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With certified Gujarati to English translation of your birth certificate, you can apply for immigration to the United States. But if you are not sure who to turn to get certified language solutions, let us help you. We provide accurate language services to clients all over the world. Our native Gujarati translators will make sure that you get accurate translations every time you come to us for help.

Certified Gujarati to English Translation for Immigration:

If you are applying for immigration to the US and your documents are not in English, you will have to get them translated first. USCIS does not accept applications if they don’t come with the birth certificate of the applicant. But the birth certificate will be of no use to USCIS if it is not in the English language. However, USCIS only accepts certified translations of official documents. If you think you can get your bilingual friend to translate your birth certificate into English and then submit it to USCIS, then that would be a bad idea. USCIS will reject your immigration application if the English translation is not certified.

But what exactly is a translation that is certified, and who can complete it? A certified translation is one where you get a signed statement from the translator as proof that their work is accurate and complete. The signed statement, also known as a certificate of accuracy, is handed over to the client along with the translation. Only the very qualified and experienced translators can provide you with a certified solution that will be accepted by the authorities.

There are a lot of agencies that offer certified language solutions, but not all of them can deliver a hundred percent accurate results. We have native Gujarati to English translators on our team who have experience in handling official documents. After completing the translation, it will be shared with you so you can review it. The translator will draft their statement only after getting the green signal from you. This way, if you need any changes in the translation, they can be done before the translator has drafted the certificate of accuracy.

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Affordable Gujarati to English Certified Translations

Our affordable Gujarati to English certified translations come with the guarantee of USCIS acceptance. But you can submit these English translations to any government body with full confidence. We can assure you that they will be accepted. You can also apply for admission to the university of your choice and let us handle the translations of your academic documents. We will make sure that you get professional translations in English that will help you get into the American university of your choice.

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Urgent Solutions:

A second’s delay can create a lot of problems for people at times. At UTS, we value your time and money. You will never have to wait for more than twenty-four hours to get the translation of your birth certificate. But in case you came to us late and only have a few hours to catch the deadline, we can help you with that. When placing your order, you just have to let us know how soon you need it.

Our team will make sure that the translation is completed and handed over to you within a couple of hours. In urgent situations, multiple experts work on the same document to save time. But even in urgent situations, we do not compromise on quality.

The translation is checked by a proofreader before it is handed over to the client.

English to Gujarati Translation for Business:

When it comes to business expansion, there is a lot that can go wrong. If you have not done your market research, it will be difficult to come up with a strategy to get ahead of your competitors. Another mistake that companies make when entering a new market is ignoring the culture and language of their target audience. There are millions of English speakers in India, but Hindi is the language businesses will have to use to connect with the local audience. However, it isn’t the only tongue used in India. Thousands of different tongues are spoken in the country. In order to connect with the people of a certain state or region, you will have to get your advertising materials translated into their native tongue.

We have qualified translators on our team who can handle all types of business documents for your company. They can help you prepare for business meetings with potential investors. Our Gujarati linguists can handle everything from brochures to advertisements. You can get professional translations of not only your business documents but also your websites and online shops. Increasing brand awareness and attracting new customers will become easier with the help of Gujarati translations provided by us.

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The Gujarati Language:

Gujarati is an Indo-Aryan language that is spoken by 60 million speakers in the world. The tongue is 700 years old, which makes it one of the oldest tongues in the subcontinent. Although native to the Indian state of Gujarat, Gujarati is also spoken in other countries by diaspora communities. The alphabet used for writing the tongue is a variant of the Devanagari script.

The origin of the tongue can be traced back to Sanskrit, which is considered the mother of modern vernaculars by many linguists. There are various dialects and varieties of Gujarati.

The absence of definite and indefinite articles is not the only unique aspect of the Gujarati language. It has three genders, and there are only two numbers in the tongue.

Medical and Legal Translations:

Google is a very helpful source for all internet users, but there is only so much that it can do. When someone needs an official translation or subtitling help, they cannot turn to Google or any other software. These days, machine translation has become very popular. But it cannot help hospitals and courts with medical and official translations. Even companies cannot rely on software for linguistic assistance. In such situations, only human translation can deliver the needed results.

When it comes to medical and legal document translations, people have to turn to human experts for help. We have native language experts on our team who can deliver accurate translations of everything from letters and poetry to diplomas and agreements. Medical and legal documents like mental health reports, agreements, and wills can be handled efficiently by our team. We can also provide you with the Gujarati translation of witness statements and evidence reports. You will get a precise translation that will be accepted by hospitals and governments all over the world.

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We Are Affordable

In these trying times, we understand the value of your hard-earned money. This is why our rates are cheaper in comparison with most agencies. For your convenience, we have per word and per-page rates for you. Depending on the texts, you can pick the option that fits well. Apart from that, you can also shop from our online translation shop as well. There are certificate templates available for dozens of languages. You just have to select one for your requirement, pay for it, and download it right away. To know more you can check out our shop.

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