Easy steps to order a certified translation online

certified translation online
(Last Updated On: October 26, 2023)

Getting certified translation online is now a lot more easier than it was a couple years ago. With advancements in technology you are now able to set your order going in less than 5 minutes.

How to order a certified translation online

First step is to go to our certified translation tool page and follow the instructions.

how to order online

How to order your translation

Choose your service

There is a flat fee for every page when it comes to certified translation online. If both sides of a sheet in the document have text, you will be charged for 2 pages.

Documents submission

Use your cell phone or camera to take a picture or scan the document and upload it into the form.

Order placement

It will take you under 5 minutes to place your order. You can live-chat with us or give us a call if you have any issues.

Make the payment

Once you’re done with adding needed information, you will be directed to our payment page to make the payment.

Get your translation

Once you’ve paid we will start working on your project. Certified translation online usually takes 24 hours to have it done. Once the translation is done and has been checked by another linguist it will be sent to for approval. You need to check the names and make sure they are correct then click the approve link in the email. After we receive your approval, we will certify the translation and send it to you by email.

When is a translation that is certified required?

A certified translation entails that the translation of the document and the source document are followed by a statement that the translator has signed, indicating that it is an accurate and complete translation. Depending on the situation and country, there might be the need for it to be notarized by a notary public. In most cases, it’s either the translation is accompanied by ‘certificate or accuracy’ or have a certified translation.

The most experienced and best qualified translators usually create certified translations. A tasking process is required for the translation to be accurate and also take the same shape like the source document. It is only when this tasking process is properly done that it will be regarded as a certified translation. For majority of the scenarios, you will get better results hiring a translation company as opposed to hiring a freelance translator.

when is certification required
  • How do you translate a document officially?

    People who are not qualified translators cannot translate a document officially. Linguistic experts go through a document when it is handed over to them and then creates a draft. After polishing their translation, they draft a signed statement to attest to the quality of their work before sending the project to the client.

  • How do I become a certified translator?

    • Study translation or languages at school and get your degree.
    • Practice translation in the language combination of your choosing.
    • Gain experience through volunteer work.
    • Become a member of American Translators Association.
    • Register for the certification exam through ATA’s website.
    • Take the practice test to get an understanding of the exam.
    • Clear the exam and get your electronic seal from ATA.
  • What is the best online translation service?

    If you are looking for a free online translation service then Google Translate is the best option. But if you need help with your official documents and want a hundred percent accuracy, it is better to hire qualified professionals. UTS is a reliable name in the translation industry and has the lowest rates in the whole world, so get in touch with us and let us solve your linguistic problems.

  • Is there a way to translate websites?

    If you use Chrome browser, you can easily translate websites. Whenever you visit a foreign language website, you will be asked by Google Translate whether or not you want it translated. However, this system does not always show accurate results. If you need an accurate translation of your website, you should get in touch with qualified linguistic professionals.

When Do You Need a Certified Translation?

Normally, legal paper work including those used during trials and in court hearings usually require certified translations. For trials, you would need to translate transcript and evidence that are not available in the official language of the country where the trial is taking place. Once you have to submit the translation to a legal agency or the government, it is important to submit a certified translation online.

If you want to relocate to another country or you are applying for a temporary permit as a victor, you will need certified translations. In this scenario, every document you are required to submit that are available in a different language must be translated to the official language of the other country. It is also important that every translation should have a certification. The immigration bureau of the United States requests that every document that is written in a different language be certified after it has being translated. Only passports are exempted from this rule. The USCIS request that every document must be fully translated. This implies every text that is available on every of the document’s pages. The visual appearance of the document must also be taken into consideration when the translation is being done. The visual appearance includes signatures, seals and stamp placement amongst others.

There are numerous circumstances where a certified translation online may be needed.

  • Legal Scenarios

Certified translations are always necessary for legal paperwork, such as documentation used in hearings or trials.

  • Immigration

Immigration is also a critical area that almost still requires a certified translation.

  • College Applications

Applications to universities and colleges also often need certified translations of documents like diplomas and records.

  • Business and Corporate Dealings

For corporations with international offices, or for companies looking to increase their visibility on a global scale, certified translations can be a significant step.

Examples of documents that do not need certified translation include:

  • product names
  • nutrition labels
  • advertisement copy
  • HR benefits
  • restaurant menus
  • marketing elements
  • employee manuals
  • CVs & resumes
  • safety guidebooks

When in doubt about whether you require a certified translation online, it’s best to check with the person, organization, or company you’re submitting your documents to. Requirements will differ based on the sort and scope of the document, so if a certified translation is required, a brief discussion should get you the answers you need.

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