without fail, poor translation of marketing copy drops a negative brand impact in the same way that bad presentation does.

You don’t have to go overseas to find a translator to work with. You can find them even back home. A marketing team would not be so easily available. Professional marketing translation is the wise choice when doing business abroad.

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