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When do I need certified document translation near me?

When do I need certified document translation near me?
certified document translation near me

There are various instances when one would need to be looking for a translation that is certified and that is why the question “Do I need certified document translation near me” pops up quite often these days. Some of our clients were wondering if they would need their translations done by a near-by translation company or anyone could do it for them. You can find the answer in this article.

Do I need certified document translation near me?

Mainly, one would need certified translation in 4 instances: during immigration, in legal cases, when applying for studies or a job in the US or in business dealings. Each of those instances would require translations that are certified, and this article will give you more info about it.

translation certified

What is a translation that is certified?

A certified document translation is any document that has been translated from one language to another by a translator who has made reliable assurances that he/she is fluent in both languages, and the translation itself is accurate, complete, and sufficient to be relied upon.

In the end, a certified translation is one that the receiving organization understands they can rely upon. It can be registered into their records in its translated form and used just like any documentation that originated in that country.

We as an US translation company, provide this type of translation from any language into English. If you want to know more or see how we do it, check our sample on the certified translation page.

Of course, there are different situations that call for certified document translation near me. However, most instances fall into one of the following cases:

During immigration proceedings

Depending on the immigration way you choose, you will be required to prove several things about yourself to the fulfillment of your preferred country’s immigration officials. You will need to verify your identity, citizenship status, your health and medical history and your police records.

All of these factors are typically proven with documentation. If you are moving to a country which uses a different official language, some or all of these records must be translated into the official language of the country you want to move. The use of USCIS certified translations allows immigration executives to take these translated documents more quickly and with much more confidence in their accuracy, speeding up the process immeasurably.

immigration proceedings
legal cases

In legal cases

Legal norms differ from nation to nation, and even from court to court within nations. Though, a court is more likely to accept translated evidence if they are convinced of the accuracy and authenticity of the translation. For that reason, several people choose to rely upon certified translations services to translate their legal documents and evidence.

In obtaining licenses and certifications

If you were born in or spent a great deal of time in a country which uses a different official language than the one you are trying a license or certification in, you’ll need to have documents from that time translated so that the new officials can use them. Using a certified translations service makes them useful to rely on the translations, which could help you gain your certification or license sooner and with less trouble.

When you are looking for translation services near me you will probably see us on the first spots. We are highly reliable, we provide accurate translations at low costs and we can send you the translation anywhere in the world.

Applying to an abroad school or university

Many universities in the UK, the US, and Europe, have many candidates and the competition for those spaces can be very tough. To decrease the pool of candidates to a manageable number and to assure that their staff only spend their time on the fairest applicants, many universities accept only certified translated documents.

In commercial or business dealings

International business and investment deals are conventional in this day and age. Nonetheless, a language barrier can still slow progress. Mainly if you are working with people or organizations for the first time, the use of a trustworthy, reliable certified document translation service can make the process quicker, simpler and more engaging for all concerned.

If you would like to speak with a member of our team to discuss your needs for a certified document translation near me in further detail, contact us, and we will get back to you in seconds!

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