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How hard is it to become a U.S. citizen?

How hard is it to become a U.S. citizen?
how hard is it to become a U.S. citizen

How hard is it to become a U.S. citizen? Looks like this question pops up a lot these days, which is a good thing as people are interested to become full citizens. So, would it be hard to become a US citizen? Well, that depends on a number of factors explained below.

How hard is it to become a U.S. citizen?

Becoming a U.S. citizen shouldn’t be so hard and problematic, but it is due to the long process time, financial and personal cost and the fact that most immigrants do not have a direct relative that is a U.S. citizen.

Leaving your homeland and moving to a different place is not an easy decision to make. Some people criticize those of being disloyal who move abroad. But there is nothing wrong with wanting to make a change in your life for any reason. Whether you want to pursue a better future and your country isn’t giving you the opportunity to do that or you need some freedoms that are not offered where you live, moving to a foreign land is completely okay. Maybe it is difficult for those too who make this choice but they are brave for striving to improve their lives. Many fail to do that and become okay with their circumstances no matter how limiting they are.

People have always placed the US on top of their list of the countries they could move to for a number of reasons. For starters, everybody has heard about the American Dream and they all want to try their luck with it. And secondly, America has always known to be the land of freedom, a place where people can live their lives however they want free of religious and societal restrictions. But becoming a US citizen is not an easy thing.

are you eligible?

Are you eligible?

As we all know, there are several people who want to become US citizens and one can become a citizen of the country if he/she is born there or if her/his relatives or parents are US citizens. A person from another country who seeks to become a US citizen firstly goes through the naturalization process. It is not an effortless process and you cannot get citizenship through this process just by filling out forms, you will have to appear for interviews and take tests. This process will take a long time to complete.

The naturalization process

As we mentioned, to become a US citizen you have to apply for the naturalization process but first, you have to make sure that you are eligible for this process. After you file your application you will be notified about your US citizenship interview and test. If you fail in this test you will be allowed to take the test again but if you fail again, you must start the whole citizenship application process all over again. And if you clear the test and interview then you will be invited for citizenship ceremony and will take the oath of Allegiance.

First, become a permanent resident

The chances to become a US citizen depend mainly on how tricky it is for you to first become a permanent resident and get a green card.  If you’re extremely educated and can find work, you can expect to get citizenship in just over 5 years after becoming a green card owner. If you marry a citizen, you can apply for a green card and then get citizenship in only 3 years.

Though, if you are less educated or unable to find work, there’s often no clear method to becoming a permanent resident. In the worst case you have little education and no way of getting a supporting employer. In this case, the choice is to either stay out or stay unlawfully that is really not a good choice for you.

how to become citizen

The process

The lengthy process is, as you have rightly estimated, quite deadly and drawn out. The most difficult part is finding an employer who is willing to work with a candidate right through the whole process. In addition, the US government sets limits on the number of green cards approved per year and you get an immigration process that is difficult to find the way for even those that are best equipped to do so.

So, how hard is it to become a U.S. citizen?

We would advise that any natural-born US citizen get a better understanding of the this process, if only to have a better understanding of what it takes for skilled people to get through the system.

Unfortunately, right now it is almost not viable for an uneducated or a low-skilled worker to be granted a visa or be eligible to apply for citizenship.

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