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Tips On Doing Business In Switzerland

Tips On Doing Business In Switzerland
Tips on Doing Business in Switzerland

There are rarely any perfect choices in life. People often have to compromise on a couple of their demands. For instance, if someone wishes to immigrate to another country, they will have trouble finding the ideal place. If a state is rich, but not accepting of immigrants, then no one would want to move there. Businesses have to face so many problems when they decide to expand to other countries. It is almost impossible to find a country that is economically strong, values foreign investments and has an amazing workforce. Switzerland is one of the exceptions where people can find everything.

Business in Switzerland:

Although democracy was established in most of the modern countries centuries ago, not all of them managed to become tolerant and progressive. Some of them continue to suppress their citizens even today. It is very hard to find a first world country that is perfect in every way. But Switzerland is the place where people can live their lives; however, they want. Along with freedom of choice, they also get to enjoy financial stability. It is also known for attracting skilled workers. So, one can say with certainty that the future of Switzerland is very bright and any company moving there will be able to succeed if they take all the right steps.

The success of a business is dependent on a lot of factors. Companies have to connect with an audience through effective marketing. But they also require the help of linguistic experts for this process because native languages are different everywhere. However, understanding workplace culture and etiquette is equally important for success. If you can’t keep your employees and investors happy, you won’t even get a chance to connect with your target audience.

Business in Switzerland

Tips on Doing Business in Switzerland:

You can’t expect a whole country to change for you, which is why you will have to adapt to their culture and lifestyle. No one expects you to give up on your culture. But there are a few etiquettes of business that you must follow if you wish to succeed in Switzerland. Here are some tips for doing business in Switzerland:

Business culture in Switzerland
  • Be Prepared:

If you wish to win the hearts of your Swiss colleagues and superiors, prepare for every meeting and presentation properly. Technical competence is valued highly in the country. Every manager should know all the aspects of their department. If you come prepared for any questions that might be asked during a meeting, you will make the Swiss very happy. It is also important to prepare for meetings according to their agenda.

  • Avoid Private Discussions:

The Swiss don’t like to mix work with their private life, so you should not try to make small talk with them. Getting straight to the point will not be considered rude, but you can discuss the weather if you want to break the ice first. Avoid asking people how they are doing if you don’t know them well. Keep in mind that the Swiss will not become your friends overnight.

  • Don’t Be Pretentious:

The politics of Switzerland is reflective of its culture. You will see ministers riding the public bus. The concept of showing off is alien in Swiss society. They don’t approve of such theatrics as are common in the US. So, if you want to impress them, be humble. Don’t be pretentious at any given moment. But you will have to sell yourself to the investors while staying humble. So, make sure you find the right balance between the two.

  • Stick to Your Words:

In various countries, people may say that they will get together for a picnic while knowing full well that they won’t do that. It is quite common in the US where people use the idea of a get together to escape a conversation. Whenever they see an acquaintance on the street, they will say something like, ‘let’s get together for coffee someday.’ But if you said something like that to a Swiss, they will expect you to get back to them with the details about the meeting. Whenever you agree to something in Switzerland, you must follow through on your promise then. Otherwise, you will lose the trust of people.

  • Make Realistic Goals:

Switzerland is one of the most competitive countries in the world. So, if you think that you will achieve success straight away, you would be wrong. Keep in mind that Swiss banks are not what you have learned about them from movies. They do not offer loans to foreign companies. But you will be able to get benefits from local authorities in the form of tax deductions. Don’t expect anything magical to happen to your company. Only after securing funding should you consider starting a business in Switzerland.

  • Choose the Right Team:

When selecting your staff, choose the right management team. Qualified and experienced managers can help a company become successful through their efforts. But they must know everything about their fields or they won’t be able to help you.

Once you begin to understand the culture of a country and how its people think, you can create your business strategy. You don’t have to copy them in everything they do. In fact, you have every right to maintain your individuality, but you will have to adapt according to the local culture if you wish to succeed. When your employees and investors are happy with you, it will become easier to connect with your target audience too.

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