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How could machine translation ever replace humans with so many translation errors

How could machine translation ever replace humans with so many translation errors
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(Last Updated On: October 16, 2023)

It’s in the client’s nature to be picky when it comes to getting a service and when they’re not happy with the output (or just have a really bad day), they may imply that the translator used machine translation for their job, although it is well known the fact that a real professional would not use a tool like Google Translate in order to speed up his work.

Would machine translation ever replace humans with so many translation errors?

While there may be exceptions to this, in general translators don’t like to use automated translators because they give too many translation errors.

when to use machines

When to use machine translation?

Looking at current state of machine translation, we see massive developments in how machines can now handle languages and they become better by the day. Still, doing a simple test translation could prove the fact that machines have yet to reach that point when one could rely on their work in this field, as the output is yet still filled with translation errors.

Machines are still useful for some people, especially to those that only need to get an idea of what a document or text is all about, where exact translation isn’t required.

Proofreading the automated translation?

According to some recent news, some governments have used machine translation for their needs. While this could be a solution if one has very lengthy documents and he only needs to know which parts are important and need professional translation, no professional is going to ruin his name by using machine translation with so many translation errors to correct.

Some have even thought of using machines then have the output proofread by a professional translator. The bad news for them is that there won’t be many people to accept such a job. As a professional translator, if you’d ever have the opportunity to proofread machine translation, would you accept it? I sure wouldn’t do it.

proofreading machine translation

Humans are needed in translation

Errors that accumulate in the translations cannot be easily eliminated, and if such errors are not eradicated, then the accuracy that is the potential aim for nay translation is compromised. The need to produce accurate translations with precise use of skills needs to be free of translation errors to accommodate useful operation of the translation.

These errors are often a part of the machine translations because they do not carry the necessary potential or expertise that a human translator carries. This is why you should approach a native professional translator rather than opting for a local translator who converts the document without any known knowledge about the task at hand.

Machine translations are easy to acquire and costs less, there is less time consumption refraining the wastage of your precious hours but the need to translate things on your own should not be considered as a valid option; the translator should be a professional if asked for accurate translations.


Proofreading human work is one thing but correcting machine translation errors is not something a translator would do.

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