Haitian Birth Certificate Template, Will it Be Accepted by USCIS

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Haitian Birth Certificate Template

There are more than seven billion people on this earth and one hundred and ninety-five countries where those people live but we rarely think of the people of the third world countries. We watch movies and documentaries about them but as soon as we are finished watching, we move on with our lives never giving a second thought to those people’s sufferings. But if you actually get to know about them, you will realize that they are just like you. They may not have the best schools and colleges, they might not have access to healthcare or entertainment, they may not even understand your language, but their needs are not that different from you.

Every living being on this earth want to reduce their suffering and for that they go to extreme lengths. They work in tough conditions just so they don’t have to sleep on an empty stomach. They don’t quit their work no matter how hard it gets as long as it helps them afford shelter. A lot of people in this world live below the poverty line and not because they want to but because they don’t have a choice. They were born and raised in poor living conditions and were never offered good opportunities. This is why when an opportunity does come their way, they waste no time in grabbing it with both hands and making the most of it.


The history of the Republic of Haiti is filled with stories of suffering and misery. In the whole Western Hemisphere, there is no country poorer than Haiti. There are people in this world who think that politics have no influence on the economy of a country but the truth is quite the contrary. Anyone who reads the history of Haiti can see how the dictators who ruled it since its independence from France in 1804 to 1915 destroyed the country’s economy. During those one hundred and eleven years, the Republic of Haiti was ruled by seventy different dictators.

The country has suffered on different fronts. It was hit by a deadly hurricane in 1963 and a terrible earthquake in 2010. The combined death toll of both disasters exceeded 300,000. Another problem in the country is that majority of the wealth is owned by the rich elite while the poor suffer due to the poor infrastructure. Farmers have trouble transferring goods due to the poor road conditions and the availability of technology being limited to the rich has caused problem for the young generations who have lost their opportunities before even getting them. Drugs and gambling are also affecting Haiti greatly. Workers suffer greatly due to the unfair working conditions in the country and a lot of people are jobless.

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  • Is Haiti dangerous?

    Haiti is a very dangerous place and no one is safe in the country from violent crimes. Although the situation is worse in some areas, violent crimes like armed robbery and kidnapping for ransom are common everywhere in the country. Tourists are advised by their home countries against visiting Haiti to keep themselves safe.

  • Is Haiti the poorest country in the world?

    Haiti is not the poorest country in the world, but its economy is in a pretty bad state. It also has a very low ranking on the Human Development Index, 169 out of 189 countries. The GDP per capita in Haiti last year was $756. The crime rate in the country is very high, which keeps the economy from getting better.

  • Is Haiti an African country?

    Haiti is not an African country. It is a Caribbean country located to the east of Cuba and Jamaica. It has the lowest Human Development Index ranking in the Americas. Political instability and violent crimes have kept the country from making any progress on the economic front. The earthquake of 2010 had a disastrous effect on Haiti.

  • What country does Haiti belong to?

    Haiti was colonized by the Spaniards and came under French rule later. But since gaining its independence from the French in 1804, Haiti has been a sovereign state. In fact, it was the first state in Latin America and the Caribbean to achieve its independence. Haiti was also the first country in the world to abolish slavery.

Immigration to the US:

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Just like everyone else, Haitian also want to try their best to succeed in life. They want to make their lives better and since that has become impossible in their home country, they turn towards other states. One of the best options available to them is the USA. A lot of Haitians try to immigrate to the US. Some even want to bring their family to America so their children can get better education and have a chance at living a successful and happy life. But a lot of people who don’t speak or understand English have to take help from others because the process of immigration is too complicated for them to understand. Since the literacy rate in Haiti is not that great, sometimes the one guiding is as clueless about the process as the person they are guiding.

This often results in problems with immigration application and the application getting rejected. One thing that many people get wrong is the translation of the birth certificate. This is something that the United States Citizenship and Immigration Services requires from everyone immigrating to the US from a non-English speaking country. A lot of people think that their bilingual friend can handle this or maybe internet can help.

Haitian Birth Certificate Template, Will it Be Accepted by USCIS?

The internet surely has templates for everything. But that doesn’t mean you can use any of them and expect it to work. When it comes to the translation of your birth certificate for immigration, you need to get certified translation and not just any type of interpretation. A certified translation is something that only a qualified translator can carry out and provide it to you with your signed statement that it is accurate according to the best of their knowledge. Unless USCIS gets an attested translation of your birth certificate, they will be forced to reject your application.

If you use a template for the birth certificate’s translation, you will be making a huge mistake. A template may even help you recreate your birth certificate in English but there is no guarantee that it will be the right format and above all else, it won’t contain the signed statement of a translator and that would prove to USCIS that it is not a certificate translation.

If you are in need of a certified translation of your Haitian birth certificate for immigration to the US, it is better to select someone like Universal Translation Services for the job. Someone with prior experience in the field of certified translations is a better fit for handling your birth certificate than the person who knows two languages but has never translated them professionally.

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