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Checklist For Hong Kong Visa For Employees

Checklist For Hong Kong Visa For Employees
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There is no success in life without struggle. People have to go to great lengths to accomplish their goals. But sometimes, even doing something simple as earning a livelihood requires people to take great steps and make big changes in their lives. For instance, people from rural areas have to move to big cities to get access to better job conditions. This way, they will also have the chance to utilize better opportunities. Sometimes, people also have to move to another country for the same reason. There are almost 200 countries in the world, but not all of them are economically stable, which is why people have to move to different states to make a better living. Some people move to other countries for good, while others wish to work elsewhere for a few years, and then come back to their homeland more experienced.

Job Opportunities in Hong Kong:

Hong Kong is one of the most advanced regions in the world. A significant number of the world’s multinational companies have their offices in Hong Kong. The quality of life is also pretty high in the region, which is why it is one of the ideal locations in the world to live in. The region has one of the best economies in the world. The economy relies on the service sector, which makes up more than 90% of the GDP.

People who wish to work in a foreign country have to check various conditions and requirements to figure out which option is the most suitable for them. They can learn more about the industries of Hong Kong and then start applying if they can find a company that suits their needs. Job opportunities are abundant in Hong Kong, but for foreigners, they can only score a position if they are highly qualified.

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Who Can Get Employment Visa?

Although foreigners can work in Hong Kong, it is not that simple. Companies have to prove that they could not find any local to perform the job. They will have to act as the sponsor of the foreign employee they wish to hire. If the company is new, it will be tested to ensure it is eligible to sponsor an employee. But people cannot sponsor themselves and must present correct information, or their application will be rejected.

People who get an offer from a Hong Kong based company and will be receiving the same benefits and pay as is the standard in the region can apply for the visa. It will be approved if people submit all the right documents and do not withhold any information from the authorities. If you have shares in the company you are applying as an employee of, then the requirements will be different for you. Your application might even get rejected if you try to withhold this information from the authorities of Hong Kong.

hong kong visa for employees

Checklist for Hong Kong Visa for Employees:

Getting a work permit for Hong Kong is not simple. You cannot apply for it until you get an offer from a local company. You can begin the process by applying to different companies and wait for their response. When you get a suitable offer from a company, then you can start preparing your visa application. You will have to submit proof of the offer along with your application, otherwise it won’t get accepted.

Here is a checklist of documents you will need to apply for a Hong Kong work-visa:

  • A completed employment visa application form.
  • Your recent photograph.
  • A copy of your passport’s particulars page.
  • Proof of your overseas residence. Copy of a birth certificate can be submitted as proof.
  • An up-to-date copy of your CV.
  • Copies of all of your degrees to prove your qualification for the job.
  • Copies of your previous employment records and references.
  • A copy of your employment form, including details about the post, the term, and the salary you will be making.
  • A copy of your audited financial report.
  • A copy of latest tax returns.
  • Proof that you are not only eligible for the job but will be contributing to the economy of Hong Kong.
  • Proof that no one in Hong Kong could have filled in for the position you were hired for.

Certified Translation:

Although Hong Kong is an administrative region of China, its people do not speak Mandarin. The official languages of the region are English and Cantonese. The latter is commonly referred to as Chinese in administrative documents and also by the population. If your passport, degrees, and birth certificate is not in English or Cantonese, you will have to get them translated. Keep in mind that in such situations, only certified translations will be accepted. Although such tasks take time, you can request for urgent assistance if the deadline of submission is approaching.

There are plenty of agencies that understand the importance of time. They are always ready to assist their clients who can’t wait for a day. If you do some research on the internet, you will be able to find good agencies. You can reach out to them and compare their prices to figure out which one has the best rates. You can choose the one that matches all of your requirements and provides quality assistance at low rates. Otherwise, your visa process will get stuck. Only with the help of certified translations can you apply for a Hong Kong work visa. This way, it will have higher chances of getting accepted.

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