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How To Request Certified Translation Kannada To English?

How To Request Certified Translation Kannada To English?
Kannada to English translation service
(Last Updated On: July 17, 2020)

Every currency bill has certain characteristics that make it original. If it wasn’t for these characteristics, everyone would be able to buy whatever they want with counterfeit money. People would have been able to make money at home if there weren’t any differences between real and fake currency bills. In life, the difference between real and fake, certifications, and stamps matter a lot. They make a document valid, and without them, no paper will be accepted by the authorities. Such certifications and stamps are not limited to one field. Whether it is someone’s birth certificate or degree, it must come with the relevant stamp and signature to be considered authentic.

What is Certified Translation?

There are many services and products that lost their importance over time. They got replaced by better and more helpful options. But there are also those products and services that have survived the test of time. They continue to be useful even after all this time. Translation is one such service that continues to help humans in their everyday lives. Without it, we would all be pretty lost. All the multinational companies will not be able to market their products in different countries.

There are various types of services that the language industry offers people. One such service is the certified translation, which is considered the most accurate and credible. It is the type of translation that authorities ask for. Without it, people will not be able to go through the process of immigration. They will also fail to get admission in the university of their choice. The identifying feature of this service is the signed statement of the translator that comes with the translation. It is stated by the linguistic expert that their work is accurate to the best of their knowledge.

Certified Translation Kannada to English

The Kannada Language:

Kannada is one of India’s and the world’s oldest languages. It has over 40 million native speakers. Although it is natively spoken in the Indian state of Karnataka, its speakers can also be found in Maharashtra, Tamil Nadu, Kerala, and Andhra Pradesh. Unlike English and Hindi, Kannada has its own script. Many historians suggest that it has been around for at least 2000 years. Its literary history alone is over a thousand-years old.

Certified Translation Kannada to English:

Anyone that wishes to immigrate to America and has their birth certificate in Kannada will need to get it translated into English. But USCIS does not accept simple linguistic solutions. So, a qualified expert will have to be hired to get a certified translation of the document; otherwise, USCIS will reject the immigration application. It is important to remember that only a qualified and experienced professional can provide you with a certified translation.

How to Request?

Someone who is in need of linguistic assistance for the first time will have no idea how to request the service. But that doesn’t mean that they should panic because the ordering process is quite simple. Here’s how you can request a certified translation from Kannada to English:

Kannada Language translation
  • Start by locating a reliable agency. Although you can hire a freelancer too, it is mostly agencies that are reliable. If you do a little research before hiring someone, you will be able to make the right choice. By checking the Google ratings of agencies and reading the reviews left by their previous clients, you can figure out whether or not they are the right option for you. You can also get in touch with an agency directly and ask to see their credentials and sample work. If they hire native experts and guarantee that USCIS will accept their translations, then you can hire them.
  • Visit the website of the agency you have selected and go to the free quote page. Here you will have to upload your document. You will also have to mention details about your document like the name of the source language. At this point, you will also check the box asking whether you want certified translation or not. Once you hit enter, you will be presented with the price you will be charged if you go ahead with the order.
  • If you are okay with the price, then you can place the order on the same page. You will be charged for the service, and then the agency will forward your documents to the right expert. If you require urgent assistance, you can use the live chat feature and get in touch with an agency quickly. Once you explain your requirements to them, they will start working on the project. They will show the translation to you for review before attaching the signed statement of the linguistic expert to it.

Once the task is completed, the files will be sent to your mailbox. If you want a physical copy, then you will be charged extra for that, and you will receive the digitally stamped file.

There are a lot of fascinating aspects of history, but it is up to us to preserve them, or they will be lost forever. They are not only a way to connect with our past but also teach us a lot about our lives. They also tell us how we can improve our future. Those that do not value their past will fail in their future too. So, it is up to us to give more importance to languages like Kannada and study them to learn more about our past and our ancestors.

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