Cool hacks for our certified translation online

Cool hacks for our certified translation online
cool hacks certified translation

Cool Hacks for our Certified Translation Tool!

Easy steps to order a Certified Translation online. You just found out that we are offering certified translations through our cool tool that will help you get the certified translation that you need in no time. This tool was designed because most individuals know the process by heart and just want to get through fast and quick. If you are such fine person, keep reading!
Universal Translation Services is here to help you understand how our pride and glory work. Here is what you need to know before you order a certified translation through our tool.

Steps to order certified translation

Simple Steps…

Easy steps to order a Certified Translation online

1. Choose your service: Flat fee for every page. Please keep in mind that two sides of a sheet are considered two pages.
2. Document submission: Take a picture or scan the document and upload it into the form.
3. Order placement: You can place your order in less than 5 minutes. You can have a live chat with us or give us a call. Once you are done, you will be redirected to our payment page.
4. Get your translation: Certified translation online usually takes 24 hours to make the translation document. It will be checked by the linguist that it will be sent to, for approval. Once Universal Translation Services receives the approval, we will certify the translation and send it to you by email.

What does a Certified Translation look like versus a Notarized Translation?

When a certified translation is sent to be notarized by a notary public, the translation is called notarized translation. Only a certified translation can be notarized because notarization is the verification of authenticity of the translator and his credentials
While a tasking process is required for the translation to be accurate and also take the same shape as the source document. It is only when this tasking process is properly done that it will be regarded as a certified translation.

When will you need a certified translation?

Normally, legal paperwork, including those used during trials and in court hearings usually requires certified translations.
If you want to relocate to another country or you are applying for a temporary permit as a visitor, you will need certified translations. Of course, these are the most basic cases that come to our doorstep very often. Certified Translations are recommended every time you need the document translation to be taken as completely accredited and acceptable.
If you want to ask a few more questions because the document is sensitive and you need further assurances before you give us your document, just give us a call on our live chat and we will look into the details of the content for you.
We are here as the best-certified translations provider in the business. Our translators are accredited by the American Translators’ Association and their certificates of Authenticity will be cleared by the toughest office in town.
Universal Translation Services is also happy to give you our translations earlier if possible. Call now and let us help you out!

When you need a certified translation
If we can help you with any questions, please feel free to contact us
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