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Do You Know Facts About Translations To Turkish?

Do You Know Facts About Translations To Turkish?
Facts About Translations To Turkish
(Last Updated On: October 9, 2020)

The Turkish Language:

More than seven thousand languages are spoken in the world. Some of them are more popular than others like the English language. There are also language groups that are known all over the world. For instance, Latin-based languages like French, Spanish, Italian, and Portuguese are spoken in different parts of the world. But this doesn’t mean that only European languages are popular or important. Asian languages like Arabic, Russian, Chinese, and Turkish also have millions of native speakers.

Turkish is a Turkic language with 80 million speakers. It is native to Turkey but is also spoken in few European countries including Germany, Austria, and Bulgaria. It is also spoken in some parts of Central Asia. The variety of the language spoken most widely is known as Istanbul Turkish. In history, the language was known as Ottoman Turkish. It also became popular in different parts of the world with the expansion of the Ottoman Empire. But when the Ottoman alphabet was replaced by the Latin alphabet to write Turkish in 1928, the language’s connection with the Ottoman Empire faded.

You don’t need to take a close look at the Turkish language to notice its system of honorifics. Like various other Asian languages, the Istanbul Turkish also has different levels of politeness. Modern Turkish has taken many loanwords from English to keep up with the times. It has also taken a few loanwords from Greek and Italian. Various features of Turkish are similar to German and Russian.

Translation into the Turkish Language

Translation into the Turkish Language:

The language industry has been helping our society for centuries. We have managed to survive in the world despite being the speakers of different languages, only because of translation services. Since English is the lingua franca of the world, translations into it are pretty common. But 80% of the earth’s population cannot speak or understand English. In order to connect with these people, translation in other languages is required.

The translation of books into languages like French, German, Greek, Chinese, and Italian is how we make literature available to everyone. Turkish literature reaches the speakers of Korean and Arabic only because of language services. But if the people of Istanbul want to read a Korean book, they will need its translation in their native language. This is one of the many reasons why translation into the Turkish language is necessary.

Facts About Translations to Turkish:

Every language is complex, which is why it cannot be translated easily. There is also the cultural aspect that linguistic experts have to keep in mind. For instance, if someone needs translations to Turkish for the people of Ankara, the final text should align with the beliefs and cultural needs of the audience. If you need translations in the official language of Turkey, keep the following facts in mind:

  1. Dialects: 
    Like every other language, Turkish also has multiple dialects. The Istanbul variety is considered the standard in the country. It is used by government officials and is also taught in schools. But despite that, other dialects have gotten popular in different parts of Turkey. For instance, the people of Anatolia and the Eastern Black Sea Region have their own dialects. When hiring a linguistic expert, keep the dialect in mind. You will have to find the native speaker of that dialect to get accurate translations.
  2. The Right Expertise:
    If you need a translation of the Grimm’s fairy tales in Turkish, you can’t hire a technical translator. You must hire someone who is an expert in the subject area. For instance, a literary translator would know how to accurately translate Grimm’s fairy tale.
  3. Religious Aspect:
    Islam is an important part of Turkey’s culture. The country was a part of the Ottoman Empire and considered a sacred place by the followers of Islam. Although Turkey has changed a lot since the beginning of the 19th century, Islam continues to be an important part of its culture. A linguistic expert should keep the religious aspect in mind during the translation process.
  4. European Influence:
    European influence on the culture of Turkey is another thing that should not be ignored during the translation process. Although you can’t sit and pick the German, Italian, Greek, or other European elements in the Turkish culture, it still has been influenced in different ways.
  5. Machine Translation:
    We have all come to rely on Google for most of our needs. Whatever we need to find, Google can help us. But due to the usefulness of Google, people often forget that there is a limit to the powers of technology. When you need translations into Turkish, you shouldn’t turn to Google Translate if you want accurate results. Google may have introduced a document translation feature but it is not accurate. Avoid Google Translate completely when it comes to the translation of official documents.
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Is it a good idea to study in Turkey?

Anyone who wishes to experience a mixture of Eastern and Western cultures should visit Turkey. But if you want to get the whole experience, you will have to live in the country for some time. Since Turkey has some of the best universities in the world, studying there can be a great idea. Istanbul University is one of the most popular academic institutes in the country. Many foreign students from North America, Africa, Asia, and Europe apply to the universities of Turkey every year.

There are universities that care about the mental health of their students as well as their academic progress. Such universities come up with the best study plan. You can check out the different Turkish universities on Google and learn more about them. The academic institutes don’t just offer Islamic studies courses. You can study languages like German, Arabic, and Korean. Although various universities offer education in English, you will have to submit a translation of your documents to get admission.

Who can provide Turkish translation services?

Whether you are applying for admission to the Istanbul University or want the people of Turkey to read your book, you will need translation services. But instead of going to Google Translate, you should hire a qualified expert. There are various agencies that offer translations to the Turkish language, but not all of them are reliable. You can read reviews online to learn about an agency. You can also compare prices of different companies to find the one with the best rates.

If you hire a multinational company that has native translators of every language on their team, then you can get accurate translations from any language into Turkish including Hindi, Korean, Chinese, Bengali, Polish, and Tamil. Even if it is a less-known language that you need help with like Somali or Tagalog, you can get the translation into the right dialect of Turkish by hiring the best agency.

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